Startup Europe Awards

Kidibot, Best Social impact startup

This Romanian company motivates kids worldwide to read and learn more through playing using state-of-the-art educational system and won the prize
in the category Education of the StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition.

Country: Romania 

Category: Social Impact

Project Aim:

Motivate kids worldwide to read and learn more through playing using state-of-the-art educational system. 

What is the problem to solve?

The main problem we’re solving is the lack of interest for education of kids 6-18 years old all around the world. This happens due several reasons: curricula is not interesting enough, teachers are not very passionate, huge competition for eyeballs from video games, low social pressure, bad entourage, low GDP investment allocated to education (in some countries), historical and cultural issues and so on. 

What does KIDIBOT do:

In case you didn’t know, Earth is under attack! There are some Crocobets aliens with funny names that are attacking our planet, through stupidity and laziness. The kids are the last hope. They have to prove they read and learn, so they can deflect the attacks. They act as lonely warriors or in teams, the engage in battles, quests, they earn badges, diplomas, certificates, funny Kidismiles, they get inspiration from 130+ VIP and many others. They learn mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, English, French, read books and zillions of other topics. There are monthly contests with prizes, there are rankings and many battle related activities, from Special Forces, to Zen-Master. Epic battles are underway! 

On what KIDIBOT is currently working:

Launching in 7 more countries- Further adding new features, to keep interested over long periods of time (years in a row), help teachers and parents have a better life- Creating a wonderful experience for all kids/teachers/parents, to help them achieve their educational potential.

CEO’s testimony:

Before Start-Up Europe Award we won in the past 2 years another 9 prizes. This one was the number ten. However, it was the biggest. We loved it! We’ve got a lot of media coverage and because of this prize, we successfully signed several partnerships with huge companies, with Ministry of Communication and Informational Society from Romania. It was our biggest boost forward so far! Strongly recommended to anyone!