Startup Europe Awards

BUDO FINDER, winner of SEUA Montenegro in Social Category

Country: Montenegro

Category: Social

Name: Budo Finder

Project Aim: Searcher of martial arts stuff.




What is Budo Finder?

Budo Finder is an online discovery platform for martial arts. We are revolutionising the world of traditional martial arts by providing a new way to discover people, places, and products. We connect martial arts practitioners, clubs, events, and equipment suppliers, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Budo Finder solves these challenges and offers what consumers in this segment value – one stop discovery. Whether you are looking for products or instructional videos, want to connect to like-minded people or look around for clubs or events, Budo Finder has got it all covered.


Are the brands involve?

We are connecting brands with the right audience. We want to bring business owners that have a limited online presence, onto a single platform, delivering curated, personal experiences. Our model is to provide to target consumer base an opportunity to discover premium products along with content thereby providing a more engaging overall experience to them.

Our platform is specifically designed for the martial arts industry. Our business revolves around three key constituencies: individual users; clubs owners and event organizers; and merchants. We feel a strong responsibility for their continued development, and we refer to this as our ecosystem.


What kind of users you have?

Individual users. Our platform is transforming the way people discover martial arts and is attracting a large audience of geographically and demographically diverse consumers. Our brand and the quality of the content on our platform enable us to attract this audience with low traffic acquisition costs.

Club owners and event organizers. We foster and support a vibrant community who provides rich, firsthand information about local clubs and events, and represents key contact points in the local community. Businesses can also pay for premium services to promote themselves through targeted search advertising, discounted offers and further enhancements to their business page.

Merchants. Our platform provides businesses with a variety of free and paid services that help them engage with consumers. We also offer display advertising and brand sponsorships for national brands that want to improve their local presence.


‘Our platform and the role we play in connecting martial arts community make possible for them to do business anytime and anywhere. Our ecosystem has strong self-reinforcing network effects that benefit our platform participants, who are invested in our ecosystem’s growth and success. Through this ecosystem, we plan to transform how business is conducted in the martial arts community and built a reputation as a trusted partner for the participants in our ecosystem.’