Startup Europe Awards


TUTORED is the Italian winner of ED-Tech category

Country: ITALY

Category: ED-Tech

Project Aim: revolutionising the market of employer branding and recruiting for the young millennials, through a social platform.

What’s TUTORED and what does it do?

TUTORED is a social platform that is revolutionising the market of employer branding recruiting for the young millennials.

In our platform we have two main actors: students and companies. Our community is composed by 300k registered students and new graduates in Italy.

TUTORED’s users can:

  • Interact every day by exchanging useful information about exams, university protects and tutoring.
  • Create their own professional profile and apply to job opportunities of our clients.

Our clients are big companies interested in improving their employment brand activities and hiring the best young talents. Each company has a personal profile to publish new job opportunities like internships, entry-level positions and graduate programs.

What did Tutored accomplish?

We launched our business model five months ago and, in this short period of time, we have closed many contracts generating more than 230k Euro in revenues. Our clients are BNP Paribas, UniCredit, PwC, LIDL, Allianz, Decathlon, Microsoft and others.

Next steps are:

Generating 500k euro in revenues for 2018 and becoming international in 2019.
About investments, we raised 1.1M euro from two Italian venture capitals in 2016 and we want to open our series A investment in 2019.

CEO’s testimony:

“Founders of TUTORED are university students that have built a service for university students. For this reason, I’m so proud of us for being the winner of SEUA17 Italy in the category of EdTech” – Gabriele Giuliano, CEO and Co-Founder of TUTORED.


MYSNOWMAPS (a project of Mobygis) is the Italian winner of the Water category

Country: Italy

Category: Water

Project Aim: assessing snow distribution at continental scale to predict water resources.

The Motivation:
Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the snow. Seeing the snow falling was for me the most beautiful form of magic. I was curious on “how much snow there was everywhere”, especially when I saw the white mountains above me, but that information was often lacking or ambiguous. Later, my studies on snow modelling and my commitment to answer this question gave birth to Mysnowmaps.

What is the problem to solve?

Thanks to a combination of mathematical modelling with ground and satellite data, we can assess with accuracy the snow distribution at continental scale, as snow is the primary source of water in the mountains. Knowing with accuracy the snow distribution allows us to predict water resources for multiple beneficiaries, like:
1- Public administrations: we improve the monitoring of snow distribution, passing from a classical point-measurement to a distributed mapping, thus allowing a better decision making for civil protection.
2- Hydro-power: we improve the accuracy of water inflow prediction, thus allowing a better energy trading.
3- Tourism: we improve the planning of excursions for off-piste explorers by providing an interactive browsable map of snow presence.

Where are we now?

Based on the same technology, we have created customized products for each business sector (public administration, hydro-power and tourism). As far as technology is concerned, we are currently in a validation phase, where selected customers are testing the service in an operational way. As far as business is concerned, we are developing our marketing tools to attack the market in each business sector. Now, snow maps are operative on the Alps (176.000Km²) and we are confident to be ready to scale the system worldwide in the next 3-5 years.

What does Europe represent for the company?

Although Europe is formed by several countries where multiple languages are spoken, I think us, European people share the same cultural background. In fact, culture is not just a language or history or religion. It is also scientific development and entrepreneurship. Europe gave birth to many of the scientists and explorers of the last millennium. So, this is what Europe is for me: the land where great discoveries may take place and incredible heritage of great men that dared their destiny to envision new achievements. Like Columbus who sailed from Europe to the new world, I also feel like a sailor going to the new era of digital transformation with my company.

CEO’s testimony:

This recognition means much to me. It is a great honour to be among the most innovative start-upper in Europe and to represent my country in such a prestigious competition.


Helperbit is the Italian winner of Fintech category

Country: Italy

Category:  Fintech

Project Aim: creation ofdonationtransparency platform, through the blockchain, using the math-based currency bitcoin.

The Creation of HELPERBIT:

Helperbit is an Italian startup born from an idea of the engineer Guido Baroncini Turricchia, as a result of the increased awareness about inefficiencies in the management of funds for humanitarian emergencies.

Realizing in how many scandals the emergency management had been involved after the earthquake in L’aquila, Guido Baroncini Turricchia came with the idea: to use the blockchain public register to make visible the flow of money.

What is the problem to solve?

National and international organizations, UN agencies and governments allocate funds to mitigate the devastating effects of natural disasters, supporting the needs of the concerned population. But there are problems related to inefficiency, opacity, delays in the distribution and bad administration of funds. These issues lead to a lack of trust in the institutions and the organizations involved, which results in a drop in donations.

The insurance system related to natural disasters faces similar problems. Complexity of the refund process, bureaucracy, lack of trust of the clients toward the insurance companies…

What does FINTECH do?

A parametric p2p insurance service for the pre disaster phase service and when the event happens, a P2p donation system that empowers donors to have more control over their donations. Developed solutions:

Transactions are made through the blockchain, using the math-based currency bitcoin. It is not necessary that the donor or the recipient use this method, as we have already integrated credit and debit card donations.

The platform doesn’t charge additional costs related to charitable transactions because the business model is based on the insurance premium service. Thanks to premium service individuals will be able to subscribe a blockchain –based policy that will cover collateral damages caused by natural disasters through a fair, transparent and automated system.

What did Helperbit accomplished?

The startup launched the donation transparency platform in November 2017 in the Italian parliament and more than 10 non-profit organization are already raising funds with this innovative approach.

Helperbit has been selected for the blockchainSpace accelerator program and has been featured on Nasdaq, techcrunch and many more. Helperbit won 4 Italian and European startup competition awards and was selected in the top 100 innovative projects for the world humanitarian summit, which was sponsored by the United nation.


Cubbit is the Italian winner of IoT category

Country: Italy

Category:  IoT

Project Aim: Cubbit offers a Forever-Free Dropbox to final users, and is a provider of cheaper and boosted web services for corporates.

What is the problem to solve? : Inefficiency of the centralized Cloud.

What does CUBBIT do?

A centralized Cloud is inefficient: Web farms costs are transferred both to Users (100Euro/TB/Y) and corporates (CDN 6 Euro/GB streamed)

Cubbit Creats the community Cloud. Thanks to an IoT device that leverages on existing Inter-connectivity infrastructures, we crowd-source the first distributed data-center: from one web farm for all, to small servers in everybody’s home or office.

Cubbit Offers a Forever-Free Dropbox to final users, and is a provider of cheaper and boosted web services for corporates.

Our business model: we acquire users by offering the first forever-free cloud. Each of them grows our distributed data-center with bandwidth, storage and CPU. We then sell web services like hosting, CDN and Cloud computing boosted by the proximity of Data to final Users.

Each Cubbit can generate revenues up to 11euro/month, while it only costs 0.20euro/m to coordinate its role in our network.

The core technology has been proved with private Alpha-test started in June 17 and in Jan 18 the public Alpha will be released.


Agricolus is the Italian winner of Agritech category

Country: Italy

Category:  Agritech

The Project Aim: Agricolus is a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness and forecasts, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management and end to end traceability bringing valuable information to final users. It is already on the market and multinational agroholding companies, medium –big farms, association of farmers and government are using it successfully.

The problem to solve:

By using modern data collection technologies AGRICOLUS has the following functions:

Informatization of AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT for easier storage of Plot’s data and analysis, SUPPORT in order to administer differential treatments and other operations for the crops (fertilizers, plant protection products and irrigation), ALERT about diseasesand other adversities that can affect crops using proprietary algorithms.

What are the faced challenges?

  • International market competition with products coming from unruled countries that produce at very low cost. The effect is a reduction of the profit due to the need of reducing final selling prices. For this reason they have to reduce costs increasing quality at the same time.
  • Climate change requires continuous adaptation of the best time to proceed with any agricultural operation (seeding, fertilizing, manuring, irrigating, harvesting…). They need a real time support to understand the right timing for these operations.
  • AgriTech adoption is not an option but average usage in EU is far below 10% versus 80% of North America and Australia: farmers need a way to integrate these technologies in daily tasks.

What does Agritech do?

AGRICOLUS DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM is a composition of several vertical products that leverage on a common architecture that cover up to 70% of the functionalities common to all the crops, and dedicated professional algorithms for diseases forecasting and agriculture optimizations. Data are collected through satellites, drones, IoT, dedicated apps and soon with our own plug&play agriPlug device that connects tractors and other precision framing Device to Agricolus SaaS cloud.

We also provide AGRITRACK an end-to-end tracking service that can bring information on good agronomical practices directly to the end users to raise their awareness on the real value of the goods they are buying.

CEO’s testimony

Going to the final represents an opportunity to establish pilots and early adopters outside Italy, we are also seeking for industrial partners connections for supplying our products as white label (tractor producers, agro chemical companies and precision farming hardware producers) or as a bundle to improve the effectiveness of their products


Tommi (a project of SoftCare Studios) is the Italian winner of the eHealth category

TOMMI, a project of Softcare Studios, is a videogame developed in Virtual Reality which aims to reduce anxiety and pain perception in children with cancer, while at the same time involving their caregivers during the gaming sessions. The goal of the project is to promote a holistic approach to patients, improving their quality of life while simplifying the work of the medical staff.

During hospitalization patients experience extreme stressful conditions which have a deep impact on the therapy’s outcome, social relationships and eventual recovery. To ease up this situation it is needed to bring innovative models of collaboration between therapy stakeholders (patients, caregivers, doctors and supporting private companies)and to provide real data through monitorization in order to improve the patient wellbeing.

The project has been developed by Softcare Studios, an Italian based startup which has won the national level e-Health category of the Startup Europe Awards. Softcare Studios are developing immersive technologies based on the idea that digital technologies such as VR can be used to focus on the user’s psychological needs and support the user through difficult experiences such as disease and therapy.


Leevia is the Italian winner in Creative category

Country: Italy

Category: Creative

Project aim: Leevia is a digital marketing product suite designed to allow Brands to easily create Online Contests in a few minutes. Leevia´s products are fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to allow companies to get the best results in terms of lead generation and Social Engagement.

Which one are Leevia´s products advantages?

First, the extreme ease of use: creating photo contest, polls and other prize competitions requires no coding skills. Second, the fully customizable campaigns, thirth the integration with Social Networks to boots virality. Forth the analytics tools with detailed analysis of the results and return on investment, and finally, collected leads downloadable into a CSV file.

What is Leevia´s future?

Leevia established itself as a consolidated brand in the Italian digital market and continues to grow at a sustained rhythm. 2017 will be closed with a raise of 300% in the turnover and new products will be released in 2018, with the aim of continuing to grow and expand its customer portfolio.

Our products are already available in most of the EU languages, so the European market is our goal for 2018. We have now a suite of products that us scalable and ready. We are so excited about the job we´ve done in Italy so far, we can´t, we can´t wait to bring our products to other countries” Francesco Mancino, Leevia´s CEO and co-founder.


Italy celebrate their final December 12th

Startup Europe Awards 2017 is an international competition promoted by the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation to stimulate open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystem through public-private partnerships in support of entrepreneurs.

Start-ups from all member countries will have access to the benefits and opportunities offered by European institutions, businesses, public authorities and other entrepreneurship stakeholders to develop and raise awareness of their business.

The Italian Call was aimed at all startups belonging to one of the following sectors: Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, e-Health, IoT, Smart Cities, Social Innovation, Tourism, Water, Agritech, Legal, Space, Cybersecurity, Climate, Fashion, Edtech and Gastronomy. The winning Startups, chosen from among the candidates, will have the opportunity to be contacted by SEUA to participate in the final to be held in Brussels in 2018.

The SEUA17 Italy final event is organized by Starboost Srl, Company Creator based in Turin, where Mattia Conte, CEO and Co-founder, represents Italy as Country Manager in SEUA17. Initiative is promoted in partnership with CNA Young Entrepreneurs. This event will take place today, December 12th at 18:00.

Startups will be evaluated by a national jury of leading industry experts and criteria such as the degree of innovation, the sustainability of the business model and the consistency and composition of the team will be considered.

The jury that will be present at the event and will have to evaluate the candidate projects will be composed of the following names:

Stefano Azzalin, Director at SELLALAB; Francesco Baschieri, CEO & Founder Spreaker ;Marco Camisani Calzolari, Advisor in digital communication for big companies, Digital designer / Chief Digital Officer, University contract Professor ; Giusy Cannone, Managing Director – Fashion Technology Accelerator – Milan, Italy; Davide Canavesio, CEO Environment Park, Adjunct Professor in Corporate Finance at University of Turin, CEO Torino Nuova Economics, Board Member CRT Foundation; Giovanni Caponetto, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Staff of the Mayor, @City of Turin; Mattia Carluccio, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor CEO & Founder Grocerest Founder MyTable Partner Investors’ Clubs; Alessandro Chiaffredo, CEO Bakeca.  Lorenzo Viscanti, Founder by mapendo; Franco Fassio, researcher and lecturer at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, National Councillor of Slow Food Italy, Member of the ADI Design Permanent Observatory Food Design Area; Simone Cimminelli, Md of iStarter Uk, the international accelerator of Made in Italy scale-up. Angel Investor, technology enthusiast, books addicted; Claudio Giuliano, Managing Director of Innogest Capital; Barbara Graffino, General Council Compagnia San Paolo, Talent Garden Head of Corporate and Partner Relations; Valentino Magliaro, Civic Leader – Italy at Obama Foundation, Managing Partner University; Francesco Mantegazzini, CEO MGH7 Venture Capital; Nicholas Morning, Co-founder / Investor Stamplay, Lecturer University Roma Tre, Mentor Accelerators; Jacopo Mele, Managing Partner yourDIGITAL, Chairman of the Homo Ex Machina Foundation, Jr Board Prioritalia; Jacopo Paoletti, CEO & Founder Communications, Marketer, Business Angel, Digital Entrepreneur, Partner yourDIGITAL, Investor Moovenda, PrestoFood, Userbot, Classup, Bit2Be; Laura Orestano, CEO SocialFareareare; Emilio Paolucci, Vice Rector for Technology Transfer, Polytechnic of Turin; Eleonora Rocca, CEO & @Founder Mashable Social Media Day Italy Former Microsoft PMM Mentor, Speaker; Fabio Sferruzzi, Managing Director, Talent Garden Connect Unit, Founder & CEO, Talent Garden Torino, Turin; Ciro Spedaliere, Senior Investment Manager at Invitalia Ventures; Adriano Travaglia, lawyer, startupper, manager, Founding Solomon & Travaglia, President of the European Start Up Association; Marco Vicentini, President of the National Youth CAN; Lorenzo Viscanti, Founder of Mapendo.