Startup Europe Awards

TUTORED is the Italian winner of ED-Tech category

Country: ITALY

Category: ED-Tech

Project Aim: revolutionising the market of employer branding and recruiting for the young millennials, through a social platform.

What’s TUTORED and what does it do?

TUTORED is a social platform that is revolutionising the market of employer branding recruiting for the young millennials.

In our platform we have two main actors: students and companies. Our community is composed by 300k registered students and new graduates in Italy.

TUTORED’s users can:

  • Interact every day by exchanging useful information about exams, university protects and tutoring.
  • Create their own professional profile and apply to job opportunities of our clients.

Our clients are big companies interested in improving their employment brand activities and hiring the best young talents. Each company has a personal profile to publish new job opportunities like internships, entry-level positions and graduate programs.

What did Tutored accomplish?

We launched our business model five months ago and, in this short period of time, we have closed many contracts generating more than 230k Euro in revenues. Our clients are BNP Paribas, UniCredit, PwC, LIDL, Allianz, Decathlon, Microsoft and others.

Next steps are:

Generating 500k euro in revenues for 2018 and becoming international in 2019.
About investments, we raised 1.1M euro from two Italian venture capitals in 2016 and we want to open our series A investment in 2019.

CEO’s testimony:

“Founders of TUTORED are university students that have built a service for university students. For this reason, I’m so proud of us for being the winner of SEUA17 Italy in the category of EdTech” – Gabriele Giuliano, CEO and Co-Founder of TUTORED.