Startup Europe Awards

Macedonia will be represented by 8 startups in 2017 SEUA Final

Brussels, 20th of November 2017. Last 31st of October, Macedonia celebrated the StartUp Europe Awards 2017. The eight winners will be in the European final. The event, that was a complete success, was celebrate in the Museum of the Macedonian struggle- Skopje, the competition Get in the Ring was held. The main organizer of this event are the National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning and Macedonia 2025, and as a supporter there were the City of Skopje, the NL Chamber of Macedonia, the Business Startup Center and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at UKIM. The jury was comprised by 12 members from different countries.

ALHO is going to represent Macedonia in the e-Health category. This company, based in Macedonia that aims to produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to help people who suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome, and to make the use of phones more comfortable.


Green category will be represented by Omega Research, this is the first company at international level that is producing new type of organic cosmetics called “eatable”. It means that is made only from eatable and organic materials as: raw fruit juices, raw vegetables, raw dehydrated herbs and tea without the use of any preservatives. It also can be consumed without any adverse effects on the body.

Take Away is the Gastronomy winner, they are producing and selling packed ready-to-eat food and satisfy the customer’s needs. They made a choice to be different; to establish and to push the boundaries of the Macedonia grab and go food scene.

In the Climate category, Macedonian Honey is the winner. This startups is creating a new way of beekeeping and inventing a new hive-Elle Hive- we work for one common goal: survival of the honeybee. Ou bees become stronger, and their genetic material provide future bee generations easily to deal wih predators and climate changes. Protecting endangered honeybee is not an altruistic venture- they are attempting to safeguard our own future, Honeybees as a major pollinators are essential for the plant and ecosystem biodiversity. Climate change and biodivesity are inesxtricably linked.

Sole Communication Network is the winner in Internet of Things category. SOLENET is a SaaS platform that enables (self) building custom-made applications at least 10x faster (and cost effective) with combining data containers like stacking Lego blocks to facilitate doing business between people and organizations.

Cultus will represent Macedonia at Edtech category. Cultus, the e-learning hub will grow into RSS news aggregator, unique articles blog and affiliate products shop, all from the online education resources available worldwide. Content filtering by humans and algorithms, will enable all e-learning resources from one web link.

Mamaorgana is the winner in Agritech category. This startup produces organic fertilizers and substrates for urban gardeners, farmers and green houses, while taking care of the nature.Instead of polluting at the landfill, we collect food waste for compost, which we enrich with patented technology. Our innovative final product is first in the region implementing this green concept and making it possible,to have organic garden anywhere, anytime. Our business practically turns trash in to cash and ensures quality living for our employees.

In the Smart city category, the winner is Vision Dynamix. They are developing the Terra Mapper, a system which generates high-precision 3D maps and models from scenes filmed using a drone. Generating professional-grade 3D maps and models is currently either time consuming, very expensive, or both. We provide professionals with a cost-effective system which maps scenes in real-time, offering unparalleled productivity gains and extreme value to the end user.