Startup Europe Awards

WINDCITY, winner of SEUA Italy in Green category

Country: Italy

Category: Green


Project aim: to develop an innovative wind energy conversion concept that maximises the production in any variable wind.


What is WINDCITY? 

Windcity patented an innovative wind energy conversion concept maximizing production in any variable wind. Through our “variable geometry for variable winds” vision we developed the simple, cost-effective and disruptive mechanics allowing up to a +60/+80% energy harvesting compared to conventional vertical axis machines.

How did you come up with the idea? 

The real challenge for Wind Tech today is to comply with circular economy principles invoked by the European Community vision of future from the point of view of the primary Energy Source. That is, to increase sustainability, wind energy conversion needs to evolve: today the turbulent part of flow is neglected as waste from conventional machines. While in Windcity new design the variable part of wind is valued and part of the energy harvesting circle as a whole

Which are the principles in which your project is based? 

Sustainability: no extra energy is needed to operate the variable geometry of our turbine, permitting to deliver it at no extra cost, compared to conventional machines, and permitting the smart-grids integration in any city, including developing countries’ urban areas where a cheap renewable energy supply means socio-economic empowerment.

Scalability: by our 1500 W fully-aerodynamic prototypes we test today a technology that is applicable in machines up to 100 kW. None of our competitors worldwide has a turbine displaying all the organic features integrated by Windcity, while variable geometry complies with Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer Lloyd idea of innovation in wind turbine design: the market is just about to open to variable winds, and Windcity acts as a first-mover.


Thanks to StartUp Europe Awards, it is of great importance for Windcity to have the opportunity to face European Community policies and challenges in the crucial areas of sustainable energy supply, smart-grid connection and social empowerment. Hopefully our experience will help to give solutions of shared value to all the European citizens community.