Startup Europe Awards

ANATOMY NEXT is the winner of Latvia in social category

Country: Latvia

Category: Social

Name: Anatomy next

Project Aim: Improve the study of human anatomy and the student learning experience



Why you have created it?

Millennial students have grown up with computer game experiences, smartphone app’s, and simply shorter attention spans. In this context, the traditional way of learning human anatomy from two-dimensional textbooks is difficult and is not wholly effective. Studies show that 3D anatomy models in a digital format are favored by students in medical, dental, and other allied health schools, and can be used to support the curriculum and enhance students’ skills in spatial visualization of anatomical relationships.

What problem you solve?

To improve the study of human anatomy and the student learning experience, we have built an interactive, web-based platform and an augmented reality application. The software connects theory with personalized audio and video tutorials that help students to study and fully understand anatomical systems in 3D space.

At what point are you and for you what it represents Europe? 

Our virtual reality tools provide the opportunity for students, educators, and physicians to study and interact with anatomical systems in life-like experiences, examine the human body layer by layer, system by system, and simulate dissection and operative procedures.

Anatomy Next mission is to modernize medical education while maintaining the traditional know-how of the European-style Academy.


As a Latvian, I believe the only way to predict the future is to create it. This recognition means a lot to me and we shall continue to bring medical education to the next level.