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  • MYSPIRULINA is the Bulgarian winner of E-Health category

    MYSPIRULINA is the Bulgarian winner of E-Health category

    Country: Bulgaria Category: E-Health Project Aim: producing a bioreactor designed to cultivate the spirulina at home, very easily and without the need for additional knowledge or equipment. In this way, each person can satisfy his or her needs by acquiring direct spirulina at home using our small and stylish device. What is the problem to […]

  • The Green and Water final of the SEUA has been held in the Berlaymont Building

    The Green and Water final of the SEUA has been held in the Berlaymont Building

    On July 24th at 11:00 a.m. the final of the Green and Water categories of the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) was held at the Berlaymont Building located in Brussels. The event was attended by Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, who handed over the prizes to Biomyc and Enova named as winners […]

  • QWater is the bulgarian winner in Tourism category

    Country: Bulgaria Category: Tourism Project aim: The motivation to start our project is to protect the natural waters and green areas where usually are situated the closed touristic complexes and small villages. Commonly the position of these areas is remote from sewerage infrastructure and big wastewater treatment plants, which requires the creation of local ones. […]

  • Green ReStart is the bulgarian winner in Smart City category

    Country: Bulgaria Category: Smart City Project aim:  Green ReStart is a company dedicated to improving the quality of construction by assessment and mitigation of the environmental burden of construction products and processes. While measures for energy efficiency during the operation period of the buildings are widely incented and accomplished, the overall environmental profiling of buildings […]

  • ShiftIDEAS is the bulgarian winner of Green category

      Country: Bulgary Category: Green Project Aim: Global warming is costing businesses directly and thus has a negative impact on the economy. In addition, governments have started implementing regulations on petroleum based products, resulting in rising compliance costs for businesses. What is worse, current eco-friendly solutions are not applicable for large scale use, because of […]

  • ConnectedBin is the bulgarian winner for the IoT category

    Country: Bulgary Category: IoT Project Aim: We believe that we all deserve to live in cleaner, safer and greener cities! We see one of the main issues cities around Europe are facing today in the overflowing, burning and vandalized waste containers. These are due, to a great extent, to the re-active waste collection strategies that […]

  • GreenScan is the Bulgarian winner for Agritech category  

      Country: Bulgary Category: Agritech Project Aim: The main objective of GreenScan is to help the growth and the developement of a precise agriculture by monitoring the growing crop and his characteristics with drones, wich will extract important datas and informations that are goint to be very important for the development of agriculture in the […]

  • Twelve startups will represent Bulgaria in StartUp Europe Awards

    Twelve startups will represent Bulgaria in StartUp Europe Awards

    StartUp Europe Awards is promoted by the European Commission and supported by President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of European Parliament as Ambassadors and it is implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe. Cleantech Bulgaria organized Bulgarian final. The winners in this country are: For Agritech, the winner is Green […]