Startup Europe Awards

Revas is the polish winner for the Edtech category

Country: Poland

Category: Edtech

Project Aim: Ever wanted to know how is it to run your own business? Revas with its Business Simulation Games will help you experience running a business and gain useful entrepreneurial skills in a risk-free virtual environment. Business simulations are aimed mainly at secondary schools (esp. VET) and universities to facilitate teaching management and entrepreneurship as well as training business acumen and socio-economic competence. The portfolio of simulation covers now the following industries: Car garage, Beauty salon, Transport company, Hair salon, IT service, Bakery and Construction company.

What does Revas do?

We created Revas based on our experience in teaching entrepreneurship. We noticed that most entrepreneurship courses/lessons focus on the theoretical part of starting a business (legal forms, taxes, documents etc.) and participants are taught how to start but they barely understand how to manage their business and lack the necessary practical skills. That is partly why the statistics of failure among young businesses are so grim – even up to 80% of young companies fail in the first year. It is often because young entrepreneurs do not understand how their company and the market work, do not know how to adapt to volatile market conditions, react to competitor’s actions and analyse their financial and market results. Or simply they imagined running a business totally different.

That is why we offer simulations that, just like flight simulators, are the closest thing to the real life and allow participants to gain necessary skill and experience while experimenting with different strategies and decisions in a risk-free environment. Also, again as with flight simulators that teach pilots flying certain machines, we want to teach young people running business in the industry that matches their profession or field of study. If you are learning to become a car mechanic, you can try yourself as a manager of a Car garage and Logistics students can use Transport company. The main idea is that people understand business better if we give them real-life environment they feel familiar with. Then, they can make various business decisions in their virtual companies to develop essential skills needed in business (creativity, problem solving, making decisions, team work, data analysis, strategic thinking etc.) as well as get hands-on business experience and realize whether starting one’s own business is the career path one would like to take. Also, as participants compete with one another, they easily immerse themselves in the simulation, keeping the motivation for learning at a high level.

What is Revas future?

Right now, we have proved that simulations are needed in the Polish market and we begin our adventure with international markets. Starting with European countries, we would like to enthuse teachers and trainers with the idea of teaching entrepreneurship in a practical and industry-specific way.

Being recognized as the best EdTech company in Poland proves that our efforts to change the status quo in the field of entrepreneurship education are justified. Taking part in the European final is a great honour that gives us huge motivation to go on.