Startup Europe Awards

SEUA Croatia ITC Category winner is ‘JUVO HOME FRIEND’

Country: Croatia

Category: ICTs

Name: Juvo – Home Friend

Project Aim: is home alarm system for reporting child’s movement

Awards: Startup Europe Awards


What is Juvo – Home Friend?

 It is home alarm system for reporting child’s movement towards less safe areas in home. It is comprehensive IoT solution that cares for the safety of children in their most sensitive and vulnerable age, monitoring their movement and environment inside their home. It allows children to move freely and explore their environment while notifying parents when increased supervision is needed.


How does it work?

 The idea was born during video in which little boy talks about how he wanted to learn to ride a bike, fly and get married but he never had a chance because he died in accidental home injury. Our goal was to use are knowledge and develop a solution that will help parents in monitoring adventures of their playful and curious toddlers.

Juvo – Home Friend platform consists of smart sensors placed on ceiling in front of less safe areas in home (like kitchen, bathroom, balcony, front door) that react on child’s movement only, parent’s bracelet for receiving notifications about child’s movement, plush toy with speaker for distracting a child while parents appear and a mobile application for controlling the system.

When child starts moving towards dangerous area, smart sensor positioned on the ceiling will register its movement. Sensor will conclude that that movement is produced by child based on child’s height. Sensor will immediately send notification with location (kitchen, bathroom, balcony, front door) to parent’s bracelet and activate plush toy which will start singing are talking with recorded parent’s voice.


How is the project going?

Currently we are working on our third prototype and testing the platform. We plan to finish it in early 2017 and then start with beta testing and crowdfunding campaign.



‘We are very proud that we were winners in ICT category in Croatia and we are hoping that many people across the Europe will hear for us through Startup Europe Awards competition.’