Startup Europe Awards

DEEPDOC is the winner of Health category in Poland

Country: Poland

Category: Health

Name: DeepDoc

Project Aim: Take care of the emotional and mental well-being of the individual



Why did DeepDoc start?

According to WHO in EU around 100 mln people sufer from major depression and depressed mood with 50% of the being untreated due to misdiagnosis. Depression causes 50% of chronic sick leaves, which counts for around 11,7 mln days of absence. That costs EU countries 170 billion euro per year.

Workplace all over the Europe lose 77 billion pounds a year due to employee absentism caused by depression and depressed mood. Although well-being programs are increasingly popular among HR there are only few services aming to take care of employees’ emotional well-being. None of them ofer early diagnosis of mood health issues based on data analyses.

Only 50% of people with mood disorder get proper care mostly due to misdiagnosis and limited access to psychotherapist.

What is DeepDoc?

DeepDoc is a personal well-being system based on web application, deep learning algorithm and  Messenger chatbot. It aims to seamlessly take care of the emotional and mental well-being of the individual. It gives user sense of security due to ongoing mood monitoring. User log in with Instagram enabling algorithm to scan their photos, if pattern of mood issue is detected, one is  automatically connected with psychotherapist, if not our chatbot send psychoeducational content.

Gustav is our frst algorithm. His early diagnosis and online intervensions helps to maintain emotional well- being and minimise costs of treatment of mood disorder. Gustav uses our own data set gathered from   1300 users who gave us an access to Instagram and flled in Beck’s inventory.  We cooperate with team of  10 psychotherapists, reaserch unit called StressLab, and psychiatrist from Warsaw Medicine University.


What is the competitive advantage?

We use chatbots in messenger ecosystem which is more natural for user since this is the place where he or she conversates – that improves UX by skipping the installation of new app and onboarding proccess. Our second competitive advantage is providing end to end service. We diagnose, prevent and connect with psychotherapists if needed. While competition focuses on one of these elements.


Next steps

We are to sell our product as B2B SaaS paid 49zł per user per year. We are also open to pursuit B2C model, focusing on young people up to 25 years old who take care of their emotional well-being. The price does not include sessions with psychotherapist.

In the world where 350 million people sufer from depression and mood disorder, it is critical to use technology to diagnose and prevent mental issues. 60 mln europeans between the age of 20 and 40 use Instagram. This age range overlaps with high-risk group of mood disorder. For that reason we created DeepDoc – an end to end solution which diagnoses the individuals mood condition based on Instagram activity, helps stay mentally ft thanks to customized psycho-educational content served by our chatbot directly to the users’ Messenger app and if required connecting with an on-demand  psychotherapist.


„Our long-term goal is to create a health management center that would monitor and enable to improve the emotional well-being of our users. We hope to contribute to the prevention of depression spreading that, according to WHO, will be the second leading cause of world disability in 2020” – Piotr Podlaś, CEO.