Startup Europe Awards


On September 22, during the DAW Conference closing ceremony at the European Parliament, Bogdan Ceobanu, Policy Officer at European Commission representing Startup Europe, presented the winners of the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 for Belgium.

Belgian brand which designs chic business bags for modern and active women.

The simpler, safer way to authenticate artworks, luxury goods and collectibles and verify their provenance.

Nappytalia is the first and only community in Italy where black women can exchange advices and tips on how to grow and care for their afro natural hair (no relaxing) and it is also an afroitalian owned business that sells products for afro/african natural hair.

Terrible Creations: Immersive, interactive, engaging and fun stories for collaborative storytelling that enable you to shape your own unique adventure.
TINJA: An online platform for simple and efficient matching of solar panel installers and interested users who want to install solar panels at their property.

Studio Rebus/Meridda: The mobile application Meridda will enable users to track their own stress level, providing them with customized actionable feedback.

Juvo – Home Friend: IoT home alarm system for reporting child’s movement towards less safe areas in home. Smart sensors placed on key areas in home, parent’s bracelet for receiving notifications about child’s movement, plush toy with speaker for distracting a child while parents appear and a mobile application for controlling the system.

eter. io: The smart lighting solution that harvests free sunlight and puts an end to wasteful illumination of unoccupied space. improves energy efficiency in commercial and public areas, solution pays it self off through reduced energy bills.

Braille Riddles: Braille Riddles aims to develop a series of accessible learning tools and educational toys for the visually impaired persons, by means of 3D technology.

LovePranks are witty interventions in space which encourage people to change their behavior positively, aimed to enhance the user experience of contemporary travelers via design, originality and humour.

SPRAYPRINTER: Creating a core technology that enables free movement printing at any scale. Our product is a smart handprinter that works with spray paint and is controlled with a smartphone.

SMART LOAD SOLUTIONS: SLS software platform will decrease electricity cost up to 60% and it actively reduces the CO2 emissions that are emitted into the atmosphere when electricity is produced for heaters.

INZMO: is a mobile-first insurance broker enabling consumers to purchase personal insurance policies in seconds – i.e. for travel, cars, motorcycles, bikes, electronics, household, cars, pets, etc. In addition to providing best prices and creating an excellent user experience, the solution helps to prevent insurance fraud, enabling its insurance partners earn higher margins.

NORDIC AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: Industrial automation development company, specialising in sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions.

DERMTEST: is a software platform service, connecting family doctors with dermatology clinics for providing access to a dermatologist consultation at a patient’s local primary care office.

DEEKIT: is a freemium whiteboard where users can draw, write and work with other content together, in real-time. No matter what device they use or how poor their connectivity is.

REBELROAM: Internet Service Provider for the global transportation and travel industries, incl public city transport.

TRAFFEL: monitors more than a hundred different channels – blogs, forums, ticketing systems – in more than 20 different languages for the best travel deals and then sells this information. It´s a ‘real-time-offer` platform where customers can set alerts for their preferred destinations and travel times.

TEBO: is the marketplace for education content. With TEBO the teacher can build a lesson (add their files and create interactive exercises for smart devices), find and use the content already made and published by other teachers, can grow their impact and enhance income by publishing their own content on TEBO to be used by other teachers. 


PromoRepublic: A Finnish SaaS that helps Small Businesses and Marketers create amazing social media posts based on the context of the day: holidays, trends, events and more.

Tespack: Specialized in providing a complete mobile energy experience by combining latest technology and renewables with a focus on generation of energy on-the-go.

Heimo: The anonymous & safe online community for untellable stories.

Duara: A platform for communities in low-income countries to offer home stay experiences to impact-minded travelers.

Bryom: Medical wearable enabling user to their improve quality of life.

Convert Art manufactures handmade products with high design, aesthetics and quality, made exclusively from recycled inner tubes, tires, electrical equipment, wood and aluminium.

PHEE: Innovative products made of dried sea grass Posidonia Oceanica from the Greek shores.

Nursify is an application that connects people who need First Aid Help with volunteers trained to provide First Aid Help.

CityCrop is an intelligent indoor garden that lets you grow pesticide-free food all year round.

Hopwave is the first booking app to help you discover and move around Greek islands by providing you a personalized way of travelling.


As a member of the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance, the gold winners in the Bank of Ireland Startup Awards –announced on the 26thof May in the final ceremony held in the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin –are now candidates for the final phase of the StartUp Europe Awards 2016.

TRUZZES: is all about giving you the opportunity to create, celebrate and cherish the baby to toddler milestones and memories.

URBANVOLT: is an Irish company which carries out LED retrofits at no upfront cost to our clients. We were named Bank of Ireland Startup of the Year in 2016 because our unique offering makes it so easy to reduce your energy costs and improve your productivity.

CYC-LOK: is an Irish company created to develop a Europe-wide and, later, global network of secure bicycle parking facilities in response to the dramatic surge in cycling for recreation and especially for transport in urban commuter zones.

Pip & Pear is the best alternative to home cooking, fresh, organic and natural different flavour dishes for babys from 5 months to more than 10 months.

SURF ACCOUNTS  is an Irish owned cloud based bookkeeping package for SME’s. Surf is designed to take the stigma out of doing accounts for your business. A crisp clean interface that boasts a multitude of features, a powerful accounts tool with a clear layout meaning the functionality isn’t too overbearing, Surf Accounts is ‘Invoicing & Accounts made easy.

THE HUB CONTROLLER: is a software that allows people knowing how much they are spending on heating, electricity, etc.

TEMPBUDDY: is a temporary recruitment software that provides contingency recruiters a cloud based real-time workface management platform. Remove many time-consuming admin tasks, improve productivity and revenues, whilst reducing operational costs.

WHELEHANS WINE: is the culmination of three generations experience of working and of promoting wines in Ireland where the philosophy from day one has been to unreservedly focus on seeking out producers who are unequivocally terroir focused.

DIS – Design Italian Shoes, is a winning solution for those who want to stand out and express their personality designing and wearing classic customised shoes for men – 100% Made in Italy.

WaterView – Our solution enables the release of more accurate and realiable weather – related services and improves citizens’ awareness towards weather events.

Neuron Guard – We offer an integrated, effective and simple solution for the emergency and hospital treatment of Acute Brain Damage (ABD) based on a portable device delivering quick and stable controlled brain hypothermia.

Veranu is a project that since 2012, has been working towards the creation of a new product that generates alternative energy, and has since become a reality. Incorporated in 2016, Veranu has created an innovative technology applicable to any type of flooring by creating clean electricity by simply walking over them.

Briareo project was born from the collaboration of two industrial companies, Arken SpA and Gymnotus sas, and focuses on the research, design and industrial development of an innovative vertical axis micro-wind turbine which can produce power even at low wind speeds with high power efficiency.

Created within the incubator of innovative enterprises of the Politecnico di Torino, LMSC is an innovative startup with a social vocation against food waste. Its mission is to engage people to improve the health of the planet through the digital management of food waste.

Credimi is the innovative product that allows people to cash invoices in 48 hours, with no fixed costs, bureaucracy or paperworks, directly from their PC. Credimi is on the market with a supply chain finance product enabling our partners, typically medium-sized enterprises, to easily finance their suppliers’ invoices.

X-next is a startup bringing to the market revolutionary advanced inspection technology detectors. Bu using XSpectra®, the state-of-the-art of the X-ray spectroscopic technology available today, X-next is capable of a real-time, precise identification of the chemical-physical composition of the materials under analysis.

Windicity‘ vision is can be summarised in “Variable Geometry for Variable Wind”, pursuing it through its patented disruptive energy conversion concept which allows to maximize production in any variable wind. Thanks to Windcity’s simple mechanics technology, the system is able to harvest up to 80% more energy compared to competitors.

Tooteko is a wearable that combines touch and hearing to help the visually impaired to visualise objects that they couldn’t experience otherwise. Tooteko devices is specifically made for cultural heritage touristic itineraries, due to its focus on museum paths.


Mozello is the easiest way of building stylish, minimalistic websites, blogs and online stores. It is much faster and easier to use than any other website builder. Mozello uses cloud storage, content delivery networks and mirrored infrastructure.

Nordigen: Transaction categorization for better credit scoring. Nordigen uses machine learning to analyze context of transaction data to decrease bad credit loses by 6-23% and improve manual transaction analysis speed by 30x and precision by 15x.

Conelum: We are focused on development of rapid microbiological diagnostic tests for food and drink industry companies. Diagnostic test, based on EloKIT™ technology by Conelum, are proven to reduce test time to total of 30 minutes without any compromise on the results in comparison to conventional methods.

Anatomy Next: We are building an augmented reality mobile app (a real time x-ray) for medical students to explore human anatomy in real time on real people in fun, engaging and interactive way.

Notakey is smartphone based solution for strong & smooth authentication and authorisation. We give money back guarantee that we will improve employee productivity and increase customer engagement.

Rention: Excluding possibility to find property (for tenants) and let own premises (for landlords), we will provide extended information exchange system, where both parties will be able to sign agreements, control and pay utility services and other services.


Digicash is a bank account-linked mobile payment solution. It is issued by banks to their customers and connected directly to the customer’s current account.

Job Today is the easy-to-use app that connects employers and jobseekers.

APATEQ provides oil-water separation systems for oilfield operators as well as compact wastewater treatment plants and systems for industrial wastewater.

OUNI allows customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. The first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg.

vyzVoice provides a highly secured cloud-based application infrastructure to manage your connected things.

SWIRL a company which provides leading edge smart wind turbine solutions for grid edge and off-grid applications.


This startup has created a prototype of glasses with built-in micro cameras that capture the ambiente around the user, helping visually impaired people to orient in their daily activities.

SYSTEMS FOR ENTERPRISE:  ORM based on the input parameters builds future predictions then based on the risk preferences to assist the Insurance Companies to make better decisions on which Reinsurance Treaties are most appropriate.

ESENSO: Topnotch technology in IoT solutions with sensors, microprocessors, loggers, cloud, PV solar, biomass which will obtain icro climate implemented into smart greenhouses for yearly production of fresh and healthy food without dangerous residual pesticides and heavy metals.

Gordian is a company specialized in IT services and products. 

Enigma Macedonia is an association for research and development of treatments for multi-sensory integration.

Claxi is a mobile application that helps passengers and drivers to connect directly on a unique bidding platform. 

We offer services for people who want to solve a social problems, offering a mentoring program to develop their idea, find or develop a team, validate their idea on the market and connect them with the right people that can take their solution on the next phase.

WhenInX is online marketplace for secondary touristic services like hiking, biking, paragliding or scuba diving.

BUDOFINDER: Community market place for martial arts.

Pelvifly is a comprehensive, mobile system of prophylaxis and rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles dysfunction.

Jumbster is an application to save on fuel. You run out of fuel? Looking for station with the lowest prices? – Open the Jumbster application and buy the cheapest fuel in your area.

Ronzo is empowering consumers with delicious cricket-based products with natural ingredients, no artificial chemical substances or semi-processed products. It is completely non-GMO and 100% free of toxic and unnatural!

DeepDoc is a project aimed at early detection of risk of depression and offering professional help. Using machine learning to analyze activity in social media, we diagnose the risk of depression at a very early stage.

Smartbox creates a comprehensive Smarthouse system based on cloud computing. We create miniature device, control system and server architecture.

Equally: We are solving problems related to uneasy cashless splitting of joined bills. Our product allows to immediately get repayment from friends as well as automatically reminds of receivables. 

Socialgamer works in the computer gaming industry. Is a search engine focused on the rapid and precise searching for partners to create the perfect team.

We produce wireless, mobile and intelligent sensors. We design measuring systems.

Teach robotics the fun way! RoboCamp enhances STEM education using LEGO robot building and visual programming.

The AroMax system is a disruptive technological innovation that allows winemakers to fully use the aromatic potential of the wine in a completely natural way. It also enables wine production with higher fermentation temperatures, ensuring richer and more intense aromatic production. By using AroMax, the winemaker benefits from significantly enriched body, bouquet, quality and final value of their wine.

It helps surgeons, medical experts and healthcare providers to become more efficient, reduce waiting lines and provide a safer patient’s care (reduced anesthesia time, improved quality). It makes healthcare more productive and enable doctors to focus more and only on patients.

Chipolo is an app that helps people to search things, it rings and shows you the last known location on a map.

Blub Blub is a solution with a series of self-help apps and a subscription service connecting a parent and a therapist. A child simply observes and imitates practices performed by their peers. They use mirroring, role-playing, stickers and funny videos to keep them going.

GoAvio (and its other brands Jetmap, Nizkocenovci) makes your browsing for flights a quick and trivial job. It currently includes 120+ lowcost airlines and 10000+ connections from all around the world.

omilibro part of the need to look for and recommend books for those things that really matter when we read. So we have created an application that allows readers to find their perfect book quickly, besides also help other readers find yours. We are both search engine and social network of books.

The idea of this project is the use of mini-reducing turbine power cycle to harness water power as an alternative to others which today are powered by diesel boilers. The small hydroelectric power generators, called Micro-hydro, produce up to 10 kW of energy from rivers and streams.

Conversion of internal combustion vehicles in Electric Vehicles . Electric cars made in Extremadura.

The first smart electronic stethoscope. It allows a join listening, recording the auscultation for the diagnosis follow-up or sharing it easily with other professionals.

Technology platform that helps hotel managers in making business decisions to sell the maximum number of rooms with the largest possible margin through management tools profitability (Revenue Management).

KIEN-MOU CO2 is a unique self-sufficient solution that retains the C02 present in the atmosphere and also clears the air (i.e. harmful solid particles in suspension) via a series of filters. Not only absorbs and eliminated contaminated air generated by 500 citizens and their vehicles, but also contains three luminous publicity panels (i.e. LED screens) which allow the system to be sustainable and profitable.

HumanSurge will bring together experienced humanitarian professionals from various disciplines on a single platform where they can signal their immediate availability for deployment in emergencies, thereby enabling organizations to complete specialized response teams overnight.

The startup organizes travel arrangements, including round-trip flights with two night’s hotel accommodation. The catch is that users have no idea of their destination until 48 hours prior to departure.

APSU has developed an effective, low cost and energy efficient system based on microwave technology to treat wastewater.