Startup Europe Awards

SENSE is the winner of Poland in smart city category

Country: Poland

Category: Smart Cities

Name: Sense

Project Aim:  Increases safety of the building and reduces maintenance costs for facility maintenance






What is Sense?

Sense company provides the next generation system for facility maintenance of commercial buildings such as shopping centres, logistic warehouses, exhibitions etc. Sense S-One system increases safety of the building and reduces maintenance costs. The sensor network installed under the roof oversees the current structure safeness. In case of any roof loads caused by rainwater, hail or snow the caution notice will be send to the Facility Manager via an e-mail or sms. As a result, the snow removal actions are reduced up to zero and savings raises into M$ early. In other case Sense system can detect water leaks on the roof.


Why do you created it?

Most of collapsed buildings have revealed human mistakes during exploitations. At the moment no buildings are equipped with a system which gives the informations about their structural condition. As a professionals in structural, survey and IT technology we have built the most efficient monitoring system using simple tools. But our patented methodology of the measurement is unique in the world!

Nowadays all works on the roof are manual: snow measurements, snow removal, leak detection. Handwork sampling gives no reliable results, so the automation is needed. Sense system gives the tool to automatic snow load measurement and leak detection too. Facility Manager will plan and execute the intervention based on our system indications.

At what point you are?

Our system is working for IKEA in Warsaw, and we are going to extend it to all IKEA shops in Poland. Right now we have already finalized the second generation of our sensors and keep working on contracts with industrial space developers in CEE. Our main goal for 2017 is to build a successful sales team and close first deals in EU.


“Being the finalist in Smart City category means a lot to us. We go for global business and this is the best direction I guess. Being in Brussell open the cooperation with EU partners and resellers – we are sure that European final put us in a spotlight for a while and we will take that opportunity for sure”