Startup Europe Awards



shiftIDEAS (BIOMYC): (Bulgaria)
The startup Biomyc, by using crop waste and the root structure of mushrooms, creates an eco friendly composite material that rivals plastic foam.

The startup Helperbit, through the creation of a donation transparency platform and using the math-based currency bitcoin, has helped to make clear and visible the flow of money, avoiding the inefficiencies in the management of funds for humanitarian emergencies.

The startup Plactherm, through the creation of an intelligent underfloor heating system, has revolutionized energy within the Real State sector.

ENOVA: (Bulgaria)
The startup Enova, by offering the latest in specialized mechanical and process equipment, can design, install, maintain, and in specific cases, operate premium wastewater treatment systems.

CYCLEFI: (Greece)
The startup Cyclefi, through an innovative waste-tracking technology, has brought a mechanism that interconnects recycling performance & discounts for online deal, revolutionizing the Smart Cities in the area of recycling.

CORRATA: (Ireland) The startup Corrata, becoming a pre-eminent provider of enterprise mobility solutions to organizations globally by providing them with technology that protects their organization from the risks, has revolutionized the cybersecurity of mobile devices.

SIMBOUND (Romania)
The startup Simbound, by creating a content experience that includes simulation games and courseware tools, allows you to do online marketing in a realistic environment.


The startup Sky Tronic, by designing and producing novel steering and flight control systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and drones, has improved the use of these instruments on special missions in difficult terrain and weather conditions.

FUVEX: (Spain)

The startup FuVeX, which has introduced new innovative models of unmanned aircraft (drones), has managed to save 50% in costs compared to the rest of drones currently on the market.


The startup Courtsdesk, by combining Irish high court, circuit court and Company databases with advanced search and monitoring tools, has created a unique and essential platform for legal research and risk management.


The startup TOMMI, by offering an immersive digital world to engage and distract children from their daily hospital routine, has solved some of the emotional needs reducing the stress deriving from anxiety, fear, pain and loneliness.

POPERTEE (Ireland)

The startup Popertee, by building artificial intelligence that matches the perfect audience with the perfect location, has enabled brands to discover and book spaces for their marketing and retail campaigns.

Evvos (Luxembourg)

The startup Evvos, through the development of hardware, firmware and cloud integration services platform, ensures optimal interoperability between sensors, data acquisition devices and software.

Macedonian Honey: (Macedonia FRYOM)

The startup Macedonian Honey, by creating a new form of beekeeping through the invention of a new hive: the Elle Hive, has the aim of improving the sustainability of the ecosystem and its biodiversity, which would represent an impulse to slow down the effects of climate change.


The startup Uncovercity, that makes surprise gastronomic experiences possible with Cabify, has been implemented in Madrid with a selection of the most unusual restaurants to be discovered.

Eyesynth: (Spain)

The startup Eyesynth, through a visual comprehension system for blind people, has revolutionized the 3D glasses panorama.

Live Electric Tours: (Portugal)
The startup Live Electronic Tours, by providing cars equipped with Free Wi-fi, GPS Audio Guide, and a live camera, has improved the touristic experience in the city of Lisbon, letting you share the whole experience with family and friends through social media.

The startup Italian Artisan, by giving accessibility and sustainability to the Made in Italy manufacturing tradition, has helped international brands to produce their Made in Italy collection and grow their premium business in a sustainable way through digital tools.

Justyna Gudaszewska – Cofounder of Sky Tronic (Poland)

Interacpedia (Colombia)

Interacpedia reinvented the way universities connect with organizations, to solve real challenges, making students projects generate value in society.
Similar to an Airbnb with university courses/research groups/scholarship students.
A new revenue opportunity for universities, professors and students: By solving real challenges in their classes, they receive a percentage of the subscription fees paid by organizations.

Xunta de Galicia (Xesgalicia) – (Spain)


OCHOLA: The question is “How to value the knowledge of Africans and create wealth from their skills and abilities?”. Her answer is Ochola. Native from Benin, a land of cultures and traditions open to the world, Christiane Akpo brings 22 years ago with her this rich heritage to Brussels, cosmopolitan capital in the heart of Europe where her imagination conceives the Espace Ochola. Espace Ochola is a multidisciplinary place dedicated to the valorization of African skills, through Art in all its forms of expression. Designed as an open art gallery on a hanging garden, Espace Ochola boasts a transversal vision of artistic practices, where African and Western talents work together. Finally, by giving importance to education, Christiane not only serves as a model and a driving force for all African and European youth, but also as an ideal of living together.
CYBERWAR FINDER: helps to create a community of women cybersecurity experts and build up a network of companies that have a need for qualified professionals. Cybersecurity is a social issue. It has the responsibility of keeping our online data safe, and of preventing cyber-attacks from threatening our safety, and critical public infrastructure that provide basic needs such as healthcare and mobility.
EWALA: allows you to send airtime credit to your friends’ and families’ prepaid mobile phone abroad.
CHOCOLAT GUÉRIN BOUTRON: Our aim is to contribute to the development of the cocoa sector in Ivory Coast by placing human rights at the centre of our economic action. Although our objective is to extend our initiative to Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Sao Tome, Haiti, Madagascar, we have chosen to begin development of our humanitarian action in the Ivory Coast, the world’s leading cocoa producer. ROBIN FOOD: Robin Food store is an application that aims to reduce the food waste of distribution by referencing products close to the final date of sale.
PARCIFY: helps you with your packages, delivering in just a few simple clicks. Parcify connects private senders and businesses to independent couriers that are heading in the right direction, through a crowdsourced delivery platform, to ensure a sustainable, cost effective and convenient delivery of goods.
WE LOVE BXL: Our mission is to co-create a diverse, dynamic and positive community-driven environment where youngsters can be teased, inspired and stimulated in their personal development process. A physical hotspot to connect in the heart of Molenbeek (Bottelarij) providing access to a variety of core and hosted recreational and professional activities. Investing in talent and potential by setting up valuable partnerships with relevant stakeholders. Aiming to reach as many youngsters, focused on creating a lasting impact by empowering youth in their socio-economic challenges.
VINDR: is an online platform where you can choose different Belgian cities and the shops most used by tourists and thus be able to locate them on the map.

GreenScan is startup for precise agriculture. With the help of unmanned aerian vehicle we monitor fields with various agriculture and produce NDVI images showing the vital condition of the vegetation.

Rivus develops highly efficient water-saving products like tap nozzle and shower head. Rivus nozzle can save up to 90% of the water and Rivus Shower up to 70% of the water.

RV Solutions:
Modular WEB based system with a mobile application, which uses IoT to perform remote monitoring and control of industrial installations in warehouses.

My Sprirulina:
Small and unique sized bioreactor for home cultivation of the superfood spirulina.

We create smart electric bicycles and bike sharing system to change the way how people commute in cities.

Climate Risk Integrated System for Thematical Analysis provides climate risk analytics primarely to insurance companies to enhance the depth and integrity of their assessments.

Pulpy Crisps:
Implementation of juice pulp into healthy fruit and vegetable chips.

we are developing an economically viable, fully biodegradable composite material, made of agricultural waste as a feedstock (straw, corn husks, tobacco stems etc.) and mushroom mycelium as a binding agent. The fungal organism feeds on the lignocellulose rich feedstock and produces hyphae that connect and bind the waste particles to form a bio-mass composite material, from which a multitude of products can be created – particle boards, protective packaging and construction materials.

ConnectedBin offers a smart solution for just-in-time solid waste collection.  It allows for remote monitoring of various parameters of the waste bins (e.g. fill-level, GPS position, vandalization) and optimized schedules for their collection, as well as real-time notification for incidents (e.g. fire-alarm, dislocation, vandalization).
This way the environmental impact from the waste collection is minimized, funds are spent more efficiently and better service is provided, public or private.

Green ReStart is a consulting company for life cycle assessment and preparation of environmental product declarations. Our initial focus is on the construction sector in Bulgaria with further development on other industrial fields and neighbouring countries.  Environmental products declarations (EPDs) provide data on environmental impacts, energy demand, resource consumption and waste generated during manufacturing. EPDs can be used as a source for potential optimization and mitigation of released emissions and waste.
Some construction products, for example concrete, have composite structure. Their LCA requires accounting of various raw materials and resources each with specific source and supply chain. Local specific data and generic data (from database) are collected and combined for the purpose of the calculations.
Green ReStart has also the ambition to start developing a national inventory of environmental information on local products and processes.

Management of local wastewater treatment processes – We offer a complex service including small aesthetic local wastewater treatment plant, bioaugmentation product for optimization of the process and consulting for management of the water treatment processes.

The BOD monitoring system we designed is based on new generation of biosensors capable to detect and quantify the organic pollution in water. The systems could be used for monitoring of water bodies such as lakes, rivers and wetlands or to be a part of the control systems in different industries dealing with water.

Education of math in modern age is based on different mathematical techniques  and ignores creativity and logic which are primary in understanding mathematics. That causes repulsion towards mathematics instead of new way of thinking and intuition. The idea of project is to change approach in early ages and show the true face of math: it is everywhere around us.

ReDi Isokinetic:

The Company wants to improve and manufacture the newest line of very precise diagnostics and rehabilitation devices and become biggest European provider of isokinetic devices to the health-related clinics. Vision is to make therapies affordable to all the patients who need it and to provide them with better quality of life.Device is designed for both diagnostics and therapeutic purposes. This level of diagnostics allows us to have insight in the dynamic state of the knee.

Our main product is the EcoBox.
EcoBox is a mobile food cultivation system integrated inside a shipping container. EcoBox makes food cultivation possible in every part of the world. The EcoBox is 100% mobile and can be deployed on almost every possible location, allowing not only farmers but all people with basic computer and technical skills to set it up anywhere from rooftops of buildings to deserts in the middle east.

ePlanet Sport is a project based on idea to promote sport activities through web platform. Main goal is to connect sport community and to advertise the positive values through sport and education.ePlanet Sports goal is to connect people, people with disabilities, schools, students, sport associations, businesses. Sport events will be easy to track just by sharing events information on our network .

SCOPE presents first Croatian 3D printed microscope from University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula, Croatia. With special developed software this microscopic device is able to scan and analyse usual objects from leafs to other organic samples. Main software was developed by our blind student.


Balkan Roads is a adventurous travel arrangement that will take you through all of the hidden as well as well known natural, cultural and historical beauties of Balkan peninsula in a tiny, old wreck of a vehicle of Balkan production. The trip starts every year on 25th of July in Rijeka, Croatia. We prepared a batch of checkpoints that is consisted of a more or less adventurous product or a service, such as bungee jumping, diving, zip line or horse riding, sheep gathering, cooking traditional Balkan meals etc

MySeminars: Lists in detail, all seminars/conferences/professional training in Cyprus on a single platform. Per category, training type, language, city. The presentation of website is simple and to the point. This will help this startup to expand their markets in terms of usability and website functionality.

Hypermedia Interactive Services Ltd: We deliver technology-enabled focused training in sustainable practices to hotel staff that transforms to workforce engagement in sustainability. Training staff is trending subject these days. This startup is focusing on specific market which is hotel industry and using trending training method through gamification. Their market will be massive in next ten years.

E9 Innovation Ltd: E9 Innovation Ltd attempts to rethink the educational approach for underprivileged children. This startup is following the new trend which is education through mobile application.

ADITESS: The ADITESS system/platform delivers a real time two-way communication platform for citizens and police. Society and cities security is one of the main concerns these days. Since the amount of crime and population is increasing around the world, we need to look for innovative solutions which are connecting citizens with authorities. Aditess is planning and executing this matter in our modern society.

Loceye aims to be the first cross-platform software for eyetracking analysis, with the minimum requirments of a single webcamera.

Rewards from your bank cards in real-time in your purchases worldwide.

IMEQ Center has created a unique platform which assesses seafarers prior to recruiting via an innovative platform.

Agrologies helps farmers manage irrigation via their smartphone, anyplace, anytime! Imagine Nest:Home, but for farmers!

Our goal’s to provide an innovative solution to Tourism industry improving the leisure experience of their guests by offering new services outdoors.

A eco-fashion, e-commerce focused startup that I am developing which will provide truly eco-friendly womenswear, created using the best eco-fabrics.

It’s so hard to follow up with fashion using the mainstream social apps. Infashion is an app dedicated to fashion. It’s like Tinder meets Instagram.

Cyclefi is an innovative waste-tracking technology and a rewarding mechanism that interconnects recycling performance & discounts for online deals.

Openichnos is an energy autonomous global tracking and IoT gateway, realizing the Connected Yacht.

We invented a methodology ans two softwares implementing the science of risk management in the indurace sector for scientific risk profiling.

a social platform connecting health concerned individuals, organizations, projects to boost transparency, access, reuse of data & open up science.

Sustainable Food Movement in Greece:
We’d like to tackle food waste and promote sustainable development in the Culinary Arts Industry in Greece

MAXWHERE: Maxwhere has developed a 3D operation system for those who want to step out of the barriers of the 2D environment while making their work environment more effective. Maxwhere is for radically transforming the daily human experience through richer, more entertaining and socially meaningful shared VR. A core vision behind MaxWhere is to present people with personal, social and public VR spaces mixed with real-word interplay. is a B2B Horeca Marketplace for trusted suppliers and buyers. Through a one request multiple quotation method contacts relevant and approved suppliers that can meet the needs of the buyers.

To become a pre-eminent provider of enterprise mobility solutions to organizations globally by providing them with  technology which protects their organization from the risks (cyber, reputational and economic) associated with their employees use of mobile devices without compromising their employees user experience.

EnergyElephant’s vision is to help people make better energy decisions by helping them understand their energy data. From homes up to mega multinationals.
Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion!
Making a decision on investing in renewable energy or energy efficiency technology is really hard. Made harder by the fact our energy bills have become a indecipherable complex of numbers and acronyms. The rollout of smart meters in the near future will only compound the problem as meter readings go from 3 to over 35,000 per year.
We solve this problem by allowing anyone on the planet simply upload their energy bills to our platform to discover savings and insights into their sustainability impacts.
Save money while saving the planet… it really is a no brainer!

Glissed is the world’s biggest online platform for freelance beauty professionals. We allow freelance hair stylists and makeup artists to manage and grow their business and give customers the ability to book beauty appointments to their home, hotel or office outside of salon hours. Our vision is to take the freelance beauty industry online. We recognise the opportunity in supporting the supply side of this market and giving them an online presence rather than focusing just on the demand side of the market. Our number one competitor is the black market-we are taking an existing market that is currently operating almost exclusively offline, and we’re taking it online. We are allowing the supply side to formalise their offering and expand their businesses, and satisfying the existing demand on the customer side.

Our vision at SwiftComply is to simplify environmental compliance for more sustainable communities.
Having built a team of passionate environmentalists and technologists – SwiftComply is setting out to provide food service business owners with a simple way to manage their environmental requirements. We help restaurant managers and chefs spend time doing what they do best – producing great food and memorable moments – all while protecting the environment.
Regulation is resource-intensive, paper-based and frustrating for both cities and food businesses. $100 billion spent on compliance each year. We are making it simple for restaurants to meet their environmental and regulatory requirements without compromising standards. We do this by creating a marketplace for environmental services that gives full transparency to the city providing an effective indicator to predict compliance.
SwiftComply started this journey down the drain with Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) regulation – where two of our senior management team have spent years protecting Dublin’s waterways through their work with Irish Water and Dublin City Council. However, SwiftComply’s ambitions lie beyond FOG and Dublin – with partnerships in place with two cities in the USA already and two more launching in summer 2017 – SwiftComply are gathering global momentum as they tackle FOG regulation.
From FOG we are adding further environmental services to our platform to provide a full back kitchen marketplace for food businesses.
Our over all vision is to be the natural ‘go to convenient’ snack food on the market over the next 3 years, both in Rieland and across Europe.


The Irish Biltong company produces high protein, shelf ready sliced beef snack food, for the on-the-go individuals, which contains a high concentration of healthy nutrients, low in sugar and low in fat. It is made from my own grass fed Irish beef, reared on my farm in Co. Kildare. Our main customer is the sports enthusiast and professional who wants a high protein/low fat product, clean of hi toxicity of additives, easy to consume, high in nutrition, ready to eat and accessible on shelves or on line. It is a preparation free product, taking the work out of food & diet planning.
Whilst there are many protein products on the market my product is a fresh approach to an ever expanding food and nutrition sector and eliminates queries of traceability of ingredients as all the beef is home grown.
Our vision is to become a highly recognised main market competitor in the healthy snack area, by making our consumer aware of the great benefits of this home grown healthy beef snack.
We envision our product to become the preferred healthy snack for grab-and-go retail customers.
We see our product as the best Irish Beef high protein product that via our branding says – quality and taste to our customers.


Popertee is building artificial intelligence that matches the perfect audience with the perfect location, enabling brands to discover and book spaces for their marketing and retail campaigns. Our platform will enable brands to select spaces based on their audience requirements. Brands can select demographic, location and socio-economic details based on their requirements and our platform will present to them spaces based on a “Popscore”. This recommendations engine gives a percentage match based on the brand requirements and available spaces. The spaces are taken from 3rd party property websites including estate agents, marketplaces and short-term space providers.
We aim to build a golbal platform that leading marketing agencies and brands will use when seeking physical spaces for retail and marketing campaigns. The location intelligence market is one of the fastest growing markets globally (expected to reach $20billion in 2021) and Popertee wants to specifically address the large part of this market where brands want to intelligently find the best location to locate for their campaign.

SmartTrace is disrupting the waste industry. We want to remove world “WASTE” from dictionary – Waste is just a resource that we are not harvesting because of lack of understanding and ignorance of its value. We want to change perception of waste from nuisance  to valuable feedstock, delivering triple bottom line to manufacturing companies, financial gains, compliance and huge environmental impact. SmartTrace is a new standard delivering circular economy.


Yedup develops ultra-fast mathematical algorithms to power the next generation in AI technology. The vision we are realising is the world’s fastest AI; Yedup machines capable of continuous learning in real time from high speed/volume streaming data, such as social media firehose data.
Our first application, SodaBread Live Market Data, analyses up to 6,000 social media messages per second and converts this into a stream of numeric variables that Hedge Funds and High Frequency Algorithmic Traders use to trade more profitably on global equities markets.  SodaBread uses advanced mathematics to detect market sensitive news and events as they break on social media – and streams the results continuously in machine-to-machine format to clients . At its core, our AI technology greatly enhances accuracy by continually learning the meanings of new words, hashtags and memes as they emerge on social media in response to live events.
Our team regroups world-leading experts in ultra-high speed programming (formally with NYSE Euronext) and AI mathematicians to form a leading center of expertise in low-latency AI technology.   At present, firms such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters dominate the market for price and volume (historic exchange) data.  Yedup’s vision is to complement their services, providing reliable intra-day predictive data based on emerging news and events for the $2 trillion global hedge fund market.

At MEDIMEE we keep having this Dream and it’s one we won’t let go of!
We dream of a connected world, where life saving information about an individual can be accessed in a matter of seconds in the event of an emergency.
Our vision is to help save lives and enhance health & safety in the workplace, not only here in Ireland but around the world. Knowing your vital emergency medical information can be communicated even if you cannot, through the simple use of technology.
We plan to eradicate barriers that people face when needing to convey essential information in times of need. So members of the public, first responders and the emergency services know exactly, what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics if they haven’t already arrived on scene.

AID:Tech’s vision is to leverage blockchain technology to increase the transparency & efficiency of the delivery of funds, resources & social services. Our market entry point is developing economies then moving to developed economies such as the UK, Ireland and the USA.
There are presently 2.4 billion people world wide without a Digital Identity. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a list of 30 targets, and target 16.9 states everyone on earth should have a legal identity.
What AID:Tech is doing is marrying to identity and money. $1.1 TRILLION Lost each year from developing Countries Due to Illicit Outflows. AID:Tech has created a platform to combat these problems
Our core offering is a digital identity which enables recipients to receive funds, services and digital assets directly. It enables NGOs and governments to send digital assets to individuals or families in a completely transparent manner so fraud and corruption is significantly reduced. It also allows recipients to build up a financial profile as all transactions are permanently recorded. Our clients include The International Federation of The Red Cross, UNDP, Shanti Life and St. Vincent de Paul. We have been funded by angels and seed capital to date and recently completed the exclusive Techstars Accelerator.

Courtsdesk is a breaking news service and research database for case details across all UK and Ireland court levels, and in future, the world.
As a research tool, the platform allows users to monitor companies and people for involvement in litigation, as well as carry out statistical and relational analysis of key protagonists, the first such service to capture the 98% of cases currently taking place with no public or private searchability.
By using Courtsdesk, financial, news and legal services firms can improve their business risk awareness and their own regulatory and commercial reporting. For the first time legal services – one of the most opaque industry sectors in most countries – is opened up to statistical and relational performance analysis of all law firms.
As a news service, Courtsdesk is an entirely new model of journalism, built on bespoke software for professional court reporting. Our tools capture the data content of what happens in court rooms as well as the news content, and allows for collaboration by multiple organisations for mutual gain.
Courtsdesk puts the content generated by its operations at the heart of value creation – eschewing the broken model of advert-funded journalism, using digital tools from the social media and big data age.


At StudyBundles Limited we sell a software as a service solution to universities, colleges, and schools globally. Our customers have a major problem connecting & communicating with their prospective and current students. This results in high levels of student dropout (as much as 30% for some institutions) and poor levels of student experience/satisfaction (a key barometer in university rankings). Our solution CampusConnect boosts student recruitment rates, reduces student dropout, and improves the student experience by harnessing the potential of richer, more personalised mobile app technologies and predictive analytics. 
With 8 high profile universities secured in Ireland and UK within just 18 months trading, our vision is to position StudyBundles as the leading global provider of personalised mobile and web app services to schools, colleges, and universities globally.

Agricolus Srl is an innovative startup dealing with precision farming. Agricolus s.r.l. wants to support farmers, agronomists and other operators of agricultural world in optimizing agronomic practices, integrating skills and the most up-to-date data collection and analysis technologies.

Leevia is the first Italian platform that allows you to create legal online contests in a few clicks. It provides services to companies and communication agencies to engage the community, gather qualified leads and create brand awareness.

Nextome technology (patented) is based on the low-energy Bluetooth technology and iBeacons standard infrastructure; plenty of company are evolving their structure installing these technologies. The innovative algorithm of Nextome uses advanced techniques of artificial intelligence to receive, categorize and analyze signals and identify the user’s position in the room. It allows to catch a standard precision around 1,50 mts without need to be connected to the network; the same app makes calculations on your phone.

Tutored is a social platform where university students meet and better organize their studies.

TOMMI (project of Softcare Studios) A Virtual Reality Experience To Support Children With Cancer In Hospitals.


Made in Italy B2B fashion platform. Connecting Brands, designer and retailers all over the world with authentic italian artisan.


Helperbit is a platform that brings transparency in charity and insurance sectors giving back power to people.


Hotbox keeps your pizza warm and crisp thanks to the warmth of the scooter and the dehumidification system unique in the world!

The first Social Smart City is an evolution of the Smart City concept. The ‘smart’ city becomes more inclusive, opening up to a new target market: middle-low income groups of people. Social Smart City is the ‘format’ for 4-5,000 households, an intelligent city for Social Housing – while respecting its rigid economic parameters.

The first Social Smart City is an evolution of the Smart City concept. The ‘smart’ city becomes more inclusive, opening up to a new target market: middle-low income groups of people. Social Smart City is the ‘format’ for 4-5,000 households, an intelligent city for Social Housing – while respecting its rigid economic parameters.

We create educational apps for kids. With our games your kids can safely learn while having fun.

“Is now present in that valley? At what elevation is the terrain snow covered? Was somebody on that slope?” Mysnowmaps allows to answer to these questions as it daily updates the snow information on the territory, thus helping to plan in advance your excursion.

Formon designs, develops and manufactures easy to use and affordable desktop 3D Printers


Evvos designs and develops hardware, firmware and cloud integration services platforms. Their in-house hardware and software teams collaborate to ensure optimal interoperability between sensors, data acquisition devices and software.


Renewable Energies in the Digital Society, Clean Energy Mini-Grid (CEMG) 5-30kW Wind & Solar, Efficient Hybrid Configurations, Distributed CEMG Management Configurations via Secure, Industrial Cloud, Proprietary RE & Application Program Interface & Configurations, Hybrid RE Efficiency Engineering, Supply & Service, Local Sales, Licensing, Assembly & Installation Activities.


Itondo´s app allows people to virtually hang any artwork on their own wall – to scale – so that art can be previewed live.


Trust1Team is an integrator company that provides its own products based on different open source frameworks in combination with their self-developed software, giving the opportunity to governments, enterprises and organizations to digitalise their processes in a secure and trusted way.


EduTec set up structures to teach effectively with tablets, as well as the implementation of technological systems for specific cases as a real-time distance learning with networked audio-visual devices or continuing education and pedagogical activities.


Doctena is an online platform dedicated to helping patients find practitioners and organize an appointment with them. We make the best use of the newest online and mobile technologies to help reduce the waiting time until the consultation.


Investify takes care of your assets according to your own ideas, so you can discover the topics in which you want to invest. Then they do the rest. Digital, flexible, passionate.


Airboxlab created Meet Foobot, the home air-quality monitor that tells you what is in the air you breathe, and controls your other smart devices.


Examotive believe in intelligent automotive mobility solutions. As our cities become ever more congested, keeping people and goods moving is one of the world’s greatest challenges. ExaMotive was founded on the belief that the way vehicles are used must change, so they are working in Project Dragon.

Digital Inclusion:

Digital Inclusion is a non-profit organisation that promotes social inclusion through digital technology.


Q Technology satellites have orbits that allow them to scan the entire surface of the Earth offering customers wide visibility of their assets and the possibility to communicate with their sensors and actuators with near-real time communication. Their system is scalable and can accommodate any size of your assets and fleets with minimum intervention.

VR Creative:

VR Creative mission is to bring meaningful and deep VR storytelling to life using GoPro arrays.


Weteq cleantech company with a proprietary portfolio of innovative chemistry-based solutions for wastewater treatment. They help customers to reduce costs, increase process efficiency, and be compliant and eco-friendlier by solving their water and wastewater challenges.


ALHO is a company based in Macedonia that aims to produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to help people who suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome, and to make the use of phones more comfortable.


Omega Raw and Organic Cosmetics is the first company at international level that is producing new type of organic cosmetics called “eatable”. It means that is made only from eatable and organic materials as: raw fruit juices, raw vegetables, raw dehydrated herbs and tea without the use of any preservatives.

Take Away:

This company produce and sell packed ready-to-eat food and satisfy the customer’s needs. Frustrated with current choices in the market, and inspired by the voices of our future customers, they are going to try some new and fresh ideas.

Macedonian Honey:

By creating a new way of beekeeping and inventing a new hive -Elle Hive- we work for one common goal: survival of the honeybee. Our bees become stronger, and their genetic material provide future bee generations easily to deal with predators and climate changes.Protecting endangered honeybee is not an altruistic venture – we are attempting to safeguard our own future. Honeybees as a major pollinators are essential for the plant and ecosystem biodiversity. Climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked.

Sole Communication Network:

SOLENET is a SaaS platform that enables (self) building custom-made applications at least 10x faster (and cost effective) with combining data containers like stacking Lego blocks in order to facilitate doing business between people and organizations.


Cultus, the e-learning hub will grow into rss news aggregator, unique articles blog and affiliate products shop, all from the online education resources available worldwide. Content filtering by humans and algorithms, will enable all e-learning resources from one web link.


This startup produces organic fertilizers and substrates for urban gardeners, farmers and green houses, while taking care of the nature. Instead of polluting at the landfill, we collect food waste for compost, which we enrich with patented technology.

Vision Dynamix:

They are developing the Terra Mapper, a system which generates high-precision 3D maps and models from scenes filmed using a drone. Generating professional-grade 3D maps and models is currently either time consuming, very expensive, or both.


BZB is primarily people – passionate, committed and devoted to their work, always ready to help and support their clients. BZB consists of professionals with many years of experience in the construction and operation of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that are confirmed by many internationally competitions.


Packhelp allows designing and ordering customised packaging. The product’s main advantages are: very intuitive and user-friendly online box editor, a very small minimum quantity per order (30 pieces contrary to industry’s average of 500 pieces) and a very short production process that starts from 14 days. The company is currently present in all of the EU, whilst the offer has been localised for seven markets in total.


Easy, secure, data management everywhere. It is easy and intuitive 1-click protection for files.


Revas delivers tools for entrepreneurship education – industry specific business simulations – for secondary schools (esp. VET) and universities. Simulation participants run virtual businesses in a selected industry that match their field of study/profession (e.g. Car garage, Beauty salon, Transport company, IT services). They compete on a virtual market getting hands-on business experience and training business acumen & key competence.


Early detection of threats to mother and baby, including through CTG measurements, may have a real impact on quicker medical response during pregnancy. Pregnabit system enables CTG monitoring of pregnant women at anytime and anywhere. Our mission is to support health care professionals, to bring every pregnancy to the happy end.


The first social energy trading platform for collective and profiled energy purchasing and switching. It allows smaller customers – households and SME – execute bulk-buying power and shop around for the best energy deals in real time and switch to the most competitive retailers offering black or green electricity and gas. Easy, reliable and profitable as it has never been before.

Zweyfikuj Firme:

Yearly entrepreneurs in Poland lose 100 billion PLN due to payment gridlocks. 80% of companies have difficulties with receivables collection. We are preparing an automated online platform for entrepreneurs to assess companies’ current credibility based on the Standard Audit Files for Tax (Jednolite Pliki Kontrolne). Our solution is applicable for 1.6M companies in Poland. Thanks to our products companies can limit their losses from bad debt by 20% and increase sale by 1%. In cooperation with PKO BP we are working also on a product for financial institutions. We are a fintech team – we combine financial and technical skills. Two statutory auditors and IT specialist have knowledge required to successfully accomplish this project.


Stocktaking is a long and laborious process. Traditional solutions are time-consuming and expensive. STKTK is a modern beverage stocktaking platform, which solves these problems and makes the whole process quick and easy.


Hyper Poland is a multidisciplinary team of experts working on the creation of a new means of transport – a vacuum train called the Hyperloop. It combines the advantages of trains and aircrafts, and at the same time eliminates the disadvantages of currently dominant means of transport. Under low vacuum conditions, the passenger and cargo pods can reach speeds of up to 1200 km/h, while consuming up to 1000 times less energy than in the atmosphere at the sea level.

SPECPRAWNIK: is a marketplace for people searching for lawyers. It is currently the most mature and recognizable legal tech platform in Poland with ready-to-buy legal services.


 The company’s main goal is to create technologically advanced infrastructure solutions for urban revitalisation in the context of Smart City projects. We have a workforce of engineers, specialists and managers who have been working in large international companies over the last several years. This experience of co-operating in lighting, security, telecommunication and electronics, give good creative results of this synergy. We believe that through our actions, we will have a positive impact on the environment and the future of building public space infrastructure for our planet.


Mobile messaging app and a physical touch keyboard to make communication and remote work easier for users with less agile hands (esp. the disabled and elderly). Our proprietary AI helps type entire sentences in a just a few clicks and learn new languages. Designed with the needs of disabled users in mind.


Sky Tronic specializes in designing and production of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based on innovative fuzzy logic steering and flight control systems to enhance flight safety and stability in difficult weather conditions. Our unmanned helicopter is dedicated to more efficient and cheaper coordination of public safety and life rescue operations of mountain and water rescue agencies, police, fire department than existing helicopters to find the lost, injuried and the victims of the accidents and snow avalanche victims faster and delive medical equipment.


HandyShower is an innovative 3-in-1 personal hygiene system. The main idea behind the project was to help those living in the developing world, where sanitation conditions are often very problematic and every drop of water is precious. The device, however, can also be used during emergencies or simply for recreation. The full HandyShower kit includes a solar water bag, 4 interchangeable nozzles (a faucet, a bidet and 2 shower nozzles) and fits into a small sachet. The device is equipped with a patented self-closing valve, which facilitates water conservation.

Live Electric Tours:
Live Electric Tours is a Self Drive experience in 100% electric vehicles for tourists in the City of Lisbon.Our vehicles are the only ones in the world, because they are equipped with Free Wi-fi, GPS Audio Guide, and a Live camera that lets you share the whole experience with family and friends through social media

Apiary Book allows recording on mobile phone of information on the number, health and maintenance of each bees family, treatments carried out, and other operations in the field of beekeeping.

uRADMonitor is a project that addresses pollution, the kind that we are unable to see, but directly affects our health and can cause life threatening diseases. To help fight pollution, we have designed several fixed and mobile detectors, packed with powerful sensors, capable of detecting both the chemical and the physical harmful factors. All data goes online to a global network, so anyone can access it freely, at any time.

The world’s 1st Digital Marketing Simulation Game, used by more than 13.000 people.

Doclandia helps users access pedical professional at any time from anywhere.

Innovative solar air products, designed and made in Moldova. Our technologies improve air quality and reduce costs of heating, drying and ventilation.

Ebriza is a POS and business management solution.


Brainy Ant allows users to “rent” robots virtually, by controlling them via the code they write.


VTREE is a solar charging device which is connected to the internet and is able to recharge cell phones, gadgets and electric vehicles.

SOWAT is the only technology that allows obtaining potable, clean water (no viruses or bacteria) without genetic material of bacteria (problem occurring in the case of UV treatments), at the same time preserving the minerals (which does not occur with the reverse osmosis treatment, which withholds all the minerals and produces distilled water).


Is a pioneering software manufacturer that generates advanced predictive models, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. GAMCO´s technology allows a quick deployment of Knowledge Systems personalized for each customer and business, in order to solve and optimize their operational and decision-making issues. Our solutions in optimizing management of large hospitals and pharmaceutical supply chain allow us to offer disruptive innovation in health care.


The company offers solutions through the study, design, patent, manufacture and marketing of biomimetic devices in order to end animal pests, especially in agricultural and aquaculture crops.


This platform changes the traditional model of claiming your rights. Now you won’t have to wait that long to collect your severance pay or go after your lawyer to find out about your case.


SOLATOM develops concentrating solar plants that concentrate the sun to generate high temperature heat for industrial processes. Our modular and transportable approach allows small and medium size industries to use a solar alternative to fossil fuels at a competitive price.


Technology-based company with a creative soul, Broomx Technologies is a leading company in the creation of immersive experiences in real spaces. Makers of MK Player360, a unique projection system to enjoy VR & 360° media content without the need of individual VR headsets, and Broomx VR content platform. This patented system is able to create immersive 4D experiences in any room or corner at a consumer price-point. Once it’s set up, the user can control the system via a smartphone app and have their entire field of vision covered by standard VR & 360º media from top VR creators & international artists. Formed by a team of senior professionals from different backgrounds (hardware engineers, software developers, designers, video artists, communications and business profiles) Broomx has opened a new niche in the home-entertainment industry and the virtual world, which has also impacted in other sectors such health, education, tourism or automotive industries.


Wants to solve the impossibility to create different comfort areas inside a room, no usable data to improve customer’s uses, decrease energy consumption and remotely control the system and warm environments.


Wide Eyes Technologies has developed a unique Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence technology for the fashion and eCommerce industry. This technology does not only allow users to discover fashion through images but also index, search, tag and find images without using a single word. Today, we can truly change the paradigm and claim: “a picture doesn’t worth 1000 words… a picture worth a picture”.


Bnext is a Bank Account that lives in your mobile phone with which you don’t need to visit a bank branch or sign any paper. Associated to this account you will have a debit card for your daily trasactions and transfer money easily to any person. It is a Marketplace Bank which means the products it offers are not their own but from the best entities therefore, they have no interest in selling one or another. This allows a total transparency and compromise.

UNCOVERCITY: Undercover takes you by the hand of Cabify to enjoy gastronomic experiences without knowing the destiny until you are there. It includes a round trip with Cabify with a closed menu (Dinner + Drink). The experience can be booked for a minimun of two people.


Miracoil’s mission is the promotion of scientific research in the field of hydrocarbons, renewable energies and natural resources, recycling of all types of materials. The value proposal lies in the efficiency of the Thermo Mechanic Cracking Process, a technology and methodology that allows to obtain liquid hydrocarbons and create second hand biofuel.


Merge current design, advanced hardware systems and intelligent software to develop new wearable products and digital solutions to increase customer value and enhance brand awareness.

AZAHAR MANAGEMENT: Azahar Management has developed the low-cost system based on a disruptive new technology that combines biological aerobic digestion and mechanical waste treatment. The system is completely enclosed, not generating any harmful emissions or odour and the by-product is not only hygienic and environmentally friendly, and it is valuable as a resource. The project offers a valuable solution within the framework of the circular economy, in converting waste into a resource.

Tyris Software: 

Tyris Software use cutting-edge technologies and virtual reality devices to create incredible audio-visual experiences.


Zapiens is a question-based solution that allows members of your tribe to easily learn and transfer knowledge from their mobile phone. use user-friendly technologies of gamification and collaboration, so you can create the corporate brain of your organization. You will be able to manage and recycle your data efficiently, predict behaviours and boost your tribe’s performance.


Eyesynth is a visual comprehension system for the blind. It consists of glasses that register the space around us in 3 dimensions. A micro-computer processes the information and converts it into audio that is comprehensible to the blind person. We call it “augmented sense experience.


Homyspace is a temporary rental and monthly rental company for companies and workers posted in the main Spanish and European cities. Property owners and managers now have a legal and secure solution to rent their flats on a seasonal basis by accommodating companies with mobile employees.


Provide access to aeronautics to big institutions and companies though long range drones. We have developed a patented design plane/multirotor aircraft capable of performing critical missions like emergencies thanks to its vertical take off and landing from any flat surface and it’s efficient plane cruise with double flight endurance than helicopters/multirotors. We aim to replace manned helicopters saving more than 78% costs and avoiding personal risks

Hex Wix is a platform for eSports to search for teams and players