Startup Europe Awards

Finnova visits Bioalgae, the winner of the Cop25 Water Startup Europe Awards

Alicante company, which proposes solutions to environmental problems, achieves its internationalization in the market

Finnova Foundation has visited the facilities of Bioalgae, in Crevillente (Alicante), the company that won the COP25 Startup Europe Awards in the water category. The Bioalgae project is based on the development of an efficient production method applicable not only to the production of micro alkaline biomass, but also to propose solutions to environmental problems (wastewater and CO2 capture) and their integration into the real world (urban furniture).

Finnova’s CEO Juan Manuel Revuelta, has attended the company to get to know the company’s facilities first-hand and see how they work. Thanks to the Startup Europe Awards, a Finnova project, the company was able to attract funds from the European Union, international investment and networking for a legal framework linked to the circular economy and climate change.

The added value of Bioalgae is its more than 30 years’ experience of biomass cultivation for industry. The choice of different species, each of them optimal for a specific purpose, has been the result of many years of research and development. Finally, the creation of a reactor model that ensured high productivity with less maintenance has been another achievement. The main pillars of the company’s philosophy are giving a real solution to each problem, permanent innovation, imagination and action, as the final action makes the proposed solution feasible in the real world.

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