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The EIC Accelerator Pilot Program sets a record for applications and receives more than 4000 requests

The EIC Accelerator Pilot finances disruptive innovations with up to

More than 1000 start-ups and SMEs with innovations related to the prevention of the impact and spread of the coronavirus have been applied to the program

The Finnova Foundation has helped many companies to submit applications.

31/03/2020 Brussels. The EIC Accelerator Pilot is the programme that supports innovative high risk, high potential SMEs that want to develop and market new products, services and business models that can drive economic growth and shape new or break up existing markets in Europe and worldwide. This year the European Commission has received almost 4000 applications for the March 20 deadline, more than double the usual amount. The increase is due in part to the call for ideas to help address the coronavirus outbreak; more than 1000 start-up companies and small and medium sized enterprises with innovations related to preventing the impact and spread of applied coronavirus.

We at Finnova are happy and proud of the large number of applications received during this period. In addition, the foundation helps to present projects and advise companies on any questions.

164 million euros allocated to this funding round

The selected companies will be decided by an independent jury of experts, investors and entrepreneurs, after an initial distance assessment and live interviews from 4 to 8 May 2020. The companies selected to receive support from the EIC in this funding round will be announced at the end of May and will receive a share of the EUR 164 million allocated to this funding round.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot aims to accelerate innovative innovation by supporting companies that “change the game” with the potential to disrupt existing markets and create new ones. The EIC Accelerator Pilot offers start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grant funding of EUR 2.5 million to develop their innovations, and an option to apply for capital investments of up to EUR 17.5 million to accelerate their expansion. In addition to financing, successful companies have access to a range of business advice and acceleration services.

If you require further information on the LIFE programme or advice on developing a project, the Finnova Foundation will be happy to advise you. You can contact: