Startup Europe Awards


Simbound is the Romanian winner of the EdTech Category

Simbound is the Romanian national winner of the EdTech category of the StarUp Europe Awards. The company has operations in multiple internet business verticals, including: Online Services, Educational Technology Research and Development, Man and Machine Interaction, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce. The startup is conformed by a team of creative professionals that use the latest technologies, communication systems and visual design to deliver an innovative online content to users interested in learning about digital business and economy.

The rationale behind the creation of the business is based on the fact that most people do not know how to launch their digital business. Simbound aims to help these people achieve success in a shorter amount of time and with fewer costs.

Moreover, the startup believes that experiential activities represent an efficient way of achieving learning objectives. This is evidenced in the constant uptake from universities and companies which increasingly employ ready-to-use resources available in the cloud.

Simbound is available in the form of several online simulation experiences with different game specific mechanisms. When using Simbound, users of different backgrounds co-create digital content and use competition as an innovation platform to develop the online profile of their virtual companies while at the same time they improve their skillset and confidence. Once constraints such as budgets or time are removed, participants are then encouraged to think creatively and apply what they have learned to real working scenarios.

Simbound can easily be adapted to meet the topics and objectives of various courses and workshops, and has been used by over 100 Universities worldwide. This happens at a time when each time more and more businesses and individuals are investing in online capability improvement. Notable clients include: EM Lyon (France), Temasek Politechnic University (Singapore) and Brandeis University (USA). Simbound is also used in management training at various levels in order to bring a new perspective to top level executives which are planning new digital business initiatives.


Energy Solaris is the romanian winner of the Energy category

Country: Romania

Category: Energy

Project Aim: Solar cooling to beat global warmingIt’s ironic: today’s cooling causes global warming. And the hotter it gets, the more cooling we’ll need. Demand for cooling is skyrocketing, especially in emerging growth markets (e.g. CAGR of air conditioning in India is 10-15%). The scale of the challenge is impressive. An estimated 1.6 Billion room air conditioners will be installed by 2050 (U.S. Department of Energy).

Better Cooling (incl Refrigerant Management) has more potential to impact global warming than Solar Farms, Rooftop Solar, LED Lighting and Electric Vehicles combined ( If air conditioners were just 30% more efficient we could prevent 10% of the emissions (98 GT CO2e) left to stay under 2C degrees of warming (Berkeley Laboratory, 2015).

With AirSolaris COOL we’re looking at not 30% but 50% more efficient. A game-changer for air conditioning. As a company, we aim to remove 2 GT CO2e by 2050, and be for the cooling industry what Tesla is for cars.

What does Energy Solaris do?

AirSolaris COOL is a proposed application of EnergySolaris’ solar air heating collectors with other products that cool, dry and recover energy from air. Boosted by solar tech that’s 4x more efficient than solar PV, it is expected to use less electricity than existing HVAC systems. EnergySolaris’ solar air heating collector – AirSolaris PLUS – was ISO-9806 tested at Fraunhofer ISE and outperforms the solar air market leaders. By developing game-changing technologies for the world, and ensuring favourable market conditions, Europe is the leader in addressing global climate change.

“We’re incredibly honoured to have been chosen to represent Romania in the Energy category, and our solar air conditioning solutions at the EU finals” Erik Parson, Energy Solari´s CEO


Romanian best 9 startups will be represeting this country in the StartUp Europe Awards 2017

StartUp Europe Awards is promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament as Ambassador and it is implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with StartUp Europe.

Risky Business, Romania Country Manager chose the best 9 startups in nine diferent categories. They don’t just invest and help build startups, they build entrepreneurs. Their program is a life-changing learning experience that challenges you to go beyond what you believed was possible. An entrepreneur isn’t somebody who just makes money, it is someone who wakes up every day and says.

In Agritech category, Apiary Book is going to be the representation for Romania. This startup allows recording on mobile phone of information on the number, health and maintenance of each bees family, treatments carried out, and other operations in the field of beekeeping. Using a friendly interface, a beekeeper can define several apiaries (hearths), can add work to be performed, harvests (honey, wax), colonies movements, veterinary controls and others.

uRADMonitor is the Climate winner. uRADMonitor means two things: IOT devices equipped with sensors for Environmental monitoring of cities, offices and homes, and a global network of such devices spread in more than 40 countries that generate uniform and comparable Environmental data so we can understand the big picture on pollution.

Simbound is going to participate in the Eurovision of StartUp in the Edtech category. Simbound is an online simulation game and a work of fiction, this startup encourages smart and responsible online communications.

In e-Health, Doclandia is going to represent Romania. Doclandia gives you access to doctors, anywhere and anytime through technology.

Energy Solaris is the Energy winner. This startup delivers the cosy, healthy living of tomorrow, today. Warm fresh air reduces build-up of airborne contaminants, such as carbon monoxide and germs, that can cause illness or worse. It also prevents high concentrations of carbon dioxide, and low levels of oxygen, which reduce alertness and harm productivity.

For Fintech category, Ebriza is the winner. This startup regardless of the profile and size of your business, Ebriza helps keep all aspects under control and safety. From stock sales and management to customer relationship management, you get real-time reporting and notifications wherever you are. And because we want to make sure you never lose anything, everything is saved in the cloud, and you can access this information from anywhere.

Brainy Ant is the Romanian representation for IoT category. Brainy Ant allows users to “rent” robots virtually, by controlling them via the code they write.

Smart Cities category winner is VTree. This startup is a solar charging device which is connected to the internet and can recharge cell phones, gadgets and electric vehicles.

SOWAT is the Water´s category representation. SOWAT is the only technology that allows obtaining potable, clean water (no viruses or bacteria) without genetic material of bacteria (problem occurring in the case of UV treatments), at the same time preserving the minerals (which does not occur with the reverse osmosis treatment, which withholds all the minerals and produces distilled water).