Startup Europe Awards


Kidibot, Best Social impact startup

This Romanian company motivates kids worldwide to read and learn more through playing using state-of-the-art educational system and won the prize
in the category Education of the StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition.

Country: Romania 

Category: Social Impact

Project Aim:

Motivate kids worldwide to read and learn more through playing using state-of-the-art educational system. 

What is the problem to solve?

The main problem we’re solving is the lack of interest for education of kids 6-18 years old all around the world. This happens due several reasons: curricula is not interesting enough, teachers are not very passionate, huge competition for eyeballs from video games, low social pressure, bad entourage, low GDP investment allocated to education (in some countries), historical and cultural issues and so on. 

What does KIDIBOT do:

In case you didn’t know, Earth is under attack! There are some Crocobets aliens with funny names that are attacking our planet, through stupidity and laziness. The kids are the last hope. They have to prove they read and learn, so they can deflect the attacks. They act as lonely warriors or in teams, the engage in battles, quests, they earn badges, diplomas, certificates, funny Kidismiles, they get inspiration from 130+ VIP and many others. They learn mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, English, French, read books and zillions of other topics. There are monthly contests with prizes, there are rankings and many battle related activities, from Special Forces, to Zen-Master. Epic battles are underway! 

On what KIDIBOT is currently working:

Launching in 7 more countries- Further adding new features, to keep interested over long periods of time (years in a row), help teachers and parents have a better life- Creating a wonderful experience for all kids/teachers/parents, to help them achieve their educational potential.

CEO’s testimony:

Before Start-Up Europe Award we won in the past 2 years another 9 prizes. This one was the number ten. However, it was the biggest. We loved it! We’ve got a lot of media coverage and because of this prize, we successfully signed several partnerships with huge companies, with Ministry of Communication and Informational Society from Romania. It was our biggest boost forward so far! Strongly recommended to anyone! 


Okra Technologies, Best Female-led startup

The English company won the prize at the StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition, which was focused on social impact

Country: England

 Category: Female-led Startup

Project Aim:

OKRA is an artificial intelligence company for healthcare. We use AI-powered analytics to save and improve human lives, driving health and market outcomes where they matter most. Through the OKRA platform, healthcare professionals get one combined view of all their data, and create instant evidence-based insight. These insights include analyses, comparisons, suggestions and predictions of the future, which support faster and more accurate decisions for businesses and patients. Furthermore, we know that our clients must be able to ask why or exactly what has informed the OKRA platform’s insights. With every output, we have unique built-in explanations that give reasons behind each recommendation, including which drivers and data sources have been used. Our AI is not a so-called “black box” – we never keep our users in the dark – which couldn’t be more important in the realm of healthcare.

What is the problem to solve?

Our mission is to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, by building the world’s most trustworthy artificial intelligence engine.

What does OKRA do:

OKRA was founded with the vision to support the drive to greater precision and speed in healthcare. Our AI technology processes vast quantities of data at a fraction of the time – and a fraction of the cost – compared to humans. It can process data again and again for each individual patient, analysing and recommending personalised treatments rather than statistical averages. OKRA’s predictive technology, which has a high level of validated accuracy (we can achieve >90% prediction accuracy), opens up to a new range of questions: we can ask not only “how are my patients responding to Drug X”, but “how will they respond in future, and why?” AI ensures that the right drug reaches the right person, at the right time. It is a win-win technology for all healthcare stakeholders: the patient, healthcare provider, health authorities, drug provider and the insurer.

On what OKRA is currently working:

We currently work with 3 global pharmaceutical companies to improve the accuracy of their treatments and market outcomes, and in the longer term, we are also able to apply our technology to support clinicians’ decision-making at the point of care, including treatment decisions and diagnoses made by hospital staff and general practitioners. This will enable patients and practitioners to make better informed decisions about their health. In 2019, we are growing and scaling quickly.

CEO’s testimony:

On a European level, we believe AI technology will be of great importance. Today, Europe’s healthcare system is facing unprecedented pressures. Populations are ageing, chronic diseases are growing, and according to recent estimates, Europe’s healthcare staff will not grow enough by 2020. Meanwhile, 1 of 5 euros spent on healthcare are wasted, 50% of antibiotics are wrongly prescribed, and 10% of patients are hospitalised due to the medical care they have previously received. Drugs and resources are wasted in the current healthcare process, at the expense of EU citizens everywhere.

To support a continued thriving healthcare system and sustainable production of drugs and healthcare services, Europe must achieve greater efficiency and precision, and OKRA supports this shift with artificial intelligence technology.

In the picture: Part of the OKRA Team.


10 start-ups won the semi-finals of the PropTech StartUp Europe Awards

Be Park, Sensorberg, Halio Glass, Sensoneo, Realiz3d, Mapple, CAD42, Build Safe, Access Green and HomeBeat.Live are the selected start-ups that will participate at the Finals of the PropTech Startup Europe Awards at MIPIM Europe in Paris.

  • The PropTech category was managed by Juanma Revuelta from  Finnova, by Idriss  Goossens  and  the EU PropTech House ( board members, and Dirk Paelinck, Workero’s CEO & co-founder of PropTech House.
  • StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative of the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative and the Finnova Foundation
  • The finalists will go to the 1st and 2nd of July to the MIPIM PropTech Europe in Paris, the first leg of the MIPIM StartUp Competition

On Monday 6th May took place the semi-final of the 1st edition of the PropTech Start-up Europe Awards, event where more than 50 promising start-ups in innovation in real state from all over Europe competed to be within the 10 chosen ones to go the finals of the awards at MIPIM PropTech 2019  in July 2019. After a strong competition, the jury selected the Belgians Be Park and Halio Glass, the GermansSensorberg and HomeBeat.Live, the Slovakian Sensoneo, the Frenches Realiz3d and CAD42, the Finnish Mapple, the Swedish Build Safe, and the Irish Access Green as the finalist ones.

The PropTech category was managed by Juanma Revuelta from  Finnova, by Idriss  Goossens  and  the EU PropTech House ( board members, and Dirk Paelinck, Workero’s CEO and  co-founder of the EU PropTech House, the Alliance of National PropTech  Associations which are dedicated to promote a sustainable European PropTech market, stimulating innovation and supporting new entrepreneurs.

It is the first European initiative to give visibility and support to the most promising start-ups in innovation in Real Estate. The mission of the EU PropTech House is to support a sustainable European PropTech market and to create a positive impact on the European living environment and beyond. The objectives will be to facilitate access to EU Funding, scale-up cross-border collaborations, to standardize and uniformize  the European PropTech markets, and to create a legal framework adapted to the PropTech, and fostering innovations in Real Estate.

It is also a brand new category within the StartUp Europe Awards’ framework (22 categories), promoted by the European Commission in collaboration with Finnova Foundation, which presents a prize methodology for start-ups at local, regional and national level, fostering the open innovation and the collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership supporting new entrepreneurs.

During the event, the start-ups in the categories of Manage&Operate, Market, Invest, Plan&Build and Smart City&Live, presented a private elevator pitch in front of an international jury in real time. This jury was composed by CEOs, CFOs, Directors  and other distinguished members from the Real Estate and Digital transformation world. Among them there were also representatives of renowned companies, such as JLL, PWC, Innogy, BNP Paribas Real Estate, AG Real Estate, Deloite, Bexis or RICS.

In addition to the pitching session, the day featured authorized spaces for networking and workshops of the StartUp Europe Accelerator from the Finnova Foundation. These workshops addressed legal barriers in the European Union, EU funding programs such as SME Instrument from Horizon 2020, financial opportunities like the open LIFE and tips for building a successful proposal.

The finalists will go to the 1st and 2nd of July to MIPIM PropTech Europe in Paris, where the winner of the PropTech Europe Awards will be chosen from the final top ten. At the same time, around 2.000 participants and 1.000 companies from more than 50 countries will compete to see which are the most innovative start-ups that tackle the biggest urban challenges around the world.


StartUp Europe Awards winners will be honored in the Startup Europe Summit 2018 in Sofia

  • The awards ceremony chaired by the Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will be held in Sofia between 14 and 15 November 2018.
  • 134 startups from 16 countries opt to be recognized as the best in any of the 18 StartUp Europe Awards categories.
  • Finnova’s StartUp Europe Accelerator will have a stand and will provide the startups with a workshop on accessing 2.5 million euros from Horizon2020.
  • The event will gather more than 400 leaders from the European entrepreneurial ecosystem ranging from investors, CEOs, accelerators to European authorities and technological journalists.



Brussels, 18 October 2018. StartUp Europe Awards, an initiative of the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation, will give recognition to the European winners in the Startup Europe Summit 2018 framework, in a ceremony chaired by the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, and the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boiko Borísov.

Moreover, it will count with the presence of prominent figures in the entrepreneurial world such as Simon Schaefer, Factory founder and CEO, president of Startup Portugal and angel investor in Europe; and Anja Monrad, Dell EMC CEE vice-president and general manager, and Chair of the Commission’s Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Startup Europe Summit in its annual event will address technological leadership, financing of European ecosystems (more than 10 billion euros in the pipeline) and business growth. During November 15, the founding startup leaders, technological leaders and authorities will share knowledge and perspective of the requirement for building successful startups.

Finnova, as a Startup Europe partner, and through its StartUp Europe Accelerator programme, will provide startups with information on the funding opportunities offered by Europe (up to 2.5 million euros), European communication and networking in a workshop, and will also have a stand where it will provide tailor-made information.

“Many startups do not know all that Europe can offer them and it is our mission from StartUp Europe Accelerator to guide them to request up to 100 billion euros that the European Commission will distribute in the next Horizon Europe period only for innovation” says Juanma Revuelta, director of Finnova.

The 17 Spanish startups opting to be recognized as the best in Europe in one of the 18 StartUp Europe Awards categories are: Kowat, Solatom, Broomx Technologies, Tyris Software, Zapiens, Gamco, Plactherm, Wide Eyes, Bnext, Uncovercity, Miracoil, WeTech, Welegal, Azahar Management, Eyesynth, Fuvex, and HomySpace.

StartUp Europe Awards of the European Commission and Finnova is an open innovation methodology that encourages collaboration between the public sector and businesses in the promotion of innovative initiatives. Its aim is to help create alliances that allow entities and support programmes for entrepreneurs to be added to local partners and to be a communication tool for society.

The StartUp Europe Awards ceremony will be divided in two sessions: one, on 14 November during the welcome dinner and the second on 15 November during Startup Europe Summit. On the day of the Summit the startups will have a stand to promote themselves and approach customers and potential investors. In addition, PropTech House will present the call Proptech StartUp Europe Awards for startups that offer solutions to the real estate sector. The complete agenda of Startup Europe Summit 2018 can be consulted here. Registration to participate is free and compulsory and must be done here.

Startup Europe Summit will give attendees the opportunity to learn about European funding opportunities directly from Brussels, with more than 10 billion Euros in the pipeline, the EU is becoming the main investor in Europe! In addition, networking with key decision makers and technology leaders within the EU, especially in the Central and Eastern Europe and Western Balkans regions; and having access to commercial agreements with corporations, investors and public administrations for startups and scaleups.


For more information:


Press contact:

Catalina Valencia


México StartUp Europe Awards: “Creating open innovative environments for the Mexican agro-food industry”

  • The Project falls within the StartUp Europe Awards, an initiative with which the European Comission -DG Connect- and the Finnova Foundation aim to promote local entrepreneurship and open innovation.
  • This initiative, open and inclusive, will promote a public collaboration – private for the UE-Mexican agro-food industry.
  • CDI Corporative will promote the participation of new companies with innovative projects dealing with the Aggrotech, Social Innovation, Water, Climate and Gastronomic fields.
  • The official announcement regarding the Water category, in the framework of the National Forum of Sustainable Development and Water, is released in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Mexico, 31 August 2018. Mexico StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative in which the European Commission –DG CONNECT- and the Finnova Foundation, in collaboration with CDI Corporative (Corporativo de Desarrollo Integral) aiming to promote local entrepreneurship and open innovation for the UE-Mexican agro-food industry.

Mexico occupies the eleventh position in the world in regards with exportation and the tenth position as a food producer; with this in mind, the incorporation of Mexico to new digital technologies, modernisation of business models and decision-making in order to increase its competitiveness on an international scale is a must.
There is evidence of important advances around entrepreneurship in Mexico, however, the agro-food industry requires greater efforts in order to create an environment of emergent new technologies, innovations and agro-technologic businesses.

“Mexico has an important potential in terms of Start-ups, as the conditions to accelerate the growth of this field by generating innovations and an entrepreneurship environment are already there; with this initiative we are looking for a coalition with key actors that can help to boost and reinforce an interinstitutional link with public inversions within the agro-food industry”, according to Marco Antonio Herrera Oropeza, General director of CDI.

The Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey has joined this initiative by considering its relevance as an enhancer of development in a field that is as fundamental for the Mexican economy as the agro-food industry. The Business School of this university strongly emphasizes the entrepreneurial culture and the connection between universities and companies as an instrument to promote economic and social development of all countries.
The Finnova Foundation facilitates the collaboration between Mexican and European entities thanks to European Funds in order to technologically innovate, particularly the aggrotech sector, which is strategic for Mexico and, at the same time, it has a great commercial importance for the European Union.

“StartUp Europe Awards is the vehicle allowing Start-ups, corporates and the public administration to deal with the challenges that may arise from the development of the programme Horizonte Europa, counting on 100 trillions for innovation until 2027, and Mexico should be a leader country in obtaining this subvention in cooperation with Europe” states Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of Finnova Foundation.

CDI Corporative will implement the participation of new companies participating in innovative projects within the categories of Aggrotech, Social Innovation, Water, Climate and Gastronomy, so their services and products can be known at a global level.

“We want this entrepreneurial environment to find and initiate business ideas and inversions so that producers can reach these innovations with the help of all the actors”, confirmed Marco Antonio Herrera Oropeza, General Director of CDI.

Among the challenges that can be overcome with the help of the Start-ups are the improvement of the product chains, the valorisation of waste material, the reutilisation of water, the improvement of the food quality, the impact of the climate change, the renewable energies and the implementation of continuous and inclusive innovation culture.

Within the National Forum of Sustainable Development and Water: Production, Promotion and Commercialisation of Agricultural Products, the first convocation of the contest in the Water category has been launched and can be now applied through the following link:

“StartUp Europe Awards also aims to promote business cooperation as a result of the free trade agreement negotiated between the European Union and Mexico, which introduces the possibility of accessing a market with more than 740 million people in Europe and 133 millions of Mexicans. At a geostrategic level, globalisation switches from a concentric model revolving around the United States to a new cooperation point such as the European Union – Latam, Finnova Foundation’s bet since 2010”, confirms Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of Finnova.


About CDI Corporative: a holding with more than 10 years of experience in the agro-food industry which offers integral solutions for the public and private sectors. Its recent participation was focused on the strategic design of the Planeación Agrícola Nacional 2017 – 2030.
About Finnova: a European Foundation with head offices in Belgium, Spain, Romania, Panama, Chile and Mexico. Promoter of innovative initiatives and platform for public and private entities headed towards the creation of innovative environments and the boost of Start-ups, relying on the supporting tools offered by the European Union.

For further information:


Be the next partner of StartUp Europe Awards!

The StartUp Europe Awards recognise the effort of European startups in various categories: Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, e-Health, Fashion, Gastronomy, Large Industry, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Social, Tourism, Water, Agritech, Legal, Space, Govtech, Proptech, Cybersecurity, Climate, Automotive and Edtech.

SEUA is an extremely useful tool to build the European ecosystem connecting all the players across the continent: “The Eurovision for Startups”.  And now we’re looking for you!!!

Our goal is to promote local entrepreneurship and open innovation. In the last edition of SEUA we have reached more than 132 startups from 16 countries, involving 17 Members of the European Parliament as Ambassadors and over 100 partners from all over Europe. This time we want to make it bigger! And we need your help. Are you an accelerator in any of our categories? Are you an expert used to work with startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems? Are you running a local or national contest in any category? Join us!

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◦   Exposure to European authorities and European media


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◦   Information about events, funds, calls, best practises and training programs for entrepreneurs for your organization and your startups

◦   Possibility to develop a business model

◦   Our support on developing the StartUp Europe Awards methodology

What we are looking for:

◦   Organizations that have experience with startups and preferably in doing startup accelerator programs and contest, whose mission is innovation.

◦   The organization should find local media partners, which will depend on the level at which they operate (local, regional, national or European).

◦   The organization must have a multidisciplinary jury, or create it involving experts linked to the European Union.

To apply for being PARTNER for StartUp Europe Awards, please send an email to request the registration form. Deadline extended: September 23th.


Tommi (a project of SoftCare Studios) is the Italian winner of the eHealth category

TOMMI, a project of Softcare Studios, is a videogame developed in Virtual Reality which aims to reduce anxiety and pain perception in children with cancer, while at the same time involving their caregivers during the gaming sessions. The goal of the project is to promote a holistic approach to patients, improving their quality of life while simplifying the work of the medical staff.

During hospitalization patients experience extreme stressful conditions which have a deep impact on the therapy’s outcome, social relationships and eventual recovery. To ease up this situation it is needed to bring innovative models of collaboration between therapy stakeholders (patients, caregivers, doctors and supporting private companies)and to provide real data through monitorization in order to improve the patient wellbeing.

The project has been developed by Softcare Studios, an Italian based startup which has won the national level e-Health category of the Startup Europe Awards. Softcare Studios are developing immersive technologies based on the idea that digital technologies such as VR can be used to focus on the user’s psychological needs and support the user through difficult experiences such as disease and therapy.


Simbound is the Romanian winner of the EdTech Category

Simbound is the Romanian national winner of the EdTech category of the StarUp Europe Awards. The company has operations in multiple internet business verticals, including: Online Services, Educational Technology Research and Development, Man and Machine Interaction, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce. The startup is conformed by a team of creative professionals that use the latest technologies, communication systems and visual design to deliver an innovative online content to users interested in learning about digital business and economy.

The rationale behind the creation of the business is based on the fact that most people do not know how to launch their digital business. Simbound aims to help these people achieve success in a shorter amount of time and with fewer costs.

Moreover, the startup believes that experiential activities represent an efficient way of achieving learning objectives. This is evidenced in the constant uptake from universities and companies which increasingly employ ready-to-use resources available in the cloud.

Simbound is available in the form of several online simulation experiences with different game specific mechanisms. When using Simbound, users of different backgrounds co-create digital content and use competition as an innovation platform to develop the online profile of their virtual companies while at the same time they improve their skillset and confidence. Once constraints such as budgets or time are removed, participants are then encouraged to think creatively and apply what they have learned to real working scenarios.

Simbound can easily be adapted to meet the topics and objectives of various courses and workshops, and has been used by over 100 Universities worldwide. This happens at a time when each time more and more businesses and individuals are investing in online capability improvement. Notable clients include: EM Lyon (France), Temasek Politechnic University (Singapore) and Brandeis University (USA). Simbound is also used in management training at various levels in order to bring a new perspective to top level executives which are planning new digital business initiatives.


Cyclefi is the Greek winner of the Smart Cities category

Cyclefi is the Greek national winner of the Smart Cities category of the StartUp Europe Awards. The startup offers an innovative waste-tracking technology which is accompanied by a rewarding mechanism that connects recycling performance with discounts for online deals. It aims to transform a previously disposable product (garbage bags for recycling) into discounts, resulting in the protection of the environment while at the same time increasing the purchase power of the users.

Over 50% of the world’s population now lives in cities, and the figure is set to rise up to 75% by 2050. Namely, in the majority of the Balkan cities waste management presents numerous inefficiencies and an extremely low recycling performance (of about 6%). In fact, more that 80% of the waste is landfilled, even though that half of that waste could be recycled.

Cyclefi tries to tackle this problem by introducing the first rewarding program for refusal bags. These bags are accompanied by a code that after being inserted offers unique discounts in supermarkets, electricity bills among many other. The estimate cost saving of the consumer per package of recycling refusal bags it is estimated to exceed 5$.


Aditess is the best Cypriot startup in the Smart Cities category

In an environment of major technological, economic and environmental changes that have generated interest in smart cities, ADITESS focuses in reinforcing the positive environment between the involved social stakeholders that shall assist in building trust, encouraging parties to actively be implicated in the identification and resolution of further concerns.

The problem that the Cypriot startup, national winner of the Smart Cities category of the StartUp Europe Awards, tries to face is the considerable expenditure both in funds and working hours of the government agencies in collecting, analysing, handling and resolving the issues related to their portfolio. Internal communication within the agencies might also be slow and ineffective whereas communication with the public might not only be problematic but utterly non-existent.

ADITESS solves this problem with the creation of a dual use communication platform composed of a central web in which there is a real time incident management system for use by the government agencies and two different mobile applications, one for public stakeholders and another for the agencies officers/workers. Requiring only a standard web browser for government officers and a smartphone for any other user, the platform offers different tools like the collection of real time incident reports (for different issues depending on the agency), automatically generated Statistics and Business intelligence graphs or the possibility for public stakeholders to provide suggestions to improve the agency’s operations among others, while respecting at the same time the European Union General Data Protection Regulations.

Since the creation of ADITESS in 2012 the startup has raised around 2 million euros in funds from the European Union’s R&D projects in the fields of security, smart city and ICT. The enterprise has used the knowledge acquired from this funded projects, the tools and technologies from its consortium and external partners to put into practice a technological solution that can impact any organization in the field of public service.