Startup Europe Awards

Popertee, Irish Creative category winner


Country: Ireland

Category: Creative

Project Aim: Popertee is building the first global data platform that will use artificial intelligence to match the perfect audience with the perfect location, enabling brands to intelligently find the optimum short term retail or marketing space for campaigns.

What Popperte does?

In an economy that is becoming increasingly globalised, Popertee provides brands with a limited regional presence a chance to explore new markets and opportunities on a short-term basis through the power of the technology we are building. Popertee´s goal is to use retail spaces as media and have a recognised system call “Popscore” to measure the impact of the campaigns.

Our online platform appeals to landlers and space owners who have vacant and underutilised properties which can be listed for free where they can generate revenue from these spaces.

What are your future plans?

Having already worked with global brands including Volvo, Heinz, Sony Playstation and Peroni in recent months, the company has shifted to the next stage of development, now focusing on location for the brand but also help them measure the impact of the campaign. Our platform will be able capable of measuring the impact of campaigns for experiential marketing, pop-up events and brands looking to test markets on a short-term basis and gain deeper insights on the performance and success achieved.

We are thrilled to not only the Irish Creative category, but to be nominated for the European final. The recognition from this competition means so much to me and the team and we are not only excited but super competitive and are working hard to prove we are worthy winners of this category.” Lucinda Kelly, Popertee´s CEO.