Startup Europe Awards

MOZELO is the winner of Latvia in Creative category

Country: Latvia

Category: Creative

Name: Modelo

Project Aim:  Let’s anyone in need to create their beautiful online presence in a form of a website, online store or blog with ease and no technical skills required

Which is Mozello Website Builder initiative?

 We believe that in today’s business world it’s essential for a business or a startup to have a website and have a great looking overall online presence and communication. More and more people are taking their shopping from supermarkets or shops to the sofa and the laptop in their homes. They make shopping decisions, browse products and services. It’s essential to be available online in today’s world.

Based on that we arrive to why we created Mozello. It’s due to the fact that it’s common for new or small to medium business to be tight on their budget when it comes to developing their websites or online stores. Also, not everyone has the needed skills to pull it off. So, we created Mozello – the user friendly platform that let’s anyone in need to create their beautiful online presence in a form of a website, online store or blog with ease and no technical skills required.

Which are the goals?

  • make it’s use as easy and understandable as possible for the average computer user
  • keep it affordable for small businesses and even people who are trying to start something great individually from their homes
  • keep the functionality of what you can expect from today’s websites and online stores (integration with Google and other services, mobile support, )
  • make it available to local EU markets by providing language and local domain name support

Why you create it?

We believe we are on the right track with that because more and more businesses across Europe and other regions are choosing Mozello as their go-to platform for their individual or business website or e-commerce solution. And we are happy to be a helping part in their journey.

We believe in seeing, working towards and grabbing opportunities and we believe every European business, individual and startup is working towards their own ideas and opportunities to get, make or be what they envisioned to be. We are happy to help by enabling more and more individuals and businesses discover they opportunities, reach their goals and inspire others and us by doing so. Support and opportunity is what we share with the people and businesses and we would like to say that Europe is with us on that. 


“My team and I, we are very happy to receive this recognition and it comes as a confirmation that the idea of launching a successful global startup in Europe is not only possible but actually working very well both for us and our customers from all EU countries and beyond.”Karl’s Blumentals, Mozello CEO