Startup Europe Awards

Broomx is the spanish winner for the Creative category

Country: Spain

Category: Creative

Project Aim:Technology-based company with a creative soul, Broomx Technologies is The Projected VR Company!

The Initiative:

Makers of MK Player360, a unique immersive projection device to enjoy VR & 360° media content without the need of individual VR headsets, and Broomx VR content platform. This patented system is able to create immersive 4D experiences in any room or corner at a consumer price-point. Once it’s set up, the user can control the system via a smartphone app and have their entire field of vision covered by standard VR & 360º media from top VR creators & international artists. Formed by a team of senior professionals from different backgrounds (hardware engineers, software developers, designers, video artists, communications and business profiles) Broomx has opened a new niche in the home-entertainment industry and the virtual world, which has also impacted in other sectors such health, education, tourism or automotive industries.


The reasons why we created it:

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are finally starting to emerge from the lab into  applications for everyday life. Researchers agree that the industry is only beginning its global triumph and will grow significantly in the next years – global VR revenues are forecasted to hit $80 billion by 2025. The potential of VR market cannot, however, be fully realized unless we find alternative ways to enjoy immersive content, more social and comfortable than the current systems typically through individual goggles or VR headsets. With the MK Player360 immersive projection system, we solve the 4 major issues of VR today: loneliness, sickness, inability to enjoy long content & content dispersion.


What we have accomplished:

After 3 years of intense R&D, during the year 2017 we have presented the MK Player360 into main technology-driven events. Today we have sold 20 units to different European companies such as hotels, hospitals, health training companies and universities, and we have also launched the BroomxVR platform, an online platform & catalog of VR experiences where international content creators can promote their creations to all the MK Player360 users and monetize their creations. Our technology is revolutionizing the way people enjoy VR experiences for their leisure time and for professional purposes. It is also a very effective tool to carry out completely outstanding marketing actions.


What Europe means for us:

For us, Europe is the place to launch our technology, get the first customers and receive valuable feedback. It is also an important area for VR content creation, with lots of SME companies producing outstanding content both for B2B and B2C use cases that we can integrate into the BroomxVR platform. And moreover, it’s a key to receive public and private funding to scale-up our technology and make Broomx a global company.

“Being selected for the StartUp Europe Awards is a big honor for us, the opportunity to continue promoting our technology in Europe and connecting with top leaders from EU companies.  But moreover, it’s a special recognition that encourages us to bring our VR projection system into more environments where it can be relevant, for example healthcare institutions, kid’s hospitals or education centers!” Ignasi Capellà – Cofounder, CMO & Business development