Startup Europe Awards


I.M.E.Q is the greek winner for the eHealth category

Country: Greece

Category: eHealth

Project aim: IMEQ´s vision is to create a stable environment on board the vessels whilst communicate the issue and the implications of the human errors in the shipping industry. Our aspirations for the future is to create additional services for bettering the quality of life on board, while preventing accidents from happening.

What is the problem?

The maritime industry is facing a serious issue regarding the human element. According to studies, 75-96% of maritime accidents are attributed to human errors, while 75% of 8,85 billion dollars value of liability insurance claims come from human errors.


How did we started to help?

In order to reduce these numbers and assure safety in the sea, we focused on the mental health of seafarers by creating a pre-employment mental health assessment. In 2016 we started collecting data from maritime companies and we started designing a highly technologically advanced platform where seafarers would be assessed prior to boarding.


What did we have accomplished?

Today in 2018, we have managed to attract a large number of ship owning companies, insurance companies and recruitment agencies to implement our service in the industry.

Finally, it is of crucial importance to pass on our knowledge on the subject to the maritime companies and work together for a better tomorrow.

What this recognition mean to us?

StartUp Europe Awards is a great opportunity to initiate a social responsibility act as the people working on the vessels and gain international credibility as a company.


Agrologies is the greek winner for the agritech category

Country: Greece

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: Agrologies was created having in mind the average small-scale farmer based in Europe, the farmer who needs sustainable and affordable solutions.


Rural areas deal with serious problems, irrigation being one of them. On its own as a process irrigation can be tedious, time consuming, costly, and most of the times leads to waters, because its being done based on experience.

How we can help:

We have created Agrologies. We help farmers manage irrigation via their smartphone, anyplace, anytime! All they have to do is install the Agrologies sensors device in their field, and use the Agrologies App. Through our app they will have complete access to the data collected by the sensors, and will receive complete guidance on how to irrigate each crop according to its needs. Users will have absolute control of the irrigation process, and manage it remotely.

How we started:

Based in Athens Greece, Agrologies is currently on the final R&D period. The Agrologies team has been working with Beta users, in order to perfect its services. The team’s vision is for technology to be introduced in agriculture. Not only it could improve the yield and crops, but it could also improve farmers’ everyday life. Such technologies can and should be created within Europe, since all the assets are available.

What this recognition means to us:

Agrologies has gained recognition not only nationally (in Greece) but also in Italy and the USA. But going to the European Final with the possibility to be the winner of the Agritech category, Agrologies proves that Smart farming is applicable and should become an asset in Agriculture