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World Health Day: StartUp Europe Awards to fight COVID-19

The European Foundation for Financing Innovation (FINNOVA) has launched the call for proposals for entities with disruptive minds in the prevention, fight against viruses and recovery of COVID-19.

The winners will participate in EU calls for proposals with up to 2.5 million euros in grants and 15 million euros in capital investment from the European Commission.

Finnova, official partner of the European Commission, calls to participate in the Pan European Hackathon EU vs Virus from 24 to 26 April.

On World Health Day and in view of the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus, Finnova Foundation has launched the call ‘COVID19 StartUp Europe Awards’ to support innovations in prevention, disease control and recovery against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria, as SARS, ECOLI, LEGIONELA, MALARIA, DENGUE and other future viruses that, as a result of climate change, are a risk to human health.

COVID-19 Startup Europe Awards

This call is aimed at ideas from start-ups, universities and companies. Through Startup Europe Awards Accelerator, it will memorize in the fields of Health, Water, Agrifood, Environment to the companies regarding European subsidies, calls, European legislation, networking and internationalization. The winners will participate in calls for proposals from the European Union, opting for up to 2.5 million euros in grants and 15 million euros in capital investment from the EU.

This year 2020 all the efforts of Startups Europe Awards and Finnova Foundation will be focused on finding the funds to fight the Covid-19“, said Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of Finnova Foundation.

Those interested in participating in the 4th edition of the Startup Europe Awards to fight the coronavirus or other bacteria can send us their proposals through the following form:

Below you can read the calls that are currently open and can be adapted to your projects:

EUvsCrisis: 24th ,25th and 26th April

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Innovation, in close collaboration with the EU Member States, will be organising a Pan-European Hackathon on 24th, 25th and 26th April. The aim is to connect citizens, innovators, partners and buyers from all over Europe in order to develop innovative solutions to overcome the challenges related to coronavirus.

Finnova Foundation and its Startups Europe Awards programme are official partners of the European Union and those interested in making suggestions or proposing challenges can send them to

In addition, users interested in participating in #EUvsCrisis can send their proposals to this link.

Life against COVID-19: projects up to 2 million euros financed at 55%.

The challenges of the COVID-19 and ODS of the United Nations highlight innovative projects in water management and waste management that make it possible to sanitize and prevent contamination by viruses and bacteria.

The Life open call funds innovative environmental projects that help prevent viruses and bacteria. Multidisciplinary proposals are expected.

The deadline for environmental projects is 16 July.

EIC Health Accelerator against COVID-19: projects of innovative SMEs for about 2.5 million euros non-repayable at a rate of 70% a programme for environmental SMEs to achieve internalisation

The EIC Accelerator call is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot project supporting leading innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses with funding opportunities and acceleration services. The aim of this programme is that innovative SMEs and SMEs that have innovative solutions against COVID-19 form part of the European markets. Pilot environmental projects will be financed non-repayable with up to 2 million euros.

SCALE UP against COVID-19. New European Union tool for investing in European Scale-up venture capital funds Projects between 50 and 100 million euros.

This call is an initiative of the European Commission that seeks to finance investment funds or financial entities whose commitment is to invest in European SCALE-UP or innovative companies with a turnover of 1 million euros or more, or that have had an investment round for that amount. The call has not yet been opened, but the deadline is expected to be during the month of June.

Applications will be especially those from investment funds specialized in health, and virus prevention and their elimination.


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Startup Europe Awards contra COVID- 19