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Call for StartUp Europe Awards Hungary

The Startup Night ceremony will be held for Hungarian national winners

Two new categories will be added, making a total of 19 categories

StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative promoted by the European Commission and implemented by the Finnova Foundation in collaboration with StartUp Europe. Formed by 25 media members from several countries in Europe, it aims to create a StartUp Europe Awards Alliance to reward the work carried out by the startups based in Europe.

StartUp Europe Awards proposes a methodology of open innovation through a public-private partnership “that works for the public entities to find a solution for its local challenges and for the startups to try its innovations in pilots supported with European funding”, declared Juanma Revuelta, director of Startup Europe Accelerator by Finnova Foundation.

Ceremonies of this Awards have been held all over the world, and this year the Startup Europe Awards Hungary has been added to this list.

Hungary has a long history of innovation. In fact, today Budapest is ranked among the world’s leading innovation cities by Cities Today. In 2018, it won the Startup Europe Award in the Best Public Administration for Startups category.

The Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA), a certified EU Business Innovation Centre, was founded by the City Council back in 1993 as the sole organization of the capital city responsible for enterprise promotion. Thus, BEA is using the diplomatic ties of Budapest to represent the best startups at leading innovation events around Europe.

This Agency became the official country manager of the Startup Europe Award in Hungary and has been running the Be Smart startup competition for startups twice a year since 2013. This competition gives startups the opportunity to present themselves on the Startup Night, an annual event with close to 1000 participants from more than 10 countries. Also, BEA is using the diplomatic ties of Budapest to represent the best startups at leading innovation events around Europe, such as Futurescope in Dublin, 4YFN in Barcelona, the Ruhr Summit, or the Web Summit in Lisbon..

During the competition, which will take place on 25-26 September, the online applications will be pre-screened and the applicants will pitch in front of a professional jury consisting members from the Budapest Enterprise Agency, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, as well as universities, and our sponsoring partners.

On 28 November, the largest startup event will take place in Budapest: the Startup Night 2019. During this event, supported by the City Council, representatives of the Hungarian Government, the Municipality of Budapest, the top level managers of our sponsoring partners, and the BEA will present national awards.

Furthermore, during this call, the following categories will be added: Music and Medtech. The call for application for Startup Europe Awards Hungary will be published on 15 August 2019 and the application deadline is 20 September. The competition is open for all Hungary-based startups that are at least in the prototype phase.


The Slovakian company Sensoneo has won the Proptech StartUp Europe Awards Final 2018, celebrated at MIPIM Europe in Paris on 2nd July

– The waste management startup has claimed first prize in the final of the contest, while Finnish company Mapple and German Sensorberg have made it to the second and third place respectively.

– The final of the Proptech StartUp Europe Awards has taken place within the framework of the MIPIM Proptech EU 2019 in Paris, where the main decision-makers in real estate and technology have met with start-ups and cutting-edge technology companies.

– Proptech StartUp Europe Awards is a new category of the StartUp Europe Awards, promoted by the European Commission and implemented by the Finnova Foundation, the EU PropTech House and Workero.

Paris, 03.07.2019. The Proptech StartUp Europe Awards 2018 has finally got its winner. Waste management startup Sensoneo has claimed the first prize in the pitching sessions of the finals of the contest, hosted at MIPIM PropTech EU 2019 in Paris. The Slovakia-based tech company has been one of the ten finalists from a very strong field of innovative companies. The Finnish company Mapple has made it to the second place, using modelling and AI technology to help cities handle rapidly increasing urbanisation by providing analytics. The 3rd place on the podium has been for Sensorberg, a German company who digitalizes buildings using an open and hardware agnostic sensor-based system. Ten finalists have taken part at the live pitching sessions in the Proptech StartUp Europe Awards 2018 finals.

Sensoneo is on a mission to help cities and companies manage their waste more effectively and efficiently while improving environments for people. The company has developed a cloud-based platform which allows customers to completely digitize the entire bin infrastructure, and to configure, monitor and manage daily waste operations online. Using their inhouse developed and produced smart sensors that are combined with sophisticated software, the solution provides real-time waste monitoring and suggests optimal collection routes and automated navigation via shortest and safest routes. The solution enables to collect waste on demand while utilizing the resources to maximum. Co-Founder of Sensoneo Andrea Basilova feels really “grateful” to the Proptech House, Finnova Foundation and the European Commission for “making this unique competition happen”. “It is a great opportunity to show up what the innovative companies from the EU have developed, to share experience and support each other”, she claimed.

Basilova also stated that “becoming a winner of Proptech Startup Europe Awards 2018 is another great success of Sensoneo. It clearly proves the potential that data-driven waste management can bring to the field of real-estate, urban planning and facility management”. Sheadded that this award is a “great satisfaction” for them and to the hard work they have done in terms of innovation, technology and also in the field of building partnerships, as this is really their “key” to make this amazing solution succeed worldwide.

The winner will receive an European Acceleration Ticket worth 10.000 euros from StartUp Europe Accelerator in order to scale up its business idea, which can be transformed thanks to European funds and try to make it, for instance, a LIFE Environment project. A LIFE Environment project offers up to 1 million € to carry out a pilot demonstration project. The ticket will also offer training on the legal framework in the EU, as well as information on different training programmes offered by the EU

The PropTech StartUp Europe Awards are a new category framed in the StartUp Europe Awards (22 categories), promoted by the European Commission and implemented by the Finnova Foundation, the EU PropTech House and the Worker. It is an award methodology for startups at European level, which fosters open innovation and collaboration between different actors of European ecosystems, through public-private partnerships to support new entrepreneurs. Stefan Scheuerle, CEO of the third classified Sensorberg, is “very pleased to be part of that competition”. “Not only gives it us visibility within our market, but we also appreciate the overall initiative as it gives start-ups a chance to really create change. In our case, how to create more sustainable and eco-friendly buildings and to implement open platform systems within the real estate industry”.

50 European Proptech companies participated in the semi-finals of the PropTech Startup Europe competition on May 6th in Brussels. They competed in front of the 35 members of a professional European jury. Ten finalists from a very strong field of innovative companies were chosen there: Be Park, Halio Glass (Belgium), Sensorberg, HomeBeat.Live (Germany), Sensoneo (Slovakia), Realiz3d and CAD42 (France), Mapple (Finland), Swedish Build Safe (Sweden) and Access Green (Ireland). The launch of the first PropTech Startup Europe Awards was a sign of recognition by the European Commission of the importance and enormous potential of PropTech’s innovative industry in the refurbishment of traditional real estate.

About MIPIM PropTech Europe 2019

The final pitching competition has taken place during the largest Proptech event in Europe, the MIPIM PropTech Europe in Paris. It is the meeting point where the main decision-makers in real estate and technology met with start-ups and cutting-edge technology companies. Under the slogan Matching User Expectations, the main objective of MIPIM PropTech was to promote the digital transformation of the real estate industry through various events and talks by renowned experts in the sector. It was also sponsored by the Belgian startup Workero, one of the organizers of the Proptech StartUp Europe Awards 2018. With more than 1,500 m2 of exhibition space, the most outstanding and innovative companies and startups of the Proptech ecosystem were present during the two days of MIPIM Proptech EU 2019. There were 2,000 participants and around 1,000 companies from 50 countries around the world, in addition to 50 top-level speakers in the sector.

About PropTech StartUp Europe Awards

The PropTech Startup Europe Awards competition is part of the StartUp Europe Awards, is supported and promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnnova, PropTech House and Workero.


About StartUp Europe Awards

StartUp Europe Awards of the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative and Finnova is an open innovation methodology that encourages collaboration between the public sector and businesses in the promotion of innovative initiatives. Its aim is to help create alliances that allow entities and support programmes for entrepreneurs to be added to local partners and to be a communication tool for society.

StartUp Europe Awards is also supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament. StartUp Europe Awards is sponsored by StartUp Europe Accelerator.

SEUA serves as a communication tool for society, encouraging collaboration between the public and business sectors and promoting innovative initiatives. Its aim is to promote the creation of alliances enabling in every region concerned to gather entities and the support programmes for entrepreneurs with local and international partners.

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1. Sensoneo

Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed, by combining ultrasonic fill-level Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with the help of sophisticated software. It also provides both cities and businesses with analytics that can be used for data-driven decision making in the optimization of waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies, and vehicle loads

2. Mapple

Mapple is a spin-off from the Digital Geography Lab at the University of Helsinki. Following a longterm collaboration with Finnish cities and urban planners, the lab developed data driven tools to understand how the city functions. Seeing the need for advanced smart mobility solutions, a group of researchers decided to use their expertise to build easy to use solutions that help cities with their everyday challenges.

3. Sensorberg

Sensorberg digitizes complex buildings and physical processes within the field of Smart Spaces. They fulfill individual and specific needs of their customers and that require its own individual solutions for doors, lockers, sensors and actuators.


StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition SES19 is looking for the best European startups

  • The startups will be able to apply to these prizes filling a form until 23:59 hours of 17 February 2019.

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA), an initiative supported by the European Commission in collaboration with Startup Europe and organized by the Finnova Foundation, is holding a Special Edition for European startups that will be recognized during the Startup Europe Summit 2019 (SES19), to be celebrated in Cluj-Napoca, Romani, on 21 and 22 March 2019.

This SEUA Special Edition SES19 will recognize five startups, one for each one of the following prizes: Female-led startup; Young-led startup (founder under 30); United Nations Sustainable Development Goals startup; Social Inclusion startup and Job Growth startup.
It is possible to apply to the awards for every startup created 5 or less years ago in Europe. To apply, startups must fill in with detail the form found in the website of the SEUA Special Edition, and the deadline to apply ends on 23:59 hours (CET) of 17 February 2019. The startups should choose the prize most suitable for them (just one option).

A multidisciplinary jury, composed by professionals from different countries and fields, will make the selection of the best EU startups taking into account existing startups in the EU that meet these criteria and the applications received. Some of the jury members are part of the High Level group of experts from Startup Europe (European Commission).

Benefits for the selected startups

Winning startups will be invited to participate in the Startup Europe Summit SES19 that will take place between 21 and 22 March in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The expenses during both days for 1 member of the startup will be reimbursed (transport from country of origin to Cluj-Napoca, accommodation and daily allowance).

The startups will be recognized in a ceremony that will be held on March 21 in the frame of the Startup Europe Summit 2019 and will count with the presence of authorities from the European Commission, key influencers, investors, tech leaders, tech journalists, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

In SES19, the selected startups will be able to showcase their innovation in the networking area of the conference and will gain exposure and visibility through the StartUp Europe Awards Media Alliance composed by more than 30 media outlets and social networking sites.

The selected startups will pass to the European level of the next StartUp Europe Awards edition, regardless of any other startup competing or awarded in their country or category.

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) is an open innovation initiative promoted by the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation in collaboration with StartUp Europe; it is supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament. StartUp Europe Awards is sponsored by StartUp Europe Accelerator.

SEUA has celebrated two European finals (one in Brussels and the other one in Sofia), and is going to launch the third edition during the first quarter of 2019.

The winning startups will have access to information on opportunities offered by the European Union to boost and internationalize their projects through the StartUp Europe Accelerator program of the Finnova Foundation.

For more information about the StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition SES19 please visit

Startup Europe Summit 2019

Known as an evolving tech hub in Romania, the city of Cluj-Napoca will host the fourth edition of Startup Europe Summit in 2019, the perfect occasion to recognize the best European startups.

In the previous edition of the Startup Europe Summit, startups found information about new funding opportunities; meetings with investors, corporates and leading enterprises and public administration representatives as well as networking with a vivid community of key decision makers and tech leaders within EU, notably Central Eastern Europe and Western Balkans regions.

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Catalina Valencia


El programa SGBnet culmina con la estancia formativa en Bruselas de nueve personas emprendedoras del sector de medio ambiente.

Bruselas, 15 de diciembre de 2018. SGS concluye en Bruselas el programa formativo de la Red de Negocios Verdes y Sociales – Social & Green Business Network (SGBnet), desarrollado en el marco del Programa empleaverde de la Fundación Biodiversidad del Ministerio de Transición Ecológica a través del Fondo Social Europeo.

proyecto que durante tres días, con la colaboración de la StartUp Europe Accelerator de la Fundación Finnova, ha dado la posibilidad a nueve emprendedores de Andalucía, Extremadura y la Región de Murcia, de recibir formación y realizar networking en la capital europea. En palabras de Cristina Gironés, Project Manager de SGS, “el emprendimiento verde y social debe estar en el ADN de los negocios y a su vez estas iniciativas empresariales han de hacerse visibles para potenciar su sostenibilidad, es por ello que la SGBnet ha potenciado las mejores iniciativas verdes y sociales ofreciéndoles la oportunidad de hacerse eco en los principales foros de Bruselas, conectando así a nuestros emprendedores con otras experiencias y actores europeos”.

Los nueve finalistas del programa formativo de la Red de Negocios Verdes y Sociales, llevaron a cabo su estancia formativa: StartUp Europe Accelerator en Bruselas.

Durante la jornada del lunes, previa visita a las instalaciones de Finnova, los emprendedores verdes pudieron acudir a la de la Oficina Regional de Extremadura en Bruselas, en la que participaron Lucía Huertas, Directora de la Oficina de la Región de Murcia en Bruselas, y César Morcillo, Director de la Oficina de Extremadura en Bruselas. Igualmente, las personas emprendedoras de las tres comunidades autónomas acudieron a Comité Económico Social Europeo, en el que recibieron los consejos de Arturo Iñiguez

Yuste, Administrador en Sección NAT de Agricultura y Pesca del Comité Económico y Social

Europeo. Por último, se reunieron con Blanca Sáez, de la Unidad LIFE de la UE en la Delegación ante la Unión Europea de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Bélgica y Luxemburgo. Para finalizar, y después de una sesión de mentorización sobre fondos de la UE a cargo de Juan Manuel Revuelta, CEO de Finnova, los participantes pudieron disfrutar de una cena debate.

Durante la segunda jornada, los ecoemprendedores visitaron el Comité de las Regiones, donde fueron recibidos por Gustavo López, Responsable de Políticas de Cohesión del CDR. Los participantes también tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar la Comisión Europea, donde Cristina Lobillo, Jefa del Gabinete del Comisario Europeo de Acción por el Clima y Energía, los recibió para hablar sobre oportunidades para sacar adelante los distintos proyectos dentro de la UE. Los emprendedores también acudieron a la presentación de la European Water Platform WSStp sobre gestión de agua por parte de Durk Krol, Executive Managing Director. Una jornada que terminó en con una sesión de mentorización, por parte de Wilber Díez, Araceli García y Javier Monteagudo sobre acciones de comunicación y marketing en el ámbito de proyectos y eventos de emprendimiento. Como afirmó Javier Monteagudo, “en la actualidad, con el auge de las redes sociales, el modo en que comunicamos nuestros proyectos o los actos institucionales de nuestras empresas marca la diferencia entre el éxito o el fracaso de las mismas. Conocer las claves para comunicar de manera rápida y efectiva, adaptando nuestro mensaje a los distintos públicos, es esencial para las startups en su camino para abrirse paso en el mundo empresarial”.

Para finalizar, el miércoles los emprendedores acudieron a la sede de la UNED en Bruselas, donde pudieron aprender acerca del marco jurídico y administrativo de la UE ofrecida por María Casado, Directora de la UNED. Una charla a la que siguió una masterclass sobre financiación de la UE para startups medioambientales y de energía a través de un encuentro con startups belgas del programa Start it @KBC.

Un acercamiento al tejido de las instituciones europeas, sin duda necesario para los emprendedores verdes debido al gran peso que la legislación UE ejerce sobre los distintos países miembros. En palabras de Juanma Revuelta, “lo que se pretende con una agenda de este tipo es que adquieran de manera rápida una comprensión de la Unión Europea dirigida a tres objetivos: las herramientas financieras y subsidios que da el ente europeo, desde formación para la internacionalización e innovación, el Marco jurídico, la legislación, que tanto puede afectar a empresas del sector medioambiental, y la importancia de la comunicación institucional, enfocada a cómo establecer estrategias de Networking”.

Se cierra así el programa formativo del proyecto SGBnet, cuyo objetivo principal ha sido el desarrollo de acciones formativas que capaciten a personas emprendedoras en la creación y consolidación de negocios verdes y sociales, SGBnet ha llevado a cabo dos fases en su programa formativo previas a la estancia formativa en Bruselas:

Una fase inicial, para la que se ofertaron 75 plazas y que abarcó 25 horas de formación (25 en Extremadura, 25 en Andalucía y 25 en la Región de Murcia), en la que las startups analizaron las claves para consolidar un proyecto de emprendimiento verde y social, así como impulsar la conexión y conversión de los negocios verdes también en iniciativas sociales, y una fase de Comunicación, para la que se ofertaron 30 plazas (10 en Extremadura, 10 en Andalucía y 10 en la Región de Murcia) y que abarcó 45 horas de formación relativa a la implementación de las estrategias de comunicación de un negocio verde y social.

Después de este proceso competitivo y mediante su estancia en Bruselas, algunas de ellas han sido evaluadas y nominadas para los StartUp Europe Awards a nivel regional.  los StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) es una iniciativa promovida por la Comisión Europea y apoyada por el Presidente del Comité de las Regiones, varios miembros del Parlamento Europeo y ejecutada por la Fundación Finnova en colaboración con Startup Europe. El objetivo de SEUA es identificar modelos locales en cada nuevo ecosistema empresarial en Europa. Estos empresarios locales se convertirán en ejemplos inspiradores para las generaciones más jóvenes, que tendrán un impacto positivo en la mejora de la cultura empresarial en Europa. En cualquier caso, los empresarios locales identificados como exitosos serán cruciales para que las autoridades locales definan programas hechos a medida para vigorizar sus ecosistemas locales y mejorar la colaboración público-privada.

Dentro de Murcia, los seleccionados han sido: Animación y Aventura, S.L. (Social), VITA XXI (Agritech), y el proyecto de Sandra María Bonmatí (Gastronomy). Para Andalucía, S.A.T. Las Haciendas y General Machines Technology S.L en la categoría Green y HHO System en Mobility. Finalmente, para Extremadura, Sostenibiliza-t ha sido seleccionado en la categoría Energy y el proyecto de Juan Carlos Rojas en Tourism.

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StartUp Europe Awards:


NAPPYTALIA, winner of SEUA Belgium in Social Category

Country: Belgium

Category: Social

Name: Nappytalia

Project Aim: Reconstructing the Black/African natural beauty of afro-descendants born and raised in Italy


How do you start?

Nappytalia started as a Facebook page creating a community, a sort of meeting point, for people with Afro & Curly natural hair in italian.

When you feel that was something bigger?

I then found out that not only information was missing but also proper products, so I decided to import the necessary and right goods, for our type of hair, ending up, questioning myself, of why not producing directly in Italy, instead of making transoceanic shipment everytime

What is Nappytalia about?

Is about Natural Hair, identity, representation of black italian women making business and history in Italy, becoming the first Black-owned cosmetic line made in Italy. 

How you value your first steps?

In two years of project we’ve got a positive response from Italian Mass Media been featured in tv news/programs, National Magazines like Donna Moderna e Gioia, but also online, we’ve been awarded as the best Youth entrepreneurship 2015 at the Moneygram award and best Blogger 2015 at the Africa Italy Excellence Awards. Our project has also been presented at a meeting with the head of Ministry of Labor and equal opportunities and also at the conference “Race & Racism” at the NYU of Florence.

We are rebuilding and valorising the Afro Natural beauty, by giving information, products and services regarding beauty for the afro- descendants living in Italy. We have the idea, everything is ready, but we are lacking the financing part of it, bringing to life what we’ve planned on paper. Our major focus is on natural Hair, but I am sure further down we will also add- on make-up and skincare products.


Reaching the final of the SEUA 2016 Belgium will give a real shake to the italian society and scenario, featuring a team of afroitalians with a business idea to be made in Italy for a share of the population present but ignored in Italy. -CEO

Nappytalia is about Natural Hair, identity, representation of black italian women making business and history in Italy, becoming the first Black-owned cosmetic line made in Italy. We are not only providing afroitalians with the necessary products for hair, but we are also giving a positive presentation of Black Women in Italy as strong women, capable of grabbing their opportunities and making ideas becoming real. Bringing into the society the positive images of afrodiscendents we want to see featured into society.