Startup Europe Awards


The Green and Water final of the SEUA has been held in the Berlaymont Building

On July 24th at 11:00 a.m. the final of the Green and Water categories of the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) was held at the Berlaymont Building located in Brussels. The event was attended by Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, who handed over the prizes to Biomyc and Enova named as winners by the appointed expert members of the jury. Both startups happened to be from Bulgaria and were selected through the Country Manager of the country, Cleantech.

Furthermore, the ceremony was attended by the CEO of Finnova, Juan Manuel Revuelta, who talked about the relevance of the environment and the possibilities of funding for Startups within the European Union. “It is of paramount importance to boost entrepreneurship and private-public partnerships between startups and public administrations and there are European funding tools that serve that purpose” pointed out Juan Manuel.

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) is an initiative implemented by the Finnova Foundation, promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, and the President of the Committee of the Regions, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, within the framework of the Startup Europe programme. These awards seek to identify and recognise startups in Europe who are concerned with developing the values of entrepreneurship and innovation, including the promotion of respect for the environment.

The Green category aims at recognising startups offering products, services or methodologies addressing different topics like improved resource efficiency, climate change, low carbon economy or societal challenges among others. The award represents Finnova’s and the European’s Union compromise with the preservation and protection of the environment for present and future generations. The winner for this category was BIOMYC a Bulgarian startup which is developing an economically viable, fully biodegradable composite material made of agricultural waste as feedstock and mushroom mycelium as a binding agent.

On the other hand, the Water category aims at recognising startups working in the implementatio

n of various matters like water sustainable systems, coordination to public participation, chemical pollution or groundwater among others. This category responds to the importance of water itself. Water is the source of live and life itself.  It is a precondition for human, animal and plant life, an indispensable resource for the economy and a fundamental piece in the climate regulation cycle. Therefore, protecting our water resources, such as fresh or salt water or the water we drink and bathe in is one of the pillars of environmental protection in Europe. The winner for this category was also a Bulgarian startup called Enova. This startup has designed a BOD monitoring system based on a new generation of biosensor capable of detecting and quantifying the organic pollution in water.

You can re-view the event here, to see the pictures of the ceremony please click here.


Swiftcomply is the Irish winner for Green category

Country: Ireland

Category: Green

Proyect aim: Connecting restaurants, cities and contractors through an easy-to-use web platform. SwiftComply makes hospitality compliance easy

What do you do?

Regulation is a huge burden for hospitality businesses adding cost and reducing competitiveness yet public-sector authorities have a responsibility to ensure that food businesses are safe and present no danger to the public or to the environment. SwiftComply has identified a unique and exciting business opportunity to solve this problem by creating a technology marketplace to connect the hospitality sector, compliance vendors and regulators in one platform which reduces the financial and administrative burden of regulation for each of the stakeholders.

SwiftComply is starting with Fat, Oil and Grease regulation, an emerging and worsening problem that causes disgusting “fatbergs” in Cities everywhere, resulting in pollution of water and a deterioration of the environment. SwiftComply’s solution not only facilitates the effective collection and recovery of this waste, it also secures this waste as a valuable feedstock for anaerobic digestion at wastewater treatment plants.


At SwiftComply we firmly believe that technology can make society better, specifically around transparency of government procedures. It makes us sad that the governments in general is usually the last area to improve for the greater good – and they are responsible for looking after the needs and well-being of all people! Applying software and new business models here can drastically improve how governments interact with small businesses for better environmental outcomes.

Which one is the impact in Europe?

The EU estimates the total burden of regulation on business as 3% of GDP, or approx €500 Billion. When we drill down into the hospitality sector only, and eliminate employment and company law to focus outsourced services in food, environmental, building and fire compliance, the potential impact is approximately €30 Billion.


We are honoured to be shortlisted for this award, and I am proud of this recognition for my team who work tirelessly to make restaurant compliance easy. We are excited to attend the European finals and look forward to meeting the other amazing companies that have been shortlisted.” Michael O’Dwyer, Swifcomply´s CEO