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  • SPECPRAWNIK.PL is the Polish winner of Legal category

    SPECPRAWNIK.PL is the Polish winner of Legal category

    Country: Poland Category: Legal Project Aim: broadening access to justice for everybody. What does SPECPRAWNIK.PL do: SPECPRAWNIK.PL is a marketplace for people searching for lawyers. We provide users with innovative ways of presenting lawyers and their specialization, experience, reviews and certificates. Our solution enables customers to receive from lawyers a free legal advice, both online […]

  • Carcrash, Courtsdesk and SpecPrawnik receive the Legal Startup Europe Awards at the European Parliament

    The national Legal Startup Europe Awards 2017 were presented yesterday at the European Parliament. The awards recognize innovation in the legal field, to Carcrash, Courtsdesk and SpecPrawnik. The event took place within the framework of the XXI General Assembly of the Balms Group, the international network of independent Spanish-English lawyers, which took place in Brussels […]