Startup Europe Awards

MediMee, Irish winner for e-Health category

Country: Ireland

Category: e-Health

Project aim: At MediMee we have one primary goal, which is to help save lives! We know from our own experiences that when it comes to saving lives, every second counts.

What Medimee does?

We have designed MediMee form the ground up always keeping the user in mind, so creating a profile is a quick and effortless process with this mobile application you create a profile, there you can include Medical, Emergency Contacts, allergies, medications, GP details and any other information that could help save your life in the event of emergency.

All our wearables can be linked to your MediMee profile, which provides lifesaving information to first responders, even if a patient is unresponsive. We utilice the latest technology and have embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) chips in all our products, which come in different forms like Smart Cards wristbands, Smart Stickers and moreā€¦ With a simple tap to an NFC reader decide an NFC reader device, a MediMee profile will be made available. Alternatively, by entering the printed MediMee ID code found on all MediMee wearables into either the app or the web page will provide a profile in a matter of seconds. Enduring someone will always be able to help you.

Our team consists of highly motivated medical and technology professionals, who work tirelessly to bring innovative health record and personal Emergency Information solutions to life and make them available to individuals enterprise, private and government sectors.

Who can use MediMee?

MediMee can be used by anyone, but especially useful for anyone taking regular medication, suffering from diabetes, epilepsy, cardiac issues, asthma, food or medication allergies. MediMee has also been utilised as a health and safety solution for companies, schools, sports clubs, hospitals, travel and disability industry as well military and law enforcement.

What does your application do?

Our application is designed to create a profile. With this app you can send an SOS message, share your profile, send a GPS location, read or write MediMee wearables or medication reminders