Startup Europe Awards

SMART GREENHOUSE, winner of SEUA Macedonia in green category

Country: Macedonia

Category: Green

Name: Smart Greenhouse

Project Aim: Building energy efficiency greenhouses for organic food fully controlled by Smart System and Intelligent Cloud.




Why you have this idea?

Today our planet Earth (with the effect of the pollution spreading, climate change, and desertification of the soil) is facing with two tremendous problems lack of drinking water and lack of the quality food.


What does a Smart Greenhouse mean?

We offer the system which can mitigate those negative effect- self sustainable smart greenhouse energy efficient with PV system and biomass heating system, which can be installed everywhere (where water exist) avoiding grid influences, with full Smart Device(IrrigationPro) and Intelligent Cloud (KHAL)control of the inside environment creating ideal micro climate conditions for the plants.


How does it work?

Sensors have a role in the device to get a picture of the external environment where plants grow and based on that information Smart Device will be able to decide and control irrigation, heating, cooling, ventilation light and flow of liquid fertilizer in the greenhouse.

Flow sensor will allow agronomists correctly to dose the plants with liquid fertilizer that will make savings of fertilizer and reduce the pollution of the soil. This process will improve the growth and development of plants and will make ideal conditions and will reduce the consumption of water and fertilizer.


Which are the benefits of the Smart GreenHouse?


Complete process control are done through Smart system, which connect distributed sensors and actuators to the Cloud system, allowing:
•Integration of heterogeneous sensors in one environment and making the rules between themselves
•Collect all relevant parameters in real time conditions, like temperature, humidity in the air, UV, CO2, soil moisture etc

  • Specialized industrial Smart Irrigation controller for irrigation in greenhouses with complex scheduling.
  • reduce human intervention and ensure on time irrigation and control of the environment by probes so the plants will obtain ideal conditions for growth and development.
    •Storing of big data, sorting, filtering, comparison and historical reports
    •Automatic alert system with exact time and date
  • Monitoring the parameters in any time on any device PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Using new functionality there is a possibility to communicate and “speak with the plants”. You can ask what are the conditions around plants (what is the temperature/humidity/soil moisture etc) and get information from the plants like: It’s too hot/cold, I’m hungry/thirsty, I feel good. I’m feeling bad etc.


Which are your future prospects?

These Smart greenhouses will change the way of producing the food enabling people to consume organic healthy food. This system is modular and can grow as greenhouse is growing.

This project can be applied all around the world and is energy independent and recourse efficient.

Smart Greenhouse Market is expected to increase to more than USD 2.5 Billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 14.18% between 2015 and 2020.


‘The population which will obtain production of fresh and healthy food without dangerous residual pesticides, heavy metals and most decreasing of nitrates and nitrites’.