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  • StartUp Europe Awards Ambassadors

    StartUp Europe Awards presents a methodology of awards for startups at local, provincial, regional and national level, promoting open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of European ecosystems, through public-private partnerships to support entrepreneurs. It also creates a network of contacts that inspires and makes local startups visible so that through this network they […]

  • Italy celebrate their final December 12th

    Italy celebrate their final December 12th

    Startup Europe Awards 2017 is an international competition promoted by the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation to stimulate open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystem through public-private partnerships in support of entrepreneurs. Start-ups from all member countries will have access to the benefits and opportunities offered by European institutions, […]

  • Take Away, the winner at Gastronomy category in Macedonia

    Country: Macedonia Category: Gastronomy Project aim: Producing and selling packed ready-to-eat food and satisfy the customer´s needs.   What is your idea? People in Macedonia is consuming a lot of unhealthy food, more than 50% of the entire population has some problem with obesity. In addition, there are a lot of restaurant, grocery stores, supermarkets […]

  • Alho, the Macedonian winner for e-Health category

      Country: Macedonia Category: e-Health Project aim: is a company based in Macedonia that aims to produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to provide a more comfortable use for phones, and to help people who suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome. How did you come up with this idea? We are a […]

  • MediMee, Irish winner for e-Health category

    Country: Ireland Category: e-Health Project aim: At MediMee we have one primary goal, which is to help save lives! We know from our own experiences that when it comes to saving lives, every second counts. What Medimee does? We have designed MediMee form the ground up always keeping the user in mind, so creating a […]

  • Courtsdesk, Irish winner in Legal category

    Country:  Ireland Category:  Legal Project aim:  Our aim is to create a digital platform for legal research, such as that which is currently carried out by practicing lawyers. Crucially however, we also aim to facilitate the leverage of legal information outside of pure legal practice. Legal decisions drive financial outcomes, and with the right framework […]

  • Macedonia will be represented by 8 startups in 2017 SEUA Final

    Macedonia will be represented by 8 startups in 2017 SEUA Final

    Brussels, 20th of November 2017. Last 31st of October, Macedonia celebrated the StartUp Europe Awards 2017. The eight winners will be in the European final. The event, that was a complete success, was celebrate in the Museum of the Macedonian struggle- Skopje, the competition Get in the Ring was held. The main organizer of this […]

  • The Irish Winner in Social category is AID:Tech

    Country: Ireland Category: Social Project aim: Bring social and financial inclusion for these underserved and undocumented What do you do? There are currently over 2 billion people in the world without legal identity, which poses as obstacle against access to social and financial services that many of us take for granted. AID:TECH is a for-profit […]

  • Swiftcomply is the Irish winner for Green category

    Country: Ireland Category: Green Proyect aim: Connecting restaurants, cities and contractors through an easy-to-use web platform. SwiftComply makes hospitality compliance easy What do you do? Regulation is a huge burden for hospitality businesses adding cost and reducing competitiveness yet public-sector authorities have a responsibility to ensure that food businesses are safe and present no danger […]

  • Popertee, Irish Creative category winner

      Country: Ireland Category: Creative Project Aim: Popertee is building the first global data platform that will use artificial intelligence to match the perfect audience with the perfect location, enabling brands to intelligently find the optimum short term retail or marketing space for campaigns. What Popperte does? In an economy that is becoming increasingly globalised, […]