Startup Europe Awards

ETER.IO, winner of SEUA Croatia in Smart Cities Category

Country: Croatia

Category: Smart Cities


Project Aim: Lighting solution that harvests free sunlight

Awards: Startup Europe Awards





What is Eter? is a smart lighting solution that harvests free sunlight and put an end to wasteful illumination of unoccupied space. Through improved energy efficiency it saves money and protects environment.


Who can use it?

Solution is designed for commercial and public lighting and it pays self off through reduced energy bills. It is perfectly suited for commercial sector, its buildings and warehouses, bringing lower energy costs and smaller carbon footprint, helping environment preservation efforts.


In what consist? consists of three parts: central unit, cloud backend and mobile app. Central unit runs on premises, reads inputs from sensors (light, occupation) and switches on/off or dims lighting in specified area. Software is optimised for mini computers (like Raspberry Pi) but runs pretty much on on all systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS). User can manually switch lights but system learns from these actions and through machine learning capabilities improves algorithms in order to minimize such efforts. Goal is to have optimal lighting without significant user interaction.


How does it works?

System works offline but also can upload data to cloud where it is aggregated and presented in modern dashboard. Additional analytic is available on request.

Configuration of the software is simple and done through mobile app which also has monitoring and remote management capabilities. is compatible with all major IoT and lighting communication standards (KNX, DALI, Zwave, XBee, radio, etc.) what makes it vendor independent and cost-effective.


How is the Project right now?

Currently, system is in implementation phase on VSITE Zagreb college and we are approaching local lighting companies with support of Croatian chamber of economy. Our team members are VSITE college employees with complementary skills and interests (tech, sales & marketing). We also plan to include some of our talented students in project.


‘Selection to Europe Startup Awards finals is a great encouragement and shows us that we are on the right track. Being in company of talented young startups in Brussels is very exciting and we eagerly look forward to it.’