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StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition winners will be honored in the Startup Europe Summit 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Summit is officially organised by the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union as part of the Presidency programme.

The awards ceremony will be chaired by the Commissioner Mariya Gabriel together with other leaders of the Member States and will be held in Cluj-Napoca during the morning of the 2

70 startups from all over Europe and neighbouring countries opt to be recognized as the best for any of the five categories of this special edition of the StartUp Europe Awards: Female-led startup; Young-led startup (founder under 30); UN Sustainable Development Goals startup; Social inclusion startup; and Job growth startup.

   Brussels, 12 March 2019. StartUp Europe Awards, an open innovation initiative of the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative and the Finnova Foundation, will give recognition to the best European startups in the Startup Europe Summit 2019 framework, in a ceremony chaired by the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabrielthe Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc and the Minister – Ministry of Communication and Information Society of Romania, Alexandru Petrescu, among other Europan authorities and key players. 

All financial institutions suchs as European Investment bank (EIB), European Investment Fund (EIF), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and all European Commission Services with programmes for startups (DG CONNECT, DG RTD, DG GROW, DG REGIO, DG EAC and EIT) will be present at the Summit. Startup Europe Summit in its annual event will address technological leadership, financing of European ecosystems (more than 10 billion euros in the pipeline of the EU programmes) and business growth. During March 21 and 22 in Cluj-Napoca, the founding startup leaders, technological leaders and authorities will share knowledge and perspective of the requirement for building successful startups.

During the summit, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will announce the winners of the“Startup Europe Awards Special Edition SES19”. The most outstanding startups from the EU and neighbouring countries will be chosen out of 70 applicants in each of the following 5 categories: Female-led startup; Young-led startup (founder under 30); UN Sustainable Development Goals startup; Social inclusion startup and Job growth startup. The Commissioner will also deliver the Zero Power Water Monitoring Horizon Prize. Winning startupswill have a stand to promote themselves and approach customers and potential investors during the summit. 

As part of the Summit, Finnova, as a Startup Europe partner, and through its StartUp Europe Accelerator programme, will provide startups with information on the funding opportunities offered by European communication (up to 2.5 million euros per project) and networking in a dedicated side event on 22 March, and will also have a stand where it will provide tailor-made information for startups. 

“Many startups do not know all that Europe can offer them and it is our mission from StartUp Europe Accelerator to guide them to request up to 100 billion euros that the European Commission will distribute in the next Horizon Europe period only for innovation” says Juanma Revuelta, Finnova CEO. 

The complete agenda of Startup Europe Summit 2019 can be consulted here Registration to participate is free and compulsory and must be done here until 14 March. 

StartUp Europe Awards of the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative and Finnova is an open innovation methodology that encourages collaboration between the public sector and businesses in the promotion of innovative initiatives. Its aim is to help create alliances that allow entities and support programmes for entrepreneurs to be added to local partners and to be a communication tool for society.

Startup Europe Summit will give attendees the opportunity to learn about European funding opportunities directly from Brussels. With more than 10 billion Euros in the pipeline, the EU is becoming the main investor in Europe. In addition, networking with key decision makers and technology leaders within the EU, especially in the Central and Eastern Europe and Western Balkans regions; and having access to commercial agreements with corporations, investors and public administrations for startups and scaleups.

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