Startup Europe Awards

Rivus is the bulgarian winner for Climate category

Country: Bulgary

Category: Climate

Project Aim: The water crisis affects 2/3 of the population on earth. Increasing number of countries are searching for solutions with which they can reduce the use of water sources. Researches from 2016 show that the global water crisis affects every continent and over 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every calendar year. Through the efficient usage of the available water sources, this problem can be avoided or at least reduced to a minimum level.

Our team believes that with small steps we can help with the water crisis globally. Reducing the amount of water used daily in households, public buildings and businesses can help on a local level, mastering a global problem.


What does Rivus do?

Rivus is on a mission to optimize the usage of water in every household in order to achieve global impact through water preservation. We are developing a water saving tap nozzle and a shower head that reduces the water usage with up to 90%. The Rivus Nozzle S1 comes with one stream option which uses 90% less of your tap water which equals 1.2 liters per minute. Rivus Nozzle S2 has a second stream which flow is 5 liters per minute. We have superior advantages compared to our competitors – our nozzle is saving up to 60% more. We provide a better stream – a spiral cone which distributes the water more efficiently with an absence of a side splash. The materials used in our hardwares are ceramic and brass which help for a longer lifespan of the faucets.

What’s Rivus’ future?

With working prototypes and patent documents filled in, we are currently focused on further developing our business model and creating a crowdfunding campaign. We are on popularizing our product and the mission behind it mainly in Bulgaria but we are planning to expand in Europe and other regions suffering from water deficiency in the world. We are working on strategies how to obtain access on different markets like California, Middle East, Australia and India which are already seeking solutions for the water crisis.