Startup Europe Awards

TERRIBLE CREATIONS, winner of SEUA Croatia in Creative Category

Country: Croatia

Category: Creative

Name: ‘Terrible creations’

Project Aim: Let people co-create

 Awards: Startup Europe Awards


What is Terrible creations?

 Each site of cultural and historical heritage has many stories to tell. Big stories. Small stories. Some very important, some merely entertaining. All of them are often told in the same old predictable way.

We suggest a different approach. Let’s enable audience to actively participate in bringing these stories from the past to life by using immersive storytelling and role-playing. Let people co-create them and learn from first-hand experience.

It is our conviction that such one-of-the-kind adventures can not only make visits to places of cultural and historical heritage more appealing to a broad range of visitors, but also help in generating more revenues and thus making them more self-sustainable.


How does it work?

 We want to create 17 role-playing games for 17 historical castles, forts and fortification objects in the Primorsko-goranska County in Croatia. Each game will offer its own standalone story for tourists and other visitors to explore, play and co-create, but all the locations will also share a common story arc. It will be a pilot project for a template we hope to expand to other European Union countries and beyond.


Whats your background?

We certainly know how to make games. In slightly over two years we’ve created more than ten role-playing games, which we’ve ran so far more than 50 times for more than 300 unique players. Many players came back for more, often playing the same games again and again. We are ready to take things to a whole new level.
How is the project now?

Right now we are developing a story for the pilot project while talking to a number of possible partners in the Primorsko-goranska County. By the time of the Startup Europe Awards finals in Bruxelles we hope to have agreements in place that will enable us to start the pilot project in the summer 2017. We will work hard to make it happen.


‘The Startup Europe Awards Croatia for the best creative startup was a great recognition for the Terrible Creations team’s efforts and a big incentive to push forward even more vigorously. We hope it will open new doors for us, both in Croatia and in other countries, as well as give us a chance to promote live action role-playing games on a European level, and encourage people like us in other countries to start their own projects and enterprises.’