Startup Europe Awards

EQUALLY winner of SEUA Poland in Fintech category

Country: Poland

Category: Fintech

Name: Equally

Project aim: To make splitting of joint bills a piece of cake.


What is Equally?

Our app is the only solution on the market which allows to immediately and easy deal with all the problems related to splitting bills easily and immediately. Our goal is to provide solution to people struggling with uncomfortable splitting of joint bills, long waiting for a payback from others and the  necessity to remind about overdues.

How does it work?

The app allows the user to make a photo of the bill and read each position using OCR technology, it allocates costs to the contacts imported from Facebook, sends notification/makes payment with 1 click, and automatically and gently reminds about overdues.

What does make your product different?

Both OCR & immediate payment technology are competitive advantages rarely, if at all, seen in solutions currently  available on the market. All necessary copyrights and IP are hold by our Team members.

Who is your market target?

Our app is dedicated to smartphone owners aged 15-35 years – 12m people only in Poland while early adopters are digital native and socially active people, aged between 15-26, living in bigger cities (3m). Most promising social groups are: flat-mates, people going out to restaurants/pubs, coworkers ordering food, joint travelers, group gift buyers and students.