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  • Cyclefi is the Greek winner of the Smart Cities category

    Cyclefi is the Greek winner of the Smart Cities category

    Cyclefi is the Greek national winner of the Smart Cities category of the StartUp Europe Awards. The startup offers an innovative waste-tracking technology which is accompanied by a rewarding mechanism that connects recycling performance with discounts for online deals. It aims to transform a previously disposable product (garbage bags for recycling) into discounts, resulting in the protection […]

  • Openichnos is the greek winner for the IoT category

    Country: Greece Category: IoT Project Aim: Openichnos is an energy autonomous global tracking and IoT gateway, aiming at the realisation of the Connected Yacht. Our initiative Openichnos uses cutting-edge technology to provide a complete monitoring solution for yacht industry globally. Through Openichnos, the asset owner monitors the environment of the asset combined with sensors’ data […]

  • Loceye is the greek winner for the creative category

      Country: Greece Category: Creative Project Aim: Loceye started with the idea of democratizing Eye tracking analysis and give the opportunity to User Experience Designers and Marketeers to study their users-customers and see from their eyes. How does eye tracking works? So far the eye tracking was made with external hardware and in lab environment […]

  • Kard is the greek winner of the Fintech category

      Country: Greece Category Fintech Project aim: Kard was founded in January 2017 to help consumers save hundreds of money per year from their cards rewards offers to their online purchases around the world. Which problem do you want to solve? The problem is that a very large number of bank cardholders are not aware […]

  • The Infashion App s the greek winner of the Fashion category

    Country: Greece Category: Fashion Project aim: The fashion industry has not yet found a single engaging place in the digital world. Ecommerce is steadily growing, still is heavily fragmented, while a lot of people are feeling left out. Infashion is addressing all those issues and brings all interested parties under one roof. How did Infashion […]

  • Twelve startups will represent Greece in StartUp Europe Awards 2017

    Twelve startups will represent Greece in StartUp Europe Awards 2017

    The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) as a country manager for Greece with this year’s support of OECON, ACEIN, Youth Entrepreneurship Club and POM organized the National Competition for the selection of the best Greek startups for 2017.Thodoris Alexandrou, Greek Country Manager said: “In general we are very happy that this year’s event attracted more […]