Startup Europe Awards

Waynabox, winner of SEUA Spain in Tourism category

Country: Spain

Category: Tourism

Name: Waynabox

Project Aim:  Revolutionize the tourism industry and strengthen a new travel experience focused on the customer’s emotions



What is Waynabox?

Waynabox is the new and most exciting, unexpecting and original travel that adventurous travelers were expecting. Is a weekend trip to a surprise destination that the customer will discover just two days before departure and from just 150€ fixed prize, with round-trip flights and two nights of accommodation included.

Thanks to Waynabox, breaking the routine and travelling through Europe and farer is easier and cheaper, bringing people a great chance to discover the world.

When did you start?

Since the startup launchment on March of 2015, more than 15,000 travelers has enjoyed a surprise trip with Waynabox. The present and next efforts are focused on internationalization – after the recent launchment in France, the company aims to introduce its travelling revolution in many European countries.


“Waynabox is pleased to be recognized as a relevant startup on the tourism industry. Receive this mention from Startup Europe Awards, and Finnova, firms up our trust on what we are doing and encourage us to keep working hard on revolutionizing the way of travelling with our surprising trips. And more specially, getting that support from European institutions make us feel that our internationalization plan through many European countries is more than possible”, Pau Sendra, CEO and cofounder of Waynabox.



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