Startup Europe Awards


Courtsdesk, Irish winner in Legal category

Country:  Ireland

Category:  Legal

Project aim:  Our aim is to create a digital platform for legal research, such as that which is currently carried out by practicing lawyers. Crucially however, we also aim to facilitate the leverage of legal information outside of pure legal practice. Legal decisions drive financial outcomes, and with the right framework in place, we see proper access to law having deep implications for a diverse range of industries.


What does Courtsdesk do?


In the majority of jurisdictions, only a tiny portion of possible legal information is made available. In the UK, for example, the top two suppliers in legal data publish just 2% of cases. These are precedent cases; provided primarily for their use in legal argument.

At Courtsdesk, we consider litigation society’s last untapped dataset, and we see huge value in the information discarded by conventional providers. Our objective is to provide 100% of cases in any jurisdiction in which we’re active; information which we publish live, digitally, in conjunction with relevant corporate and financial datasets. The result is a comprehensive, multifaceted resource with use cases throughout a broad spectrum of industries.

One consequence of this approach is that Courtsdesk represents a commercial path to alleviating the information deficit which currently accompanies and inhibits intra-EU cross border trade. Whilst harmonisation has brought substantive consistency amongst domestic member state regulation, inter EU Member State traders must still contend with eleven currencies, twenty-four languages, 510 million individuals, 26 million businesses, and 28 legal systems; each with its own problematic datasets of varying availability. The lack of legal and commercial certainty which results represents a silent, but serious impediment to the efficiency of the Single Market. Our service aims to imp


rove access to, and understanding of, justice systems and commercial entities across the single market, correlatively increasing the efficiency of intra-EU cross border trade.


How did Courtsdesk come about?

Courtsdesk was conceived as a result of our CEO’s time editing national newspapers in the UK and Ireland. Investigative journalism is a lot like corporate due diligence; good business investigations rely on factual, timely legal and financial data. Our CEO’s experience investigating business entities revealed to him how needlessly difficult fact finding was with existing tools, and how access to information could be drastically enhanced through technical innovation.


Which does the future hold?

We launched in Ireland in 2017 and have already provided our users with access to tens of thousands of cases which had never been previously available. Internationally we are adjusting focus to European expansion, and look forward to working with agencies and businesses across Europe and the world.courtsdesk-logo-dark (1)courtsdesk-logo-dark (1)

Being nominated for legal category at the StartUp Europe Awards is a proud moment for our team as it validates our mission. We are building the first trans-European network of domestic courts data via a live streaming data platform.


The Irish Winner in Social category is AID:Tech

Country: Ireland

Category: Social

Project aim: Bring social and financial inclusion for these underserved and undocumented

What do you do?

There are currently over 2 billion people in the world without legal identity, which poses as obstacle against access to social and financial services that many of us take for granted. AID:TECH is a for-profit company with a social mission and we do so by focusing on the delivery of digital entitlements, such as welfare, aid and remittance based on digital identity.

A digital identity offers end-users with the ability to build social and financial footprint as an accessible means to redeem and purchases entitlements. AID:Tech´s solutions offers a transparent, reliable and streamlined alternative to existing offering that are outplaced by current demands.


Every activity is permanently recorded, transparently and trackable. It allows our client partners complete control and transparency over their own supply chain. For instance, aid and welfare providers gain a clear view of resource journeys, from allocation to delivery, to point of expenditure by end-user. Shot-term benefits include service accessibility through intelligent distribution, whilst long-term benefits see end-users independently building their path to greater inclusion with control over their personal data.

Who are your clients?

AID:Tech is unique with first-mover advantage. In the last two years, we have developed close working partnership with organisation including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). We are also working with the World Bank and Rockefeller foundation to establish global standards for digital identity as key to global, equitable development. With an extensive and diverse professional network, AID:Tech is able to reach many different service providers who are keen to improve their offerings using innovative technology such as ours.

What is going to happen in the future?

We are currently in the process of launching and international remittance project alongside UNDP Serbia which will see this service made available to users from 22 countries. In early 2018, the AID:Tech platform will be deployed for social welfare distribution in Jordan for over 10.000 beneficiaries.



It is a great honour for AID:Tech to be recognised for the work that we are doing. Since day one we have sought to bring social and financial inclusion to the world´s undocumented and underserved ppulations via blockchain based Digital Identity. Being part of the European Final will no doubt further AID:Tech towards our goal. Joseph Thompson AID:Tech´s CEO


Swiftcomply is the Irish winner for Green category

Country: Ireland

Category: Green

Proyect aim: Connecting restaurants, cities and contractors through an easy-to-use web platform. SwiftComply makes hospitality compliance easy

What do you do?

Regulation is a huge burden for hospitality businesses adding cost and reducing competitiveness yet public-sector authorities have a responsibility to ensure that food businesses are safe and present no danger to the public or to the environment. SwiftComply has identified a unique and exciting business opportunity to solve this problem by creating a technology marketplace to connect the hospitality sector, compliance vendors and regulators in one platform which reduces the financial and administrative burden of regulation for each of the stakeholders.

SwiftComply is starting with Fat, Oil and Grease regulation, an emerging and worsening problem that causes disgusting “fatbergs” in Cities everywhere, resulting in pollution of water and a deterioration of the environment. SwiftComply’s solution not only facilitates the effective collection and recovery of this waste, it also secures this waste as a valuable feedstock for anaerobic digestion at wastewater treatment plants.


At SwiftComply we firmly believe that technology can make society better, specifically around transparency of government procedures. It makes us sad that the governments in general is usually the last area to improve for the greater good – and they are responsible for looking after the needs and well-being of all people! Applying software and new business models here can drastically improve how governments interact with small businesses for better environmental outcomes.

Which one is the impact in Europe?

The EU estimates the total burden of regulation on business as 3% of GDP, or approx €500 Billion. When we drill down into the hospitality sector only, and eliminate employment and company law to focus outsourced services in food, environmental, building and fire compliance, the potential impact is approximately €30 Billion.


We are honoured to be shortlisted for this award, and I am proud of this recognition for my team who work tirelessly to make restaurant compliance easy. We are excited to attend the European finals and look forward to meeting the other amazing companies that have been shortlisted.” Michael O’Dwyer, Swifcomply´s CEO


Popertee, Irish Creative category winner


Country: Ireland

Category: Creative

Project Aim: Popertee is building the first global data platform that will use artificial intelligence to match the perfect audience with the perfect location, enabling brands to intelligently find the optimum short term retail or marketing space for campaigns.

What Popperte does?

In an economy that is becoming increasingly globalised, Popertee provides brands with a limited regional presence a chance to explore new markets and opportunities on a short-term basis through the power of the technology we are building. Popertee´s goal is to use retail spaces as media and have a recognised system call “Popscore” to measure the impact of the campaigns.

Our online platform appeals to landlers and space owners who have vacant and underutilised properties which can be listed for free where they can generate revenue from these spaces.

What are your future plans?

Having already worked with global brands including Volvo, Heinz, Sony Playstation and Peroni in recent months, the company has shifted to the next stage of development, now focusing on location for the brand but also help them measure the impact of the campaign. Our platform will be able capable of measuring the impact of campaigns for experiential marketing, pop-up events and brands looking to test markets on a short-term basis and gain deeper insights on the performance and success achieved.

We are thrilled to not only the Irish Creative category, but to be nominated for the European final. The recognition from this competition means so much to me and the team and we are not only excited but super competitive and are working hard to prove we are worthy winners of this category.” Lucinda Kelly, Popertee´s CEO.