Startup Europe Awards

HandyShower si the polish winner for Water category

Country: Poland

Category: Water

Project Aim: We have invented and built a durable, multifunctional and water-conserving portable bathroom. Our device – HandyShower – can function as a faucet, a shower, as well as a washlet (a bidet). It’s like a Swiss knife, only it’s a bathroom.


HandyShower  is equipped with a patented self-closing valve that facilitates water conservation in a way no other device on the market can.

The main idea behind HandyShower is to allow access to basic water hygiene everywhere and for everyone. Over 600 million people do not have access to running water; among them are people who live in areas that have been affected by a blackout or a natural disaster, victims of wars and citizens of developing countries. We also want to provide an all-in-one portable sanitary system to adventurers out there: outdoor enthusiasts, offroaders, mountain climbers, sailors, bikers, surfers, pilgrims etc.

What does HandyShower do?

Currently there is no other 3-in-1 personal hygiene device that is equipped with a self-closing valve. We already have an existing product and have conducted a succesful crowdfunding campaign in Poland. We have managed to gather a community of testers that help us improve the device. We have secured our IP in Europe, US, Australia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan and India.

What’s the HandyShower’s future?

We’re preparing for a Kickstarter campaign launch in May 2018 with our new improved HandyShower v.1.5.