Startup Europe Awards

CREDIMI, winner of SEUA Italy in Fintech

Country: Italy

Category: Fintech


Project aim: to give business owners the opportunity to cash easily invoices in less than 48 hours, without fixed costs, bureaucracy or useless paperwork, all done from your computer.

Why did you develop this product?

To cash invoices in a short time without fixed costs, bureaucracy or paperwork  is a struggling and crucial issue for companies and SMEs in particular. We believe in entrepreneurs who work hard to grow their business, so at present time, to solve their cash flow is at the forefront in order to avoid an over-suffering in cash liquidity.

How can you define CREDIMI?

CREDIMI is simple: it is 100% online and paperless, there is no need to go to your bank for signing documents, so you can use it from anywhere. CREDIMI is quick: 15 minutes to sign in. Once you upload the invoice you will receive the financing cost estimate in real time, you will need just a few hours to get the final invoice financing cost which you can accept in a click. Nothing else to be done, just relax and receive your money in less than 48h. CREDIMI is also flexible: it is 100% free to use, just sign in and ask for financing quotes with no obligation to anticipate invoices. There is no minimum number of invoices required. Joining is open to any B2B enterprise, any size and invoice volume. And last but not least, CREDIMI is value for money: no line of credit or inquiry fees required, no sign in or usage fees, no outstanding fees of any kind. You just pay the invoice financing cost which is always visible in the dashboard. Besides, we reward our customers’ credit quality and invoices from reliable clients pay less.


We believe in this competition and thank you, in particular the organisers in Italy to give us the opportunity to spread and scale in Europe, and hopefully from our continent all over the globe!