Startup Europe Awards

CYC-LOCK, winner of SEUA Ireland in Green Category


Country: Ireland

Category: Green

Name: ‘Cyc -lok’

Project Aim: global network of secure bicycle parking facilities

 Awards: Startup Awards Bank of Ireland 2016. Sustainable Startup Gold. A Design Award Winner 2015 Silver.


What is Cyc-Lok aim?

 Cyc-Lok Ltd is an Irish company established in 2014 to develop a Europe-wide and global network of secure bicycle parking facilities in response to the dramatic surge in cycling for recreation and especially for transport in urban commuter zones.  Cyc-lok is a new modular bike parking system that has evolved following extensive research and development and  award winning design.

‘Reducing carbon footprints and getting cities moving whilst encouraging the joy of travel by bike is what Cyc-lok allows for commuters.’

How does it work?

A Cyc-lok unit can take up to 12/24/36 full sized bikes and utilises innovative control technologies that open and close the individual lockers thus ensuring a safe and secure, weatherproof environment for cyclists when they reach their destination.   Cyc-lok can be run on small amounts of power with back up batteries installed for security and can be accessed via RFID cards or through our App with a designated unique PIN code.  It is neither site nor user specific so a cyclist can use our unit anytime, anyplace with ease and also instantly due to our state of the art software payment system.  No Subscription is necessary.

What does to be nominated meen to you?

Cyc-lok Ltd. are excited to be nominated in the ‘Green’ category for the final of Startup Europe Awards, our product allows for cyclists all over Europe to cycle more and park their bikes in safety at destinations that are less accessible and more expensive to park by car.