Startup Europe Awards

Lesss is the polish winner for Smart Cities category

Country: Poland

Category: Smart Cities

What does Lesss do?

Lesss is an intelligent control system of exterior lighting, depending on the HD cameras, detecting presence of people near the lighthouse, or other outdoor lighting. Where, in the vicinity of the lighthouse will be a man (pedestrian, cyclist) lighting system is working at full capacity (100% light output). However, when in the vicinity of the lighting system, no persons or vehicles, the system reduces the light output and energy consumption to 10% of the nominal value. The system consists of the HD cameras with advanced image analysis, which enable the classification of objects (animal, human, cyclist, passenger car, truck, etc.). Cameras in the system serve two roles. On the one hand they are responsible for detecting and signal transmission control module house located in luminaries, on the other hand, are responsible for recording video in HD quality to enhance the level of security. The whole solution is based on the existing cable infrastructure. With this solution, system practically does not involve any cable infrastructure upgrading of existing lighting systems and in the case of new cabling costs are comparable to the costs of installing traditional lighting systems.