Startup Europe Awards


ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL is the Polish winner of Fintech category

Country: Poland

Category: Fintech

Project Aim: Verifying companies credibility based on more current (1 month old) and reliable (source of data about transactions) data. The whole process is automated and machine learning algorithms are introduced.

What is the problem to solve?

In our core team, we combine strong financial and IT skills. We have two statutory auditors and Data scientist on board. Basing on our experience in corporate finance we are aware that there is an information gap on the market about the financial standing of micro and small companies in Poland. Our innovative products can solve this problem.


In ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL, we analyse financial data from Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) to conclude about current standing of companies. Standard Audit File for Tax is an international OECD standard introduced in seven European countries so far.

What did ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL accomplished?

We have already entered the market with a product for statutory auditors – a tool to support financial audit process. Right now, we are developing our products for financial institutions in cooperation with one of the biggest banks in Poland. We are working as well on an internet platform for companies seeking reports that automate most time-consuming audit procedures.

It is the first time in the history when there is such huge amount of unified financial data available. We wait for the chance to be the first player on this market.

On What ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL is currently working:

We are currently working on four innovative concepts (all of them are based on the same mechanism):

  1. Intermediation between companies seeking to verify counterparty’s credibility: we will provide reports summarizing main financial indicators of verified company retrieved from its SAF-T files.
  2. A reliable certification program for companies: basing on data from SAF-T files, we will present a list of financial data characterizing company that seeks our certificate to prove its credibility.
  3. A tool to assess creditworthiness both potential clients and for periodical credit standing review of debtors: having more current data about clients, the financial institution will be able to react quickly to worsening situation of debtors. Moreover, as a response to the new requirements of IFRs 9, we offer a possibility to monitor current standing of borrowers and apply prospective look in establishing impairment of loans basing on most current and reliable data from SAF-T files.
  4. Tools to support financial audit process, both internal and external: we offer excel reports that automate most time-consuming audit procedures.

CEO’s testimony:

For me as CEO of, winning StartUp Europe Awards 2017 in FINTECH category in Poland shows that our business idea has gained recognition. It gives me the certainty that we can successfully solve real problems that our clients are facing, and we can provide them with the most desirable commodity in XXL century – with most current information.


Helperbit is the Italian winner of Fintech category

Country: Italy

Category:  Fintech

Project Aim: creation ofdonationtransparency platform, through the blockchain, using the math-based currency bitcoin.

The Creation of HELPERBIT:

Helperbit is an Italian startup born from an idea of the engineer Guido Baroncini Turricchia, as a result of the increased awareness about inefficiencies in the management of funds for humanitarian emergencies.

Realizing in how many scandals the emergency management had been involved after the earthquake in L’aquila, Guido Baroncini Turricchia came with the idea: to use the blockchain public register to make visible the flow of money.

What is the problem to solve?

National and international organizations, UN agencies and governments allocate funds to mitigate the devastating effects of natural disasters, supporting the needs of the concerned population. But there are problems related to inefficiency, opacity, delays in the distribution and bad administration of funds. These issues lead to a lack of trust in the institutions and the organizations involved, which results in a drop in donations.

The insurance system related to natural disasters faces similar problems. Complexity of the refund process, bureaucracy, lack of trust of the clients toward the insurance companies…

What does FINTECH do?

A parametric p2p insurance service for the pre disaster phase service and when the event happens, a P2p donation system that empowers donors to have more control over their donations. Developed solutions:

Transactions are made through the blockchain, using the math-based currency bitcoin. It is not necessary that the donor or the recipient use this method, as we have already integrated credit and debit card donations.

The platform doesn’t charge additional costs related to charitable transactions because the business model is based on the insurance premium service. Thanks to premium service individuals will be able to subscribe a blockchain –based policy that will cover collateral damages caused by natural disasters through a fair, transparent and automated system.

What did Helperbit accomplished?

The startup launched the donation transparency platform in November 2017 in the Italian parliament and more than 10 non-profit organization are already raising funds with this innovative approach.

Helperbit has been selected for the blockchainSpace accelerator program and has been featured on Nasdaq, techcrunch and many more. Helperbit won 4 Italian and European startup competition awards and was selected in the top 100 innovative projects for the world humanitarian summit, which was sponsored by the United nation.