Startup Europe Awards

Planet Idea is the Italian winner for Smart Cities Category

Country: Italy

Category: Smart Cities

Project aim:  is the first Competence Center capable to transforming large real estate project into smart one. They design and build smart district and cities to demonstrate that integrating innovative system and ecosystem resources into the built environment systems and ecosystem resources into the built environment, improve the quality´s life for those who live there; doing it building districts aimed a social housing means not just worrying about giving a home for everyone but improving the quality of life for everyone.

What Planet Idea does?

Planet Idea selects the most innovative urban product, services and best practices, usually identified by Smart City concept, and integrates them in the construction of brand-new districts in Europe and World. The projects conceived by Planet Idea aim at making the future districts under construction real places where the quality of life can be improved through more efficient and cost-effective services, by integrating technology with a special attention to social aspects. Planet Idea´s Competence Center is structured in four macro-areas: Ecosystem Resources, Built Environment, Technological System and Society.

Which is the goal of Planet Idea?

The goal is to make the “smartness” degree of infrastructures and services available for the future resident of the new smart districts easily measurable and intelligible.

For this project, staff is important, isn´t it?

Of course. The Planet Idea´s staff consists of over 25 professionals from various sectors: planners, architects, agronomists, civil and energy engineers, IoT and digital platform experts, social inclusion experts, financial analysts, communication experts (press, video, web and social networks). Through these projects, Planet Idea has consolidated a partnership network with more than 40 companies of nationals and international relevance (such as Tim, Enel, Samsung, a2a) that service in the Real Estate to be developed.

Planet Idea, also collaborate with Arup Italia and Recs Architects. They had also developed the Social Smart Cities Matrix, a new evaluation framework that gives the new Real Estate project an assessment of the smartness level achieved.

Represent our country at European level in the category of Smart Cities means have a fantastic opportunity to explain our vision. There can be only one planet: economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.