Startup Europe Awards

CLAXI, Winner of SEUA Macedonia in Smart Cities Category

Country: Macedonia

Category: Smart Cities

Name: Claxi

Project Aim: App to connect taxis and passengers.



What is Claxi?

Claxi is a mobile application that helps passengers and drivers to connect directly on a unique bidding platform. With Claxi passengers can choose between different offers received from the taxi network and pick the optimal offer by their personal criteria, like: time of arrival, price, rating etc. The drivers, on the other side, have more flexibility in their work and a chance to increase their profit simply by reaching to more passengers at a time.

Why has Claxi depeloped?

With Claxi we are solving two big market problems at the moment:

  • Uber caused disruption – that include the unsafe rides from random divers and the high prices in rush hour,
  • No optimal offer – all passengers receive only one offer per app with one price and defined ETA, and they have to call another dispatching center if the offer is not suitable for them.

All this problem we are solving with:

  • Unique bidding solution – where drivers can bid on each request & passengers can choose between the offers, and also sort the offers and choose the offer based on price, ETA, rating, and
  • Flat monthly fee – that helps drivers plan their expenses, and, at the same time increase their profit, simply by increasing the working hours.

How can we use the app?

Claxi has two fully developed mobile apps, one for passengers that is available on Play Store and App store, and one for the drivers, that is developed on Android platform, and the drivers can subscribe on it. This makes Claxi a fully operational product that currently is active on two markets – Macedonia and Cameroon.

Claxi business model is based on a flat monthly fee for the drivers and few additional revenue strings. We are activating each market in one of the two basic models – with a direct penetration on the market and with partner model. This helps us have faster acquisition of new users and provide native support for them.

“To be recognized as a National winner in the category Smart Cities is a prove to our team that we are on the right track on changing the life in a smart and positive way. With this recognition, we will gain visibility across Europe and access to a mentoring program in Brussels that will help us sophisticate our product, and it will allow us to develop Claxi project on higher level and make it more viable at European level.”