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  • MIRACOIL is the Spanish winner of Energy category

    MIRACOIL is the Spanish winner of Energy category

    Country: Spain Category: Energy Project Aim: Converting several types of waste as feedstock into high-quality second-generation advanced biodiesel. This technology is known as thermos-mechanical cracking process (TMCP). The challenge remains to develop techniques that are economical and easily replicable, avoid environmental pollution and risks for human health, and reduce carbon emissions, just as promoting the […]

  • SOLATOM is the Spanish winner of Climate category

    SOLATOM is the Spanish winner of Climate category

    Country: Spain Category: Climate Project Aim: offering industries a viable alternative to traditional solar projects, producing pre-assembled modules connected to form a solar plant. SOLATOM enables industries using fossil fuels, to cut their thermal energy costs by up to 37% with less than 3 years payback. What is the problem to solve? Two thirds of […]

  • Broomx is the spanish winner for the Creative category

    Country: Spain Category: Creative Project Aim:Technology-based company with a creative soul, Broomx Technologies is The Projected VR Company! The Initiative: Makers of MK Player360, a unique immersive projection device to enjoy VR & 360° media content without the need of individual VR headsets, and Broomx VR content platform. This patented system is able to create […]

  • Eyesynthis the Spanish winner of SEUA17 in the Social category

    Country: Spain Category: Social Project aim:  “Every five seconds someone goes blind in the world. Every minute a child goes blind. It is estimated that every year over seven million people go blind.” World Health Organization (WHO) Blindness is a serious and growing problem, due to age and diabetes as the main causes. Why Eysynth […]