Startup Europe Awards


Aditess is the best Cypriot startup in the Smart Cities category

In an environment of major technological, economic and environmental changes that have generated interest in smart cities, ADITESS focuses in reinforcing the positive environment between the involved social stakeholders that shall assist in building trust, encouraging parties to actively be implicated in the identification and resolution of further concerns.

The problem that the Cypriot startup, national winner of the Smart Cities category of the StartUp Europe Awards, tries to face is the considerable expenditure both in funds and working hours of the government agencies in collecting, analysing, handling and resolving the issues related to their portfolio. Internal communication within the agencies might also be slow and ineffective whereas communication with the public might not only be problematic but utterly non-existent.

ADITESS solves this problem with the creation of a dual use communication platform composed of a central web in which there is a real time incident management system for use by the government agencies and two different mobile applications, one for public stakeholders and another for the agencies officers/workers. Requiring only a standard web browser for government officers and a smartphone for any other user, the platform offers different tools like the collection of real time incident reports (for different issues depending on the agency), automatically generated Statistics and Business intelligence graphs or the possibility for public stakeholders to provide suggestions to improve the agency’s operations among others, while respecting at the same time the European Union General Data Protection Regulations.

Since the creation of ADITESS in 2012 the startup has raised around 2 million euros in funds from the European Union’s R&D projects in the fields of security, smart city and ICT. The enterprise has used the knowledge acquired from this funded projects, the tools and technologies from its consortium and external partners to put into practice a technological solution that can impact any organization in the field of public service.



E9 Innovation LTD is the cypriot winner of the Edtech category

Country: Cyprus

Category: Edtech

Project aim: E9 Innovation builds high-quality, data-proven educational resources for kids that need it the most.  Over half of world’s population and 70% of illiteracy is located in the 9 biggest countries, collectively known as E9 countries.  According to UNESCO, parents in these countries spend up to 25% of available financial resources on supplementary education material in an attempt to help their kids have better lives.  Sadly, these resources are often poor quality and unreliable.

At E9 Innovation we build highly-accessible Android mobile applications optimised using machine-learning and comprehensive analytics to help kids master basic skills, at a global scale.  We’re proud to have just launched our first beta for students in Punjab, Pakistan preparing for provincial exams.  From here we will continue to iterate and release 15 more applications — focused both on basic skills and exam preparation — while improving our unique algorithms that help kids learn faster and more reliably.

What does E9 do?

E9 Innovation builds data-proven, mobile learning resources to kids that need it the most.

Why was E9 created? There is a global need for high-quality learning materials with proven results.  According to UNESCO Parents in emerging economies spend up to 25% of their financial resources on supplementary educational resources including tutors and extra schooling most of which has poor results.  By contrast the educational mobile applications built by E9 Innovation are data-driven and optimised using machine learning to help kids learn basic skills reliably and quickly. Parents in many emerging, high growth countries (E9 countries) do not have access to affordable, high-quality and affordable learning materials with proven results to help their kids learn basic skills.

What is the E9’s future?

We are launching our first application this month in cooperation with the government of Punjab, Pakistan to help kids prepare for provincial exams.  From here we will continue to improve the first series of mobile applications and scale up to bigger launches.We help Europe lead in the global educational space which has been identified as a strategic priority for Europe.

This recognition of course means a lot to our team that has worked hard on launching our first series of beta mobile applications.  This recognition also raises awareness of the unique opportunity to use technology and in particular mobile technology to address the global education challenge of our generation.


MySeminars is the Cypriot winner for the social category

Country: Cyprus

Category: Social

Project Aim: Achieving a powerful market penetration across all industries, MySeminars aspires to expand horizontally in European and International Markets and vertically by promoting additional and relevant educational opportunities like Professional Studies, Executive MBA’s etc, introduce new learning experience tools and features via eLearning and Mobile Learning. Our Vision is to offer a user-friendly platform where everybody could be a Trainer and Participant exchanging all kinds of skills at all levels.

What does Myseminars do?

Myseminars is a platform launched in September 2017 in Cyprus in Greek language and launched its English version by mid-December 2017. Simplicity, Clarity and Uniformity are a major part of the innovation implemented. It’s not disruptive technology. Its rather disruptive simplicity! MySeminars managed to centralize Vocational Training Opportunities on one platform crushing the chaos existing in the market until now. Vocational Training Opportunities include Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums, Lectures and more. MySeminars stands out by saving thousands of working hours across all industries of Cyprus economy. Screening of thousands of emails every year and spending many more on screening Training providers’ websites has now been replaced with a few clicks on Not only a tremendous number of labor hours is saved but the actual quality of Vocational Training is raised undoubtedly through easy and clear comparison of similar programs. Furthermore, all three basic stakeholders of training, being Providers, Trainers and Venues, are listed on different catalogues giving the opportunity to screen and evaluate them against the content and cost of each training session. We have estimated the same problem exists across most of European economies and we intent to solve it radically and earliest possible.

Being at the European Finals of StartUp Europe Awards is just fantastic. It’s a great recognition and it means a lot to our team. It gives tremendous opportunities for exposure of our platform, experts’ support, financing, networking, socializing and have fun along the way! So, stay tuned with for much more is on the way to facilitate your Continuous Professional Development.” Elias Shamaelas, MySeminar´s CEO.