Startup Europe Awards

Take Away, the winner at Gastronomy category in Macedonia

Country: Macedonia

Category: Gastronomy

Project aim: Producing and selling packed ready-to-eat food and satisfy the customer´s needs.


What is your idea?

People in Macedonia is consuming a lot of unhealthy food, more than 50% of the entire population has some problem with obesity. In addition, there are a lot of restaurant, grocery stores, supermarkets in Macedonia, however, in Macedonia, the employers have only 30 minutes for lunch, so is a little bit complicate to buy something. We want to give them the option to buy food, as they want easy.

What makes you different to other?

We understand that some people have a choice when it comes to what the can and cannot eat, and we also understand the severity of allergens However, we want to ensure that customer have control over what they eat, while ensuring they still have delicious option when it comes to our food. All the clients can choose wat they like and what not. We have vegan, vegetarian or gluten free diet. Also, we prepare especial foods for allergies and we have got nutritional and dietary options to help the accomplish all of our clients health and fitness goals.

“This event is very important for me as a CEO of the company because I am led by one famous quote “Work hard in silence. Let your success be the noise!”. My dreams come true”  Ilija Kjiroski, Take Away CEO´s