Startup Europe Awards

SCUBIC, winner of the ‘Operations’ category at the Wex Global 2020 in Valencia

Bruno Abreu is Executive Director of Scubic.
  • SCUBIC is the Portuguese company that allows reductions of 20% in energy costs in the pumping of drinking water
  • The company won at the Water Startup Europe Awards in Portugal 2019
  • The startup received a 10,000 € prize and was accelerated by Finnova

Wex Global 2020, the most important event in the water and energy sector held this week in Valencia has awarded the Portuguese company SCUBIC in the Operations category. The Operations Award recognizes outstanding innovative contributions to the life cycle economics, efficiency and reliability of any water, wastewater, desalination or collective plant in the sector.

SCUBIC is an intelligent platform for the real-time management of water supply networks. The startup optimizes pumping operations, responsible for more than 40% of operating costs, guaranteeing reductions of up to 20% in energy bills. Bruno Abreu, Executive Director of Scubic picked up the award in Valencia.

H2O Innovation Award in 2019

SCUBIC was born at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) and in 2019 won the H2O Innovation by Águas de Gaia award at the 9th Montepio Acredita Portugal Entrepreneurship Competition and Water Startup Europe Awards in Portugal. The development of intelligent solutions in the area of energy efficiency and intelligent network management systems for water distribution is the main objective of this company whose seed was sown in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM).

The company received an award valued at 10,000 euros, specifically a European acceleration ticket that allowed it to scale up its project in public-private partnership by opting for a 5 million euro grant project under the Urban Innovative Actions call in collaboration with Gaia City Council. In addition, SCUBIC enjoyed training in Brussels and a networking agenda. In addition to receiving specialized mentoring from experts from the Finnova Foundation’s Startup Europe Accelerator in EU grant calls such as H2020, Life or access to legal mentoring in intellectual property and environmental administrative law.